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  1. Hello Guys, Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it very much! Yes, the whitewash was done with the hairspray technique. The rivets helped a lot. I used Gunze hobby color as base, with Gunze hobby color thinner. Than Tamiya White thinned with alcohol and a little water, and than I removed it with alcohol. Some areas were damaged so badly, the base color was removed as well. These areas were repainted freehand (brush) with Vallejo colors. I know that I should use enamels as base, but I hate to spray those paints, so I rather repainted the damaged areas. The pinwash was Rembrandt Sepia t
  2. Hi Folks, I managed to finish a plane since a long time, so now I'm happy. Here is the result. The background is not the best, but you can see what matters. Any comments are welcome! Thx Archy Regards
  3. Hello Guys, Could you somebody please translate the following japanese text? Thx!
  4. Sorry guys for the late reply! Tbolt, Thanks for the useful informations! That's why I prefer critique corner, I can always learn something new! Diego, Thank you for your kind words! Th silver chips are the weakest point of the model I think. Next time I'll pay more attention on this part, as I do usualy on AFVs. Liberator, Yes there are oils as well. I used airbursh and acryls for the shadows and lights, but the streaking effects, and the pinwash was made with oils. Mirage, Mindig jó magyarokkal találkozni, de a nick-ed nem sokat mond...
  5. Still checked! Great work, and very nice PE details. Hey Levi, Thanks for the little star photo, looks interesting. Poén, hogy az első topicomra itt kapásból 2 magyar ír :D
  6. OK guys, thank you for the useful informations about big and small red stars!
  7. Hi all, Here is my small scale Tamiya Jug OOTB. I built it some months ago for a Jug GB. The Miss Plainfield was flown by Capt. Spiros N "Steve" or "The Greek" Pisanos. And here is my little Jug: some in progress shots: I hope you like it! Any comments are welcome!
  8. Hi Gabor! Thanks for your kind words! I follow your incredible correcting mission on Eduards 1/48 kit. We get used to correct Eduards more or less crucial mistakes but you made a perfect research in this subject. Now I made this just for fun, OOTB. The small stars are realy strange, but on the other hand they are a unique detail on this unusual subtype of the 21. My next Mini Mig will be a bis, with some Indian markings of the 3rd "Cobra" squad (I would like to paint the black tail with the yellow lightnings, but it depends on the decal supply)
  9. Thank you guys! I realy like these tiny kits, it provides quick success :)
  10. It looks very promissing Giovanni! Your work with these little details inpire me to start my next Mini MiG :) Can't wait to see it painted!
  11. Wow, realy nice work on this plane Honza! Rivets look cool! Can't wait to see the weathering!
  12. Hi all, I'm new here, so this is my first post. Let me introduce my latest work, the tiny little MiG-21 SMT produced by Eduard. It was a real fun to build, and a nice challenge to paint. I followed the original camo, but modified the colors a bit. I hope you like it! All the comments are welcome!
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