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  1. Another Croatian MiG-21bis, this time in a later tan and green scheme. No 102 Avenger of Dubrovnik. Again, no real issues with the build, apart from part of the central ventral airbrake going to the floor monster meaning I had to make the part from sculpted filler. At least it was the fixed part. Since the kit lacked launch rails for the AA-8 Aphid missiles, it had to dig some out of the spares box. Colours used were SMS PL93 blue on the underside and SMS PL92 brown and SMS PL31 hreen on the upperside. Again used Balkan Models decals sheet No BM-
  2. The 1:72 Revell kit built in the markings of the Soviet Navy in the blue and green scheme. The kit dates from the ;ate 1980's si us quite basic, which meant the build was not hard at all. Colours used were SMS PL06 green on the underside and SMS PL163 blue on the upperside. Decals are from Begemot. Sheet No 72-050. Build Progress Video
  3. Built as No 102/167 Avenger of Vukovar, one of the aircraft obtained by newly independent Croatia during the civil war in the early 1990s. No real issues with the Zvezda kit, although A couple of the air scoops were sacrificed to the floor monster... Overall SMS PL55 grey. Used Balkan Models sheet No BM7205. Decals went on without any major issues, Although the tail stripes on one side did move while it was drying overnight. Build Progress Video
  4. The 1:72 Amodel kit of the MiG-9 built in Soviet markings using the kit decals. This is a short run kit, but not a hard build as there are not too many parts to it, but the canopy is not a great fit. Overall Model Master 1730 grey. Decals went on ok, but cutting them off the sheet was a bit tricky and I did cut the point off one star. Build Progress Video
  5. This is not the scale or subject I usually build... Every year the modelling club i'm a member of, the South Australian Plastic Modellers Association, at the December meeting get members to bring an unwanted kit wrapped up and everyone takes a number and that's the kit you receive. As there is no January meeting, the idea is to have them built for the February meeting. Kits vary from unwanted, to being a bit on the crappy side. So I ended up with this 1:144 scale F-16. Firstly this is not my scale. I am a devoted 1:72 builder and the aircraft I normally build would be u
  6. The 1:72 Zvezda kit of the Mi-8T built in Indian markings. Build was generally ok. A bit of filler needed in places. Some of the cabin windows fell out, so ended up using Kristal Klear. Overall Model Master 1730 grey. Used Begemot Decals sheet No 72-012. Build Progress Video
  7. The 1:72 Heller kit of the Me-163B built as an aircraft captured and terst flown by the Russians. A quick and easy build as the Heller kit is a simple build. Colours used are Model Master 1730 grey on the underside and SMS PL77 green on the upperside. Decals used are some Hobby boss MiG-15 decals from the spares file. Build Progress Video
  8. Nice build. didn’t know GWH were venturing into 1:72 scale land... Thought they were only interested in 1:48 scale. will have to look out for one of these.
  9. The 1:72 Eduard kit of the L-39 built in Armenian markings using decals from Linden Hill. Only real issue with the build was the gap between the upper side of the wing and fuselage was hard to get at due to the position of the intakes. Underside colour is Model Master 17.30 grey, upper side colours are SMS PL92 brown and SMS PL31 green. Yellow parts are SMS PL05 yellow. Yellow is not an easy colour to work with and posed a few problems and came out looking a bit thick. Decals are Linden Hill Decals sheet No LHD72009. Generall no issues with the decals, but s
  10. The 1:72 Trumpeter kit of the later model Su-15 built in Soviet markings. This kit did pose a few issues around the cockpit and the underside of the fuselage. The rest of it was generally ok. Overall SMS PMT09 aluminium. Decals are the kit decals which went on ok. Build Progress Video
  11. The 1:72 Hasegawa Su-27 released in a limited edition Ukrainian Digital Camouflage boxing. The main reason I got one as I thought doing that scheme with decals made for the kit would be my only hope of trying to do that scheme. Quite a nice build and fit is generally good. Painting the AA-10 Alamo missiles had it's moments... Masking the fins was a bit problematic. the AA-11 Archer missiles are from the spares box as the kit ones had separate fins which proved too fiddly. Painted overall SMS PL79 blue. The decals posed no real problems, although a couple of
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