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  1. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Yes the transmission and engine compartments were chromate green overall as were the insides of the butterfly doors that provided engine access but not everything in there was. Here on my picture of an engine swap on a UH-1H in Vietnam you can see the engine mounts are also chromate green as was the bulkhead. The vertical separators that isolated the engine from the transmission, intake, and exhaust were gull gray with the exception of the forward most which is chromate green. In my image you can see this ship had an unpainted zinc chromate green mast. You can sometimes find various components of the rotor head such as stab bar, mast, or pitch links unpainted in original images from the Vietnam war. Here is a slide from my collection showing the inside of the butterfly hinged engine access doors raised exposing their chromate green. This is 'Belle Star' with the 175th AHC 1967 in the maintenance hanger at Vinh Long Army Airfield. You can see the rear two dividers are gull gray on both faces. Yes, I know it's a UH-1D just showing some commonality among them. Unfortunately I lost the details on this image but remember it came from my 'UH-1 Huey in Vietnam' group on Facebook before I turned it over and DEROS'D out. I do remember this maint team was with the Ruthless Riders on a 100 hr tear down. Sitting on the deck just below the engine is the forward most separator for the intake. Note that of the three it is the only one that is chromate green. All cracked up but often the best way to get more details. Image from CW2 Gregory "AK" Keay 192nd AHC 1971 Here you go - also from CW2 Gregory "AK" Keay 192nd AHC 1971
  2. Janman, If you're interested I created a .pdf document of Ray's post before Photobucket went Workers Party on their service platform. All the images are there. Just PM me. snake36bravo, Out.
  3. Nothin' but Hueys!

    Thanks for the ID on the aircraft seats. I had wondered about those seats for a long time. The whole radio room package slid in which you can see in that image sits above the cabin floor. I wont bore anyone with pictures of the radios or receivers. The EH-1H and current EH-60A/L aircraft are the end product of Project Left Bank. Project Left Bank communications intercept helicopter 'The Ugly' - 371st Radio Research Company, ASA ADF - 1969 image from Col Yates 371st Radio Research Company 'The Good' ASA ADF Left Bank 1968-69 Phuoc Vinh, RVN image from Bob Herring Early UH-1D Left Bank Huey with its distinctive elephant brander antenna. Image from Col. Carlos Collat. Not 100% ascertained but this image looks CONUS during stateside trials of the package. SPC Christopher Joseph Schramm, 371ST RRC, 509TH ASA GROUP, 1 CAV DIV, with his Left Bank Huey 'Snooper 1'. Chris was killed 13 May 1968 while en-route to Camp Evans when their vehicle struck a land mine. Chris jumped from the truck to go to the aid of other wounded soldiers and detonated a land mine.
  4. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    That is technically not correct but the 195th Thunderchickens and Ghostriders did as stated. When the 195th AHC stopped the practice I dont know. Not to split hairs but given the unique sound signature of the Huey any of them flying over the wire would let someone know something was up. If the POS mole in MACV-SOG hadn't given it away already the sound of those blades sure would. No special paint job needed. A troop 3/17 CAV also had SEA camo and of course 20th SOS 'Green Hornets' though the large majority of these were all gunships whereas the 195th had both slicks and guns in SEA camo. As for the VA - i will spare everyone the curse words I have for them and their 'treatment' or lack thereof for veterans. I walked away from their sorry asses long ago for civilian care which far exceeds their incompetence. Here's an Air Force 20th SOS Green Hornet in SEA Camo. Welcome home.
  5. Looking forward to the next update Ray. Finally, finally got my KH UH-1D in the mail this week. Beautifully done.
  6. Pave Hawk exterior gun mounts

    Quite a difference from the old style HH-60G mounts
  7. What would you do with the New Kitty Hawk 1/48 Huey?

    Unit identification markings on the roof of Blue 3. They gave way to unit numbering on the pilots doors, geometric shapes, and colored bands on the tails depending on whether you were in I, II, or III Corps in Vietnam.
  8. Shouldn't be too hard to do a decal sheet. Used Dan's original image, realigned, adjusted for angle, and feathered slightly at .01. No anti-aliasing applied which is why it's crisp. A little more time and I'd bring out the yellow and soften the edges. The original for 'Arnold' and 'Dangerpig' look to have been done in chalk.
  9. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale UH-1D Online Build

    Some sheet styrene using the bulkhead and transmission housing as a template with a scribe tool outta give you what you're after. You'd have to rework the overhead too. Would be great for a soundproof free Nighthawk build like '437' from the Razorbacks gunship platoon that operated out of Naval Support Base Nha Be, RVN. Nighthawk is in order for this kit which is my plan for one of them once both orders arrive. They even give you the .50 and M134 minigun in this kit! It was meant to be.
  10. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    I'm really surprised no one has mentioned any of the positive things going for this first sight build and they are there for anyone to see: the amazing tooling of tail rotor housing the detailed tail rotor hub the great level of detail present on the stabilizer bar (Usually you have to by PE to get that!) the correct outboard recess and shape of sync elevators the inclusion of the many missing components on a typical scale rotor head much better drag braces than those on other kits the beautiful shape and distinctive bow to those rotor blades at the right length Rotor blade tie down points on the ends of the rotors! B pillars!!! you don't have to craft or buy aftermarket cockpit details like the fire extinguisher Nicely done soundproofing What looks to be a great fit of the parts the correct rake of those skids giving it the right stance NO compartment door on the tail boom you have to fill in!! a superb profile and that beautiful nose Separate skid steps just like on the real ones Far better than anything out there right now IMHO. AND we haven't even discussed the decal options. Cant wait for the real review Military salute to Floyd and Ray for their continuous input to KH.
  11. Riggers belts with the integrated D-Ring. Beats a swiss seat all to hell
  12. Nothin' but Hueys!

    Charlie, I had one more taken of the Joint Commission UH-1H aft looking forward but this 35mm slide along with some others has disappeared since my move last year. I hunted for it again yesterday with no luck.
  13. Tailboom-antenna on a HH-1N?

    Grüß Gott HAJO, Here are a couple of the slides in my collection - These show the Marines did use the 'Long Line' antenna on the tail boom of their Hueys whether short body or the N series. I don't have any USMC SAR UH-1Ns slides in my collection but Ray likely has the goods. Stewart Airport, NY 21 JUL 1979 HMM 361 - This N series has the towel rack antenna just in front of the dog house but still sports a Long Line antenna running zig-zag along the tail boom. El Toro, CA MCAS UH-1E HML 261 MAY 1974 Servus
  14. Nothin' but Hueys!

    I can sure rest easy with that answer.
  15. Nothin' but Hueys!

    Ray, Your JUH-1H Ozark images remind me so much of CCAD, Corpus Christi Army Depot, after Vietnam ended where I was lucky enough to witness all these Hueys coming back with many still sporting nose art and their Vietnam markings. The same practice of removing 1 tail rotor blade was in effect then. The Green Delta CAC IV ship was used as part of the Joint Commission to observe the cease fire. They were painted in White or Red Stripes to clearly identify them. Despite that they still were shot at per those who ran the mission. You can still make out the nose art which is slightly been covered over. Notice the last UH-1H with sanded down bare metal skids. Gaggle of VNAF Hueys in that one. These slides were all taken between Aug and Nov 1975.