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  1. Chuck- I have some action pics as well as cockpit detail of an L model. The gear is shown in many stances which show no single stance is "correct". The oleos are all over the place. I'll Take some pics and send them to you to be shared with all. As I said on LSP, you are now doing my second most favorite WW II fighter to go with my first (P-51) on which you have already given me an excellent tutorial, although you at the same time set the bar at a height I don't seem to be able to see? I look forward to this build being just as gorgeous as your P-51 and I am ordering my Trumpeter P-38 now so
  2. Chuck, Been a while since I've been here but I see your skills and abilities are still in top notch shape. This build is surely "putting lipstick on a hog" but you are obviously up to the task my friend. Fantastic work ;)
  3. Chuck, With what we have seen of this kit so far, you would have been better off if the kit had furnished solid blocks of plastic so you could just carve an A-10 out of them!! To say this kit is total junk would be to compliment it. You are one of a very few that can end up with a beautiful build with such a kit. I look forward to watching you ply your many skills and talents to this shoddy kit. Bud
  4. I am a little late with this, but your P-51 is really a work of art. I have a bit of an eye for realism and this bird has it in spades. The highest praise I can offer is that it looks absolutely real! Again, thank you for sharing your methods and techniques as they are invalueable to a beginner with limited experience, like me!
  5. I have to admit to being a little concerned as to how the scissor links were going to turn out. I should have known better as they came out looking just like the real thing! You guys have a great vacation and we will see you when you get back. Bud
  6. I tend to agree with Marcel Chuck. We can tend to overdo some of the subtle areas of a build. I know in my case I can tend to make everything too "perfect". Every panel line consistant in width, shading/weathering, with rivets and Dzus fasteners just so. Then I get on a Southwest 737 and see all of the inconsistancy with the panel lines due to paint, panel fit up, rivits and Dzus fasteners, shading and weathering and I am reminded that "Perfect" is actually various degrees of imperfection. Having said that, and marveling at your sensitivity to even the smallest detail, I would imagine you will
  7. Chuck, your gun bays look really sharp even without shells as it allows for seeing detail in the shell racks that can't be seen other wise. Everybody knows what shells look like, but that is just me. I love your use of the Eduard PE, it really brings things to life. As always, your work is art.
  8. Chuck, Thank you for taking the time and trouble to create a PE and CA glue tutorial! I can tell you I really appreciate it (and I am sure other relatively inexperienced modelers do as well) in that it gives us an opportunity to create a quality build without having to cope with unnessary disasters, time and money wasted not to mention acute frustration. Many thanks. As an aside, for all the great Eduard PE for this kit, The .50 cal. rounds are not up to par. I don't have any solutions that haven't been mentioned, but I know you well enough to say if you use them you will be tearing them out
  9. Hello my friend, It has been a while since I posted here but I have been watching!! Your work is, as always, way over the top. I am sure you will agree when I say it is really humbling to see so much imput by other modelers to help someone with their build. I hope they realize they are not only helping the build in question, but everyone following the build as well. My 'Stang is really being helped along not only by you (thanks), but by all of those helping you with research, pictures, drawings and so forth. Thank you so much guys. I have had a great deal of experience with sinus infections
  10. It is really coming together nicely Chuck, the fuselage is gorgeous. This is where the patience and the hours upon hours really pay off. I'll have to admit, however, that I kind of hate to see your build starting to come to a close. Maybe you can be talked into a Spit? Bud
  11. Sorry to here about the snow, but now comes the time to build...Right?
  12. Man, you got a really good write up on your F-4EJ in FSM. Beautiful work as always. I may have to go over to the dark side and build one of these. Nice going chuck...
  13. Your work on the radiators really makes them pop but at the same time they look very realistic. Thanks for shareing the technique. I have to agree with you that there are several "mini kits" within this kit. I find that my patience lasts much better if I build this kit as a series of mini kits. ;) ;)
  14. Those guns really look good, much better than the kit pieces. I gotta get me some of that. Are the bullets tips already colored for tracer, HE and so forth? Hey, don't worry about the speed at which this build is going as nobody is forcing us to hang around. Besides, I must shamelessly admit that I can't copy your build any faster than it is going, and I ain't teasing neither!!
  15. For my taste, It is a little too much, but many thanks for sharing your technique. If you think it is too much, you can easily lighten up on your next bird.
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