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  1. They fly daylight in my POS as well. They aren't in hiding.
  2. I'm on the D with the E folks down the hall in our SCIF. I'd like to ask for a friend but I've got this clearance thing going on and I once got a knock-knock just for requesting DTIC declassify some Vietnam War era documents on the AH-1G Cobra back in 2013, 42 years after they were written. OSINT is your best bet. I'll leave you to it. LD, thanks for the detail on the Academy kit. I've been waffling on which to pick up.
  3. One of those things for people in the know and it's not just 407s. I'll leave out location data and just say the linked article has some things right.
  4. Fielded on US Apaches at YPG, Yuma Proving Grounds, AUG 2019. See here: https://www.army.mil/article/236110/spike_missile_tested_leveraging_foreign_comparative_testing_program And video of this here https://youtu.be/CDaCzCKd9x0 US AH-64E with Spike mounted in hi-res
  5. Here's an article that better explains the bi-directional RF and IDM data link IO between the operator and missile and yes, the IDF are active with this system on their AH-64 https://theaviationist.com/2017/07/26/photos-of-ah-64d-apache-armed-with-spike-missiles-proves-that-the-weapon-is-operational-for-the-israeli-attack-helicopters/
  6. N number over in the UK or more likely Germany long ago smiling for the birdie
  7. Guess right eye dominant shooters were happy but those lefties just had to suck on hind teet huh? Weird the small things that stick out when you're a shooter. Then again they were introduced to the regiment in 1991 and like anything else you gotta crawl before you can walk. The first issue of the PS-390 didnt have a back plate.
  8. If you're talking about the 1/48 Monogram/Revell Huey line to convert those old kits to a Charlie you'll need the resin set from Lone Star Models. LSM purchased Cobra Company's molds. Very good pours too from LSM. I did not see any LSM offerings on the48ers.com likely because Lone Star Models has it on their site for direct order from Sugar Land, TX. If you've got the correct sync elevators and just need a correct cambered tail fin I have an extra I can send you. Ilias, in case I'm wrong and you had it the kit numbers are below Monogram PA-152 Rescue Chopper Monogram/Ma
  9. Great build. Love the no slip/no skid floor detail. Came out exceptional as the rest of the build is looking.
  10. Ive got quite a few I've picked up from Tonya over the years. I'm not sure where she gets her immense amount of focused material but she's one of the few that offers some very consistent and rare imagery as photos or 35mm slides. I recognize some of the others as reprints from VHPA and unit websites.
  11. NASA/ESA & Roscosmos Shashlik!!,Blini, Pelmini, Borscht, Khinkali, etc no Ikra =( but Vodka? Da mnogo! Also avoiding sabaka and babushka. About the same when they bite! 😃
  12. Keep after it and you'll get it I'm certain! All it takes it sticking with it. Hopefully you wont rip out all your hair in the process I use MAYA, GMAX, ModelConverterX, 3D_Converter, and FSDS but for other reasons, 'flyable' gunships in-simulator and static .mdl files. Maya works great for .OBJ files and 3d printing. . Negative, no front sight posts on the door guns for Miss Mini. I was correcting my wording from earlier. Every 5th round on a belt of 7.62 for the M60 is a tracer round. I had to print screen like m
  13. You're welcome Alex. Always glad to help. Correct, no top cover to the crate as seen in the image where the gunner is removing the M60A from the Pintle mount off the Sagami arm. Also, remove the ropes to carry the crate as pictured on Miss Mini Correction to my earlier statement: Shaving is not the right term for no sight posts on the M-60 barrels. The terms used by door gunners of chopped and shaved refers to chopping down the barrel length and shaving the buttstock as seen here. A flat plate was also used instead of the buttstock. Sorry about that.
  14. Well you're in luck here as well. Door gunners just used a standard M-67 Frag grenade ammo box Very common sight among all aviation units. (Ignore the grenade pictured. An overzealous Pogue decided a Mark II pineapple grenade would do despite the box nomenclature) Outside dimensions: 19 1/2" Length x 11 1/2" Wide x 11 1/2" High Interior dimensions: (a bit smaller) 16 1/4" Length x 10" Wide x 9" High This field expedient method of carrying more ammo was stepped up to the M-5 40mm grenade ammo can later on with the Char
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