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  1. I’ve finally had time to get back to this build. Life has been a bit busy the last couple of months. In the brief times I’ve had to work on the model, I’ve tried to tackle the interstage grid. I wasn’t happy with the one that comes in the Apex kit, which has only 8 “V”s. The photoetch one that comes with the RealSpace conversion set wasn’t exactly what I wanted either. I tried using the interstage grid that is in the 3D model that I am using for the upper stage, but after re-scaling to 1/144 it is too fragile and my 3D modeling skills are not yet up to designing my own. I even tried a couple o
  2. In the last post I mentioned that I’d be using the photo etch grid fins from the RealSpace kit. Well, I folded and test fitted one of the PE grid fins on the 3D part. It was a big fat no-go. It was just too big. It was too wide to fit and would have not left enough room between the grid fins. I went back to the 3D model I had found. I dug through the files and found that there was a zip file of sections that the author had already separated for printing and one of the files was a grid fin. The files were in .stl format so I loaded them in my slicer and re-scaled them to 1/144. I then added som
  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll be trying that out when I get to printing some.
  4. At what angle did you print them? They came out fantastic! I've got a Mars 2 Pro with the 4K screen and I'm thinking about taking a wack at some F-1's that I found on Thingiverse. I might end up drawing them from scratch if they don't look good. Randy
  5. Pete, That LM is really looking great! It's making me want to pull a LM out of the stash and build one. I'm always impressed with your work.
  6. Pete, Nice work on the ladder and struts. That old kit is going to look real nice.
  7. My original plan was to use the RealSpace Models Soyuz conversion set. But when I finished the initial assembly of the rocket and started looking at the Soyuz second stage part I started to find some things that made me reconsider. First, I noticed that one of the small nozzles on the escape rocket was missing. It looked like it might have been broken off at some point. This is a 3D printed part, but it looked like I could possibly scratch up something that might work to replace the missing nozzle, so not a big deal there. I also noticed that the main nozzles were not hollow so som
  8. Well, I'll be buying at least one set of Rick's 1/72 Saturn 1B decals when they come out. I've got it on pre-order. I don't see any reason to cancel it as long as there is a chance, however slim it may be, for the kit to be released.
  9. Jay, Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it had been released in Asia, only that it was still listed as upcoming there.
  10. I'm finally getting going on my first build of the year. I’ll be doing a conversion of the Apex Vostok kit and build it as a Soyuz rocket. The core of the build will be the Apex kit plus parts from the Airfix Vostok kit. For the Soyuz part I’ll be using the conversion set from RealSpace Models. One of the main reasons I’m using the Airfix kit is that the Apex rocket nozzles are just simple cones with absolutely no detail on them at all. The Airfix parts aren’t perfect either, but they at least have some detail to them. This is the same thing I did when I built the Voskhod roc
  11. I've gotten that server error on some of my build posts when there are a lot of pictures. I've not been able to figure out a rhyme or reason to it, so I just try to break my long posts up just in case. I've still gotten one of those errors occasionally, so I break up the post again. That is an interesting box of parts.
  12. I received an email from CultTVman prior to the credit email that explained that he was returning everyone's deposit. He also noted that Dragon USA which is where he gets the kits, no longer seems to exist and no other distributor is currently able to get the kit. However, it is still listed by Dragon in Hong Kong but he has no way to get them. He did say that if another distributor picks up the kit he would look at getting them and would alert us. I did notice that my pre-order is still in the system, minus the deposit.
  13. FlyAndFight, Thanks for the kind words. That was my first Special Hobby kit build. I wish now that I had picked up the Special Hobby 1/72 scale kit. I'm sure it would have been better than the Monogram one that is in my stash.
  14. Thanks, those details came out better than I expected. I've seen posts by another modeler that did the 1/32 scale one and he used brass wire. It looked beautiful. I didn't have any on hand of a proper size and I wasn't sure I could get the standoffs all drilled perfectly in line, so I used the styrene rods that I did have. They were a bit more forgiving than the brass rod would have been.
  15. Thanks Geoff. One day I may pull out the Special Hobby X-1A or the X-1E and give them a try.
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