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  1. That’s exciting news for the MiG-29.
  2. The 1:72 Hobbyboss MiG-15bis built in the pre 1956 East German markings. No issues with the build, but it's a tail sitter, so ended up stuffing more weight down the intake, and it just balances on it's wheels. Overall SMS PMT04 silver. Decals are from the spares file, so are a mix of RVresin, Eduard etc. They went on without any issues. Build progress video
  3. The 1:72 Trumpeter kit of the MiG-29S Fulcrum C built in the early Ukrainian markings using the kit decals. Only thing with the Trumpeter MiG-29s is that they don't give you enough of either the AA-8 or AA-11 missiles. The MiG-29 carried four of ether, not a mixed load. I had to go digging in the spares box to find an extra pair of AA-11s. Colours used were SMS PL27 grey overall and the darker grey is SMS PL80 grey. The kit decals went on without any problems. Build progress video
  4. Looks like a MiG-25BM. A wild weasel version of the MiG-25. ICM make both a 1:72 and 1:48 scale kit of this version.
  5. The 1:72 Hobbyboss kit of the MiG-15bis built in Albanian markings. Not much to these easy assembly kits, so a simple build. The only thing is that it's a determined tail sitter, so despite putting weight under the cockpit and in the intake splitter, it was not enough. Had to stuff some down the intake which did stop it being a tail sitter. Used SMS PMT01 silver overall. Build progress video
  6. In my opinion vacuform canopies are a creation of the devil. I avoid them.
  7. Since it’s a fantasy what if thing, paint it what ever color you like.
  8. The new 1:72 ICM MiG-25PD kit built in Ukrainian markings. This one was bit of a complicated build. Joining the two fuselage sections and the intakes weren't a good fit and I don't like having to put the undercarriage legs on at an early stage. Wing to fuselage joint also approved troublesome. However, undercarriage is a bit more robust than their earlier 1:72 MiG-25PD kit, especially after this one had an encounter with the floor. Undercarriage was fixed with some super glue. Overall SMS PL93 blue grey. Used Begemot decals sheet No 72-015. These decals w
  9. The 1:72 Trumpeter Su-15TM built in Ukrainian markings. A straightforward build, but I didn't;t like having to add the nose wheel early in the build. Things like that are too easy to break off. Overall SMS PMT09 aluminium. Used Begemot Decals sheet No 72-004. No issues with these decals. Build progress video
  10. The latest boxing of the 1:72 Airfix MiG-17F Fresco C is the Polish LIM-5 built in East German markings. Build was generally problem free, but the intake ring and the underside part the cannons attach to wasn't a good fit. I wasn't expecting the mix of PVA and Liquid Gravity in the space in the intake splitter to be enough weight, but it was. Colours used were SMS PL93 blue grey on the underside. Topside colours were SMS PL85 brown and SMS PL31 green. Build progress video
  11. Nicely built. That scheme looks complicated…
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