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  1. Thanks for the nod. I probably won't do a 1/144 B-52. I've got the Monogram 1/72 B-52 with X-15 in the stash so I'll probably go with that. I need to find a good set of decals for Balls 8 or Balls 3.
  2. Here is a quick update of the work so far. The birds have been painted and are just about ready to have the decals applied. Here they are with their overall color of Tamiya NATO Black. It is not as black as Black paint so it gives them a better look. Here is the business end of X-15-3. I attempted to paint the radial dark pattern you see in the photos, but not very well. I may try that again. The experiment box has also been painted. I painted the fuel/H2O2 jettison pipes with Tamiya metallic gray. The air brake actuators were painted the same color.
  3. I never bought the Dragon kit, but I do have a couple of the Horizon Mercury Redstone kits and they look real nice. I really hope they come out with a Gemini Titan II kit. If they keep up the quality like they have on the Mercury kits then it would be outstanding.
  4. habu2, I'm not looking to create a business, but I could try printing some extras for the few that might want them.
  5. I’ve make a lot of progress on the decals since the last update. I’ve completed and printed them. I started out by drawing them in vector form on Paint Shop Pro. I then printed them on my laser printer and cut them out and laid them on the model in their approximate position so I could verify that they were the right size. Most of the smaller ones look like hieroglyphics when you zoom in on them, but at this scale once they are on the model you can’t read them anyway. Here is a screen cap of the decals before I printed them. I draw them on
  6. That looks like a good project for my new Mars 2 Pro I got for Christmas. The price for the files is quite reasonable. I shall purchase these files and give it a go. Thanks Vincent! Randy
  7. The loss of the Haynes manual is really bad news. I was very much looking forward to getting that. I've had it on pre-order from Amazon for a while now, fortunately no money has changed hands. I hope they change their minds sometime in the future and publish it.
  8. habu2, I'll have to check out the companion book and thanks for the link to the NASA technical paper.
  9. I'm using Hypersonic by Jenkins and Landis and X-15 The NASA Mission Reports by Apogee Books. Plus, a lot of internet searching.
  10. Between all the holiday interruptions and playing with my new Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 3D printer, I’ve been working on the decals for the X-15 models. In the process of researching the markings for these birds, I found that the particular flight of X-15-3 that I’m modeling did not have the ventral rudder installed. In fact there were more flights made without the ventral rudder the there were with it. The ventral and dorsal rudders were one piece wedges that moved in unison with each other. It seems that at high angles of attack the ventral rudder was actually destabilizing. So for many flights
  11. Thanks Jay. I missed the X-15A-2 version of the kit. They seem to be just as hard to find.
  12. I started work on the added details for X-15-3. The Rarefied Wake Flow experiment was housed in an experiment box at the back of the dorsal fin. Here are a couple photos of the Rarefied Wake Flow experiment from “Hypersonic” by Jenkens & Landis The kit includes the experiment box but it represents a different experiment that was not flown on X-15-3. Here is it original part. The first thing I did was sand off the molded on details so I could add my details and use the experiment box. I used sections of .060 and .040 strip stock and a small
  13. Habu2, I agree with that statement. All of their kits I've gotten have a number of accuracy issues.
  14. Pete: Thanks. It's coming along pretty well. I really wish they had included tail numbers for all three birds, but oh well. It will be interesting making some of those small decals. Southwestforests: Dragon seems to have some injection machines that can do that sort of thing. It does help in some situations. Randy Randy
  15. As a change of pace from the Saturn models I've been working on, I decided to do an X-15. This is the Dragon kit that I bought about 8 years ago. I'm not planning on doing a bunch of updates to the kit. I know there are some accuracy issues with it here and there, but really in this scale I don't want to do too much. I've actually been working on this since October, but different things have gotten in the way and I haven't gotten around to posting anything on the build. Funny how things like that happen. I'll post my progress so far. The kit allows for two versions
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