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  1. Hey, Ol Crew Dog, how long have you been in Winnipeg?


  2. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    I can answer this one, Everybody asks that question, believe it . After 20 years on the 15 you find yourself missing the jet and the comradery of friends. One thing I can say get as much education as you can out of the military. When you do become a civilian at the least you can set your own course if you still crave the excitement. I went to rthe engineering management side and found excitement working the manufacturing areas such as NASA, JSF program and R&D. I would like to get back to flying but it’s gotten so expensive. So my answer to this question is after 20 years working on Ferraris would you really want to work on a bus! Besides allot of the guys can get civilian jobs working the fighters in the states and some other countries. Miss my jets, yes I do but got grandchildren to keep the excitement in my life, and models of course!
  3. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    The HUD Combining Glass is clear, it is the thickness of the glass that reacts to light like a Prisim. The best thing I have seen to replicate this effect is something I saw on eBay or if you can find it clear prisim tape.
  4. Large scale V-22 Spork

    Academy never released a 1/35 AH-64, they might of released the IMEX or Kangnam kit in Korea but not released worldwide.
  5. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    Comcerning the Color of the engine bay panels, yes titanium paint I have always found to,be a bit on the dark side so I would do is lighten it with a bit of natural aluminum then it you can do the heat discolouration around the edging of each panel with purple and bluish tint. We use to polish our engine bays so they were like a mirror sp that's why they might possibly look like they are lighter in Color. Underneath the horizontal stabs there is the primary heat exchanger,exhaust ,,it can get very hot so there will be discolouration there as well. Missles on an E? Well missle would be light aircraft gray with natural.metal fins, yellow stripping on the or near the nose to,designate live warhead with brown stripe on the rear to designate live rocket motor, if training stripes are in blue. Bombs would be mostly be OD with yellow striping if a live round, you'll have to dealve more into reference for specific munitions and configurations to as all munitions the migh be variation. The radome might not be a match in Color due to numerous reasons, weathering, not being able to be painted with the aircraft and also it was the easiest thing to remove if needed on another aircraft that was on the schedule. There was a time we would have to play musical radomes so certain aircraft made the next day's sortie. cheers
  6. F-15 air intake question

    Approx 6' from the intake lip where it starts to,round out is were it it is gloss white, up to,that point it's the fuselage Color on All f-15 model.
  7. Best F-15C?

    Not really, you still got a boat load of mistakes on the Hasegawa airframe
  8. Best F-15C?

    Their B model
  9. Best F-15C?

    Accuracy for non E model in this order. GWH has very nice detail and is very accurate overall. I haven't built one but they look good for the shape and detail in the box. I didn't take out my calipers for this one though. I haven't seen their A model but from the pictures they missed some things that make it an Albino A. Monograms kit is much older and has not too bad of detail but is the most accurate with shape. As mentioned this kit has raised lines and squashed canopy. This is actually an A model from the box Hasegawa's C/D's are nice but misshapen around the engine humps not as bad as Academy's but the Academy's kit is copied from the Hasegawa kit. i did a comparison of the Academy kit to the real thing when it was first released while sitting on top of the jet in a HAS on alert in Osan Korea I also did the same thing when I picked up the Hasegawa kit at the BX there and did the same. The academy kits just exaggerated Hasegawas mistakes overall. The Tamiya is not bad but allot of aftermarket to bring it up to date Italeri's kit is not too bad in the shape area but you would think for a modern kit they would have added more detail. Fujimi forget it completely, not worth the work.
  10. Icelandic F-15's

    Nice build, like the mod eagle scheme the best!
  11. Icelandic F-15's

    I know most if not all A models that went ghrough MISIP received the upgrades to include chaff and flare mods. As to what aircraft I don't have a definitive list but I would say all the with low airframe hours aircraft that went to Intercept squadrons not the bone yard.
  12. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    How about the Modelcraft F-82 any version, took 10 clamps to put everything together straight and a tube of Tamiya putty and plastic shims to get everything cleaned up for the paint!!
  13. Dave whalen PO Box 54003 Silver Heights PO Winnipeg MB R3J 0L5 Canada thanx
  14. Good Hobby shop in Japan?

    The kits in Japan have their price printed on the box, so you pay the same price in yen on the kit as all other hobby shops or toy store. Sometimes you can find discounts or clearance but not too often. The kits you do find are good prices as you are avoiding shipping and import taxes you usually have tacked on stateside prices. Now to where the hobby shops are? We're is your friend going? Models and supplies are abundant even in mom an pop shops!
  15. Icelandic F-15's

    Take a look at my C/D to E comparison, these would apply to the kits. I have seen attempts to do that but no finished product! The ProMonoVell Mudhen is pretty accurate for an E so you would have to do the same to the kits. Especially the newer mud hens have much more additions to them that the Albinos would not have received.