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  1. Sounds feasible in a round about way. A/B wheels are the same and C/D are the same, this is how the wheels are grouped for the type. Remember though there is sutle differances between the types A/B,C/D, J and E/I/S/K models in respect to the airframes. In the quest for accuracy all considerations must be taken. If your not into the total accuracy thing that is fine as well but just changing the wheels doesn't make it accurate for that type there is more. Cheers
  2. In another thread you were looking for early A model wheels for the Revell ( old monogram) kit? The kit comes with A model wheels and is not a C model.
  3. A and B model have always had the A and B models wheels and C and D model have always had C and D model wheels, E models have always had E model wheels etc.... There are no early A model wheels, same through to the first C/D models?
  4. An update on Richard Morgan, he is now on face book selling kits on model graveyard and model trader. It seemed legit , so I guess the 20 or so kits he sold and actually had pictures of we shall see the outcome. I noticed the last post on this person was from 2014, has anybody geared or has been scammed by this person since?
  5. Late C/D an E. model 15's had Logo lights installed as a part of MISIP, just aft at the base outboard of each vertical Stab.
  6. Yes there is a sump drain on the all fuel tanks including external, this was used most to " depuddle" the tanks for maintenance or weight and balance.
  7. On the F-15, F-16 and F-4 we had single point refuelling power off all tanks would gravity feed, the only time we would do over the wing refuelling was when we had just installed the external tank and had to do a leak and transfer check?
  8. See,s everyone wants the He219 but if is still available please let me know? Thanx
  9. There was a time that we would have the TFS on right side with the AMU on the left tail. We also did the same with OG and EMS, we weren't aLways under Ops we had our own separate supervision a structure till the rift in the early 90s.
  10. Google is your friend, credit gos to who ever took this as it is not my photo.
  11. The I model initial aircraft deliveries had the same C/B panel located in the aft cockpit, I am pretty sure the configuration has not changed that mich as the newer E models had the same aft cockpit pretty much except avionics changes to same configuration.
  12. 1) the material used on the Louver for the Secondary Heat Exchanger exhaust does not discolour with heat, the heat from the exchanger is not very hot. In fact on the Primary Heat exchanger exhaust aft on the jet under the horizontal stabs we would check on launch by running our hands to verify it is blowing. Good enough to warm our hands in the winter and dry our gloves. 2) All F-15's have the Avionics Status Panel (ASP) in the nose wheel well from the A Model to SA and K. It's how we had certain systems trouble shot and reflect internal malfunction or even suspected OverG's.
  13. Congrats, too bad itsLawn Darts but at the least your back in the fighter world!!