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  1. The 1:72 Hasegawa Su-27 released in a limited edition Ukrainian Digital Camouflage boxing. The main reason I got one as I thought doing that scheme with decals made for the kit would be my only hope of trying to do that scheme. Quite a nice build and fit is generally good. Painting the AA-10 Alamo missiles had it's moments... Masking the fins was a bit problematic. the AA-11 Archer missiles are from the spares box as the kit ones had separate fins which proved too fiddly. Painted overall SMS PL79 blue. The decals posed no real problems, although a couple of
  2. I have built the single seater. Link to video below. Build Video
  3. The 1:72 Hobby Boss kit of the two seat MiG-15UTI built in Cuban markings using Aztec Decals sheet No 72-047. A nice simple build, but beware it needs a lot of nose weight and there isn't much room for it. Overall SMS PMT09 aluminium. No issues with the Aztec Decals decals and the wing walk decals off a leftover Airfix MiG-15 sheet. Build Progress Video
  4. Dug one of mine out and took some quick photos of instruction sheet. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  5. The 1:72 Zvezda kit of the Sy-24M built in Algerian markings. No real issues with the build. a nice simple kit this one. This colour scjeme is a more recent one which is lighter than the delivery scheme the aircraft originally wore. Colours used are SMS PL90 blue on the underside, on the upper side SMS PL16 sand and SMS PL92 brown. Used Begemot Decals sheet No 72-040. No issues with using Begemot decals. Build Progress Video Su-24MK-68 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr Su-24MK-69 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr
  6. Will be interesting to see what this one is like.
  7. YouTube pulling stunts like that will mean more of us will install ad blockers. I turn my ad blocker off for nobody!.
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