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  1. Built in Afghan markings from the 1980s using decals from Linden Hill. Build was generally ok, but my main problem was the intake was a poor fit and my attempts to make it fit, lead to more problems, so in the end I went searching on the net on the 3D printing sites and found a radome that I could resize to cover the hole from the old one paint it red as a FOD guard. Overall SMS PMT09 Aluminium. Used :Linden Hill Decals Sheet No LHD72033. Build progress video
  2. Here in little old Adelaide, South Australia where the Chinese Virus is under control (at the moment), the South Australian Scale Model Expo was able to go ahead over the weekend of 9-10 October 2021. The expo caters for aircraft, armour, cars, ships, figures etc. SASME Photos
  3. Saw my one and only Osprey back in 2014 when the G20 summit was being held in Brisbane.
  4. Interesting news. Will be interesting to see what variants they bring out.
  5. Yes we have a habit of wanting things changed around. Look at the mess that was the Sea Sprite helicopter. on the other hand, when we buy off the shelf without fiddling with it, it seems to work. The Super Hornet and Globemaster III are examples of that.
  6. The Chinese built MiG-17 two seater made up from parts from a KP MiG-15UTI and a MiG-17PF. This is my first attempt at major plastic surgery, as there are no kits of this aircraft in 1:72. I saw an article in an old copy of Scale Models International from November 1988. It didn't look too complex to do, so I decided to have a go... I decided it was easier to use the more basic older KP kits for this as I didn't want to use the more modern kits for this project in case it did not work out. I cut out a part of the MiG-17 fuselage to put the cockpit sec
  7. The Airfix MiG-15bis built in Hungarian markings using a mix of RV Decals and the kit decals. Not a bad build, but Airfix [;attic is quite soft, so easy to sand off more than you wanted to sand off. Like ant MiG-15 kit, needs lots of weight in the nose, but nowhere to put it. The kit canopy was claimed by the floor monster, so another dive into the spares box for a replacement MiG-17 canopy. The pitot tube on the starboard wing is made from wire and the underwing radio antennas are from the spares box as these are not included in the kit. Overall SMS
  8. I have the mew KP one in the stash, but haven't built it yet.
  9. Nice build. I have built that kit and fit isn’t great. The worst is the tail planes.
  10. The 1:72 Zvezda MiG-29 9.13 built in Belorussian markings using Linden Hill decals. Quite a nice kit, only thing is that the wingtips are separate parts and not easy to get right. One wingtip isn't straight. In the process of making them fit, broke one aileron off, so had to make a replacement. Everything else fitted ok. Painted overall SMS PL55 grey and second colour SMS PL95 grey, but the contrast was not what I thought it would be. Radome is Model Master 1732 grey as they have a non standard colour. Used Linden Hill Decals LHD72037.
  11. Yes I agree too. Where’s the Chinese variants of the MiG-21 in 1/72 scale?.
  12. Nice build. yes I have built a few of the KP originals. Same with your Su-7, it’s originally from KP.
  13. Plenty of options on this Begemot Decals sheet. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=60 Or this sheet from Linden Hill. https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p76/LHD72036.html#/ I have had no problems with using decals either decal company.
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