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  1. Liquid cements are basically just solvents. They should be "good" until they evaporate.
  2. Just in case anyone is looking for one of these hard to find resin sets. Link to auction Cheers!
  3. The Touch-n-Flow squeeze bottle works perfectly to suck the solvent into the applicator. Just squeeze the bottle, stick the metal tube into the rear of the applicator so the plastic on the bottle seals against the end and un-squeeze the bottle; voilá. No idea why this isn't the recommended way to do it as it works much better. Cheers!
  4. Just glue an appropriate length of sprue to the rear of the cockpit and use it as a handle; piece o' cake. No need to even try to remove it afterward since it will be completely hidden once the fuselage is assembled. Cheers!
  5. That should be a fun project. I look forward to seeing the finished work. If it's anything like your progress threads, it will definitely be a "must read".
  6. From this paragraph, it sounds like the software is simply incapable of dealing with bitmaps. If you have any apps that can autotrace vector drawings from bitmap images (Illustrator, Inkscape, etc,) you might be able to save those as PDFs and then export to your CAD program without too much trouble. Just an idea. :) edit: Actually, if you have Illustrator, it will export AutoCAD DXF & DWG files directly.
  7. Coming along just spiffily. I really like what you did with the wiring in the bays, not to mention the rest of the details you are adding. This promises to be a very impressive model. :D
  8. Once again I find myself in awe of your work. You show the skill and attention to detail of, well what can I say, a Swiss watchmaker. :D
  9. I tried something like that once. Wound up with a surprisingly even coating of Testors flat red over everything in a 20-inch radius. :D
  10. Sir, that is one tasty URL cocktail. You can be my internet bartender a-ny-time. :)
  11. Ready to hit the north shore… of Africa! :lol: Beautiful build you have there. I missed your text at the top and was skimming the pics just assuming it was a 1/35. My eyes about bugged out when I came to the shot of you holding it . Nice work. :lol:
  12. I bought a couple of kits from them a few years ago. No problems as I can recall.
  13. Three days warning eh? Not a lot of time. Ah well, guess we can add them to the .
  14. Have you tried Floquil's Aged Concrete color?
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