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  1. I have not seen the kits up close but the airframe details on the real aircraft are different, also depending on what year E model you want to do with the mods that have been done through the years. Besides what has been mentioned, the nozzles being featherless and counterbalances on the Vertical Stabs having the antenae on the LVS ( Left Vertical Stab), beef up plates under the bullets as we would call them and antenae changes through out. Some one with the kit would be best to do pair that but if they are accurate in the box they might require mods or additions. Have fun modeling if y
  2. I saw a post on Facebook by him the other day, thought oh boy this guy is back. I guess he is hoping people will have a short memory?
  3. Hi Dave, do you still see a chance to help me with the captions of my F-15 A/B book project? Thanks  Danny

    1. Ol Crew Dog

      Ol Crew Dog

      Sorry been working 12+ hours a day 6 days a week, flying hours cal mining down so should have more time till summer flights start again.

    2. DACO Products

      DACO Products

      Okay, I did not know you were so busy 
      May I ask when you think you'll find the time to help me with the captions?
      I just would like to finish this book 'soon' so it can go to the printer...



  4. Hi Dave


    I would like to ask you something regarding the F-15A.

    Can you contact me at daco @ glo . be (delete the spaces)?




    Danny Coremans

    DACO Products

  5. Yes same at Langley, testing different configurations. CFTs with thread bags and armament loaded taking a full 8500’ runway to break ground!
  6. I remember the days of the 106 and 33’s, 106’s pulling out of chalks dumping fuel all over the ramp. I was told by “it’s normal”. Loved the 48ths tail flash and how a certain Msgt mysteriously had his van painted the same colors?
  7. It wasn’t the R2 them it was the leak an transfer check on the older CFT’s . Not to mention on C/D models if you had hydro leaks, reservoir changes or just leak check on a run or mule! On E models at least you had the panel arrangement to facilitate maintenance and CFT’s were somewhat permanent attachment on the aircraft to include mounting hardware. C/D models the hardware came in a kit for anyjet on the line.
  8. We had CFT's on C/D models at Langley 84-88, then at Kadena 91-93 and then Elmemdorf 97 - 98, seemed to follow me through the bases through my 20 years on the F-15. Let's hope they improved them because the first time around they were a nightmare! Finally 97 - 2001 Lakenheath found myself in Crash Recovery and worked E's and there they were again! Thank you I did not have to deal with them.....
  9. Just for a smile but how much for shipping the 1/32 Mig-23 to R3J 0L5 Winnipeg Mb Canada?
  10. The ANG jets uses to be-active USAF and we flew with CFT's at Langley, Kadena and Elmendorfwhen I was stationed there in the 80's and 90's?
  11. ThT type of marking was not considered nose art, it was just like the eagle in bondage from Langley, shogun from Kadena. All approved by dept of the air force, nose art would be more personalized when placed on the aircraft!
  12. I enjoyed having my name on the side of all my jets, but the nose art was great for moral. I loved putting sayings on our middles and bombs I the storm, Kosovo and Serbia! Would had been better to have nose art on my jet as well!
  13. I have noticed over the past few years that it has gotten to be laxer, even Shady J’s E model have got the fancy scheme. The last time I saw anything close was when I was at the Heath for the 2000 Tiger Meet, we had to change the canopy and speedbrake on the bird all painted up with tiger stripes, nothing prior in active duty though.yes same markings as the promodeler 1/48 E model but with a few minor markings missing from the kit decals. My C model had “ black Magic Women” on the nose gear door and was told to get rid of the airbrush artwork of the half naked brunette before I could get a pic
  14. Well during my 20 on her I was not even able to do nose art of any sort. When I was at Kadens we had to resort to under the speed rake art as to not to offend anyone that tended to visit the flight line. This seemed to be mostly CBPO troops and wives. At Kadena under the speed take we had Budman and one jet had a middle finger extended, there were more ..
  15. 20+ years on the 15 and I have not seen actual D-Day stripes on her, at least 1980-2001.
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