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  1. The 1:72 Art Model kit of the Su-25 built in Ukrainian markings using Linden Hill decals. This built is a fairly standard build in my eyes of a short run kit, some parts fit ok, while others are not a good fit at all. The exhausts are resin parts, and that is one part that did not fit all that well. Colours used were SMS PL12 green and SMS PL77 green. Used Linden Hill Decals sheet No LHD72025. These decals went on without any problems considering some of them are multi layered. That always worries me, putting a decal on top of another decal.
  2. Another modern day Serbian MiG-29, this time the single seater MiG-29A Fulcrum A in the current day low visibility markings. The trumpeter kit is a nice modern kit without any major build issues, but I do think the multi part undercarriage legs may be a weak point. Also Trumpeter have made the same mistake other manufacturers have made with the missiles in only giving you 2 of the AA-8 missiles and 2 of the AA-11 missiles. Should be four of each. I had to go digging in the spares box to find the extra two AA-11 missiles I needed. Colours used are overall SMS PL80 grey
  3. The 1:72 Trumpeter MiG-29UB built in the current day low viz Serbian markings. Since this is a fairly new kit, there are no issues with the build. Overall SMS PL80 grey and the darker grey is SMS PL121 grey. Decals are from Lift Here, sheet No 751-LH. Build Progress Video
  4. Thanks, that answers my question.
  5. Have any of the Antonov Airlines AN-124s survived, as nothing has been mentioned about them.
  6. I will continue to buy Zvezda kits as the people who work there, making up the boxes, printing the decals and working the injection molding machinery have nothing to do with what’s going on in Ukraine, they are ordinary Russians doing their job. The ‘I won’t buy anything Russian’ attitude will affect them more than the oligarchs.
  7. The 1:72 Italeri kit of the MiG-29 built in Serbian markings. A nice simple build. Painted overall Model Master 2038 grey and the darker part is SMS PL80 grey, This was after I tried other colours that did not work out, so had to rub it back the first time as the colours did not look right. Used Begemot Decals sheet No 72-038. These decals went on without any problems. Build progress video
  8. Sounds interesting, especially the 1:72 scale sheet.
  9. The 1:72 Amodel kit of the Yak-17 built in Soviet markings using a mix of the kit decals and decals from the spares file. Build wise, not a bad kit considering it's a short run kit, so fit isn't perfect, but there aren't too many parts so that helps. It's biggest issue I found is that it's a tail sitter. I did put in what I thought was enough weight, but turned out it was nowhere near enough and I had to use a wire prop, which did not quite work either... Overall SMS PL80 grey. Now the drama with the decals... The small stars on the tail seemed to go on ok
  10. I like your MiG-21 and MiG-29 builds. I know what you mean about the Arabic numbers on the Syrian MiG-29. When I built a MiG-29 and a MiG-23 in Syrian markings using individual decals for the serial numbers was just as hard as your painting them.
  11. The 1:72 Eduard MiG-21MF built in the markings of an aircraft belonging to a second line training unit of the Russian Air Force from the early 1990s. Quite a good build, I did forget to put in part of the undercarriage bays before putting the wings on, when meant some cutting to put it in, but if I did it when I was supposed to do it, that would not be necessary. The centreline tank hides it pretty well anyway. Underside colour is SMS PL89 blue grey. First topside colour SMS PL77 green and second colour is SMS PL92 brown. Decals are a mix of kit decals an
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