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  1. The 1:72 Trumpeter kit of the two seater Su-27 built in Ukrainian markings using Linden Hill Decals sheet No LHD 72005. A nice simple build with no issues. Colours used were overall SMS PL90 blue grey and SMS PL79 blue. No issues with the Linden Hill decals. Build progress video
  2. The Zvezda kit of the earlier Su-24 built in Ukrainian markings Using Begemot Decals sheet No 72-040. This is an older kit, so quite simplified compared to modern day kits. Build wise not too bad, but a few seams around the forward fuselage and nose were a bit troublesome to fix. Underside colour is SMS PL02 white and the grey is SMS PL93 blue grey. The Begemot decals went on without any problems. Build progress video
  3. Here in Australia, most of us knew Jack Newton more for him walking into a spinning prop than his exploits on the golf course.
  4. Built in Ukrainian Navy markings using Begemot Decals Sheet No 72-038. Haven't built many helicopters as the rotors are usually a bit fiddly and this was no different. Overall SMS PL90 blue grey. As usual Begemot decals were straightforward to use. I have so far had no problems with their decals. Build progress video
  5. The Airfix MiG-29A 9.12 built in Ukrainian markings dating from the mid 2000s. Not the simplest build, but builds up ok. Airfix made the same mistake as many other manufacturers with the missiles in that the MiG-29 can only carry 4x AA-8 or 4x AA-11 and not a mixed load. Used Eduard AA-8 missiles and pylons for the correct load of 4x AA-8 missiles. Not the biggest fan of resin though. Underside is SMS PL27 grey and topside is SMS PL80. Used Linden Hill Decals sheet No LHD72036. No issues with these decals. Build Progress Video
  6. It's that time of the year where members of the South Australian Plastic Modellers Association present each other with an unwanted kit at the December meeting and have it built for the first meeting of the new year in February. So this year I ended up with this Academy F4F Wildcat. Quite a simple kit, so no real issues apart from painting the propeller what drove me nuts. Undercarriage was a little bit fiddly. Overall SMS PL163 blue. Wasn't expecting much from the kit decals, but they went on without any problems. Build Progress Video
  7. The weekend of 12-13 November 2022, the annual Props, Jets and Rotors aircraft display was held at the South Australian Aviation Museum. Purely an aircraft only show compared to the bigger Model Expo which includes everything. This show is aimed more at modellers like me who tend to avoid entering into the more formal Model Expo. There were around 160 models on display. Model Aircraft Photos While at the museum I took some close up detail photos of the two newest exhibits. RAAF F/A-18A A21-32 RAAF PC-9 A23-045
  8. The 1:72 Hobbyboss MiG-15UTI built in Hungarian markings. Not much to these kits, so an easy build. I have run out of the lead weight I was using for nose weight, so resorted to blue tack. It's only just enough weight to stop it tail sitting. Painted overall SMS PMT01 silver. Very unforgiving of any seams that haven't been filled properly Had to do a bit of rubbing back and respraying. Decals used are from HAD model. Sheet No 72247. These went on without any real issues, Getting the green dot lined up properly in the middle of the star was a bit tricky.
  9. Photos from the South Australian Plastic Modellers Association yearly model Expo held in Adelaide over the weekend of October 8-9 2022. A wide variety of models ranging from aircraft, armour, ships, sci-fi etc. Photos of model display.
  10. The 1:72 ICM MiG-29 9.13 built Ukrainian markings using the kit decals. This is the recently release Ghost of Kyiv boxing. Quite a straight forward build, but ICM made the mistake which I have seen in other MiG-29 kits, is the mixed load of AA-8/AA-11 missiles, needs to be four of either type. To get the four AA-11 Archers I needed, used Eduard's 1:72 MiG-29 Weapons Set No 672100. The kit AA-10 Alamo missiles went in the spares box as some of the fins broke, so used leftover Trumpeter missiles. Underside colour is SMS PL93 blue grey and topside colour is SMS PL104 gre
  11. That’s exciting news for the MiG-29.
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