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  1. Since it’s a what if, how about a what if missile?. get a KH-31 or something and cut the middle out and stick the ends back together to make something that fits.
  2. Nicely built. Good to see these older kits.
  3. I don't feel too bad now knowing someone else has had similar issues with decals from that manufacturer.
  4. The 1:72 Trumpeter kit of the Su-24M built in the later Ukrainian markings. This is a fairly modern kit with lots of parts. Build wise it's pretty good, but the forward fuselage and rear fuselage can be a bit tricky to line up. Canopy is not a good fit in the closed position. Base colour on upper side is SMS PL104 Grey White and underside colour is SMS PL93 Blue Grey. Since I wanted the current day digital camo, I decided to try Authentic Decals Digital Fencers sheet. This is where my real big problems began... First decal fell apart as soon as it went in
  5. The new KP MiG-19 built in Iraqi markings. Not a bad kit, but the cannon barrels aren't the best fit. Generally went together ok. Overall SMS PMT 09 aluminium. Decals are from Linden Hill Iraqi Fighters sheet No LHD72019. Build progress video.
  6. No I am not tripping out on some weird planet... Vars are not my usual subject. I built is as part of the yearly Secret Santa build we hold every year at the South Australian Plastic Modellers Association club. Members bring an unwanted kit, wrapped up and everyone takes a number and picks the kit with that number on it and what they get is to be built for the next meeting in the new year. Usually the February meeting. Whoever had the kit before me didn't have the proper instructions, just some poorly photocopied ones. Since I have never built a car before... Plu
  7. Same here. I build 1:72 jets so I agree with you on keeping everything to a constant scale.
  8. The RV kit of the MiG-23MS export variant built in Egyptian markings. It is typical of limited run kits, fit is ok, better in some areas than others. Be prepared to get stuck in with a sanding stick and filler. The canopy was an awful fit. AA-2 Atoll missiles and launch rails are from the spares box. Paints used are from SMS. PL81 sand, PL31 green and PL85 brown on upper side and PL89 blue grey on underside. Radome etc is PL121 grey. No issues with the kit decals. The RV decals are usually pretty good. Build progress video
  9. I have found there’s a weird quirk with this forum with Flickr. The workaround that I use is to post the topic and then immideiately edit the topic and then Flickr links seem to work.
  10. From all the Su-24 pictures I’ve seen, the grey seems to vary quite a bit, so I consider it nigh on impossible to find one exact shade of grey.
  11. The theme for this years show was floatplanes and flying boats.
  12. Props Jets and Rotors is an aircraft only model display held every November at the South Australian Aviation Museum. Here are my photos from the event. Link to my photos
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