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  1. F-15A radar, electronics and air brake pictures needed

    That’s all fine, the first F-15A to get my name on it is still flying out of Nellis. The only intact systems would be the Hydraulics and avionics needed for weapons load toads for load training. We would use it for our usual 6 month certification on the lift for Crash Recovery, but still only training not fly able that wa all was meant. If my A model 76-0057 is still active I am sure there’s a tub somewhere active if not I might have pics when they were. I just have to dig them out. cheers
  2. New from Mastercasters 1/48 F-15A wheels

    No offence intended but the Master caster A/B wheels are not very accurate as stated by others. The C/D model wheels from are very nice but too use on A/B models.
  3. Bumps on the F-15C's rudders

    It's the beef up for the mounting of the rudder on the top of the rudder actuator, we started developing cracks on the teeth on the mount causing the rudder not maintaining enough deflection. Also the mount bolts are are safety with wired so they don't back off as the tourque of the rudder actuator caused the mount bolts to loosen, we lost some rudders inflight . I think the was me that Stated about the rudders in Jakes first book.
  4. Sorry but it was worth the try, I have gotten some outrageous deals on eBay at bargain basement dirt floor cheap before on eBay before. Anybody that knows me knows I go for the deals and in most cases I usually get them.
  5. F-15A radar, electronics and air brake pictures needed

    I especially like the lift picture as I was in Crash Recovery for 4 years at the Heath, 97-2001. So this bird is the weapons/ FTD trainer, not fly able or active in the squadron. I used this bird for lift revert on my crews so not exactly a good referance point considering it not active. Thanx
  6. F-15A radar, electronics and air brake pictures needed

    Wow a 76 model tubl, what happened to the D models?
  7. F-15A radar, electronics and air brake pictures needed

    Who’s B model is at the Heath?
  8. F-15A radar, electronics and air brake pictures needed

    Let me take a look at my photos an see what I got? Mostly interested in seeing other aircraft on the line and taking photos of them instead of the jet i spent more time with than my family!
  9. The seller is now unregistered, got my money back full within hours. Worth the try!
  10. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    Cut the flaps off at the hinge line, super glue a piece of spruce the correct size to fit the leading edge of the flap at the hinge line. Round this off with a bit of putty and walls you had a cambered leading edge, thin down the wing a bit so the flap leading edge fits. Eagle flaps only had two position , up and down no in between.
  11. F-15C Stabilator Question

    I know before I retired the new Es came in with new composite speedbrake and gear doors. After being On the F-35 R&D and production program the tech is a bit archaic but still my 1st love! Gridlock that explains the sealant. Thanx
  12. F-15C Stabilator Question

    Stabs are interchangeable from left to right, so top , bottom could be either. As to the rivets, you would have them on a repair stab not factory fresh. You will find 1” hi-torque screws in the torque box at the pivot point. Rivets , cherry max can be found on depot repairs of the stab especilly when the honey comb areas are found to be delaminating. Factory fresh jets are flush riveted covered with enough paint to make them unnoticeable, only repair areas of the aircraft depending on the TO would be cherry riveted but flush riveting is the norm.
  13. Hey, Ol Crew Dog, how long have you been in Winnipeg?


    1. Ol Crew Dog

      Ol Crew Dog

      17 years, came up when I retired from the USAF

  14. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    I can answer this one, Everybody asks that question, believe it . After 20 years on the 15 you find yourself missing the jet and the comradery of friends. One thing I can say get as much education as you can out of the military. When you do become a civilian at the least you can set your own course if you still crave the excitement. I went to rthe engineering management side and found excitement working the manufacturing areas such as NASA, JSF program and R&D. I would like to get back to flying but it’s gotten so expensive. So my answer to this question is after 20 years working on Ferraris would you really want to work on a bus! Besides allot of the guys can get civilian jobs working the fighters in the states and some other countries. Miss my jets, yes I do but got grandchildren to keep the excitement in my life, and models of course!
  15. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    The HUD Combining Glass is clear, it is the thickness of the glass that reacts to light like a Prisim. The best thing I have seen to replicate this effect is something I saw on eBay or if you can find it clear prisim tape.