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  1. I finally finished the Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon. In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve kind of been procrastinating on the weathering (three months!). It always intimidates me a bit to weather a model. I’m always afraid that I’m going to ruin it. It usually turns out OK but the trepidation is still there. The only real thing that caused me to really pause was that the pressure regulator on my air compressor broke and I had to get a new one. Then there was the SA-5 Saturn I model that needed to be finished. I also found another distraction by starting to learn Autodesk Fusion 360. I’m
  2. It looks like a wind tunnel model of a Saturn I in prep for SA-6. It looks like maybe they were testing wind interactions between the vehicle and the launch tower. Randy
  3. Pete, Thanks. I didn't put all the details that I probably could have, (and there are still a few rough spots here and there) but I think that the details that are there is pretty good for this scale. It is small, like you said. The S-I is just under 2" in diameter and the S-IV is about 1.5" in diameter. The black triangular arches on the interstage are blow out panels. They were installed after stacking and blew out when the S-IV engines started. The S-I and S-IV had already separated at that point but were still somewhat close together. On SA-5 they were painted
  4. One little note on the decal application I forgot. I did double up the United States markings on the first stage. Even though I had double printed the white when I made the decals, the white just wasn't quite white enough when applied to the model. So I applied a second set over the first. That gave me the level of white I was looking for. The other small white markings that went over black sections were small enough that the slight difference wasn't really noticeable.
  5. The retrorockets are done. I used .125 inch styrene rod. I cut a section about an inch longer than I needed and put that in the chuck of my Dremel tool. Then spun it up and used a #11 X-acto knife like a lathe and shaped the end. It starts out as a cone and then has a button like shape on the end. Then I cut off the excess and primed them, painted them white and the end I painted black. With that they are ready to be attached. I applied the decals before the retrorockets to make putting the decals on a bit easier. I then printed the decals. I ended up
  6. Thanks Aussie-Pete. I've got the decals printed and I'm just starting on the S-1 retro rockets. I was still pondering how to create the retro's so I did the decals first. When I get the retro's done I'll post another update. It is finally coming together. Randy.
  7. Great idea! I'll have to hit WalMart or Hobby Lobby and check out the Christmas ornament section when holiday season gets here.
  8. Time for another update. The construction is finished except for adding the S-I retrorockets and the S-I engines. The engines have been painted. The two halves have been glued together with epoxy. I used epoxy to have more time to get them aligned. As is typical for the upgrade parts, they weren't quite round and some sanding was needed to get a good match between the S-IV interstage and the S-I. I then applied a final primer coat and then an overall coat of white. After letting the paint cure for a couple of days, I then started the tedious
  9. Thanks Pete. I'm sure there will be some masking issues. I use decal paper from Tango Papa Decals . I don't remember if you can use it in an inkjet or laser printer. I use an old ALPS 1300 printer. It uses color ribbons and allows me to print in white when I need to. It works well for me. I also always coat my printed decals with Microscale Decal Film. It holds the decal together and is pretty thin and responds well to Microscale setting solutions. I also use the Decal Film to coat old decals so they don't crack up when I put them in water. Randy
  10. It’s been a while, time for an update on the SA-5 build. There are quite a few details that need to be added to the S-IV and interstage areas. But before that I needed to add the payload section to the S-IV interstage. There are a lot of details that go on the S-IV interstage and that would make it harder to get a relatively smooth transition from the S-IV interstage to the payload section (which includes the instrument unit). I used CA to bond them and then started filling and sanding the areas to get a fairly smooth joint. I then added the tunnel that
  11. I've got one on pre-order as well. I saw some info that the S-IB may be delayed to December. Randy
  12. Thanks Pete. Sometimes it takes putting it down and walking away for a while. When you come back you can give it a fresh look and carry on. Just remember the reason you started the project and keep heading for the goal. Besides, I'm making notes going through this model, since I'll be applying almost all the lessons learned on this one when I tackle the SA-10 conversion which will have 90% of the same parts as this one. Randy
  13. I decided to add a few details to the interstage. It needed standoffs for the three gaseous hydrogen vent pipes and also needed to have the camera canisters added next to the stub fins at positions 1 through 4. I then sprayed on a first coat of primer. Then glued on the S-IV interstage and sanded the junction with the S-IV body to a more rounded profile. I sprayed a coat of primer on the S-I stage and did a bit of additional filling and sanding on some of the fins. Next I sprayed on a final coat of primer to complete the
  14. Progress continues on the SA-5 model. I made the decision to replace the S-IV that came in the upgrade kit with my own that I would make out of some resin that I already had. This would give me a round S-IV stage that would match the interstage without massive amounts of filler and hours of sanding to get it round. I started by gluing three rods into the bottom of the interstage part. Next I glued a circle made from .010 sheet stock to the top of the three rods. I applied thick CA to the edges to seal the circle to the inside of the interstage. This would be t
  15. Aussie-Pete, They can be challenging. The quality varies from vendor to vendor. I've built some resin kits from RealSpaceModels and they were pretty good without a bunch of extra work. NewWare is also pretty good but I have yet to build an all resin kit from them. But it is still fun to work on a subject that I probably wouldn't have done without a resin kit starting point. Even injection molded kits can present a challenge if you are trying to build an accurate version. The Saturn V I built last year was a conglomeration of a Revel Saturn V and an Airfix Saturn V
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