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  1. Thought it best to not leave everyone hanging. After 4 years of searching for answers Bill Church and Rob Purder and one of the pilots of this program provided me with the following. " I just got in touch with one of the guys in the photos, and it is a Gyro-stabilized Telescope which swings down below the skids after takeoff. They then had 360 joystick control to look around (similar to the MMS on the 58D). It was supposed to do target work with the Cobra TOW in RVN, but they cxld the project for financial reasons in 72. The dish is an early radar altimeter which would retract the telescope back above the skids when you approached the ground. It was called Eye Star, and functioned well. Still getting further details from Tommy Boucher. "
  2. Top shelf Ray as always and exactly what I needed! Can't thank you enough. Now here's hoping my sculpting skills are up to par.
  3. I did a search but have come up empty. Does anyone have a decent set of images of the quilted overhead of a short body UH-1B or UH-1C interior? This is a 1/24 aftermarket resin overhead. I'm curious about accuracy of the overhead light positions, 3 piece quilt, and intercom box positions. Missing are the air vents which are just below the roof top scoops. I'm scratching my own in 1/48 and want to get it right since I'm going to cast the overhead piece once I'm done. Sorry for the small image. It's all I've got. Thanks to all
  4. And one of the few that can make altitude in the badlands of certain countries.
  5. Italeri 1/72 UH-1B 'Big Train' arrived today. Thanks again for this great review Ray.
  6. Earlier Matt references the NASA Chinook. Here is a slide taken in 1981 of one although I'm not sure it's the same. The slide was sold on Ebay.
  7. Here are a few images of 'Easy Money' I took on Redstone when I was working the CH-47J project with PEO Aviation. I have a full walk-around. Last photograph of the ACH-47A is an official 1st CAV 8x10 taken at Ah Khe, RVN. All the images are mine and from my collection. Also adding a couple showing a troop insertion via ladders from a CH-47A. This was not unheard of but not standard fare either. Most of the Hookers in Vietnam were there for heavy lift. The missions run in A-Stan are outside of what was typical in Vietnam and when they do get shot down obviously the loss of life is far greater.
  8. Thank for the nomenclature and full explanation. Finally, finally can put a name to this one.
  9. Ray thanks for the correction on the TOW s/n. I did notice the traverse and elevation wheels on this unidentified system. I'm thinking they were likely just to boresight otherwise completely impractical. Not a very optimal design although the tubes are definitely for the larger rockets than the 2.75" FFAR. The mounting arm itself or something similar looks to have been used by at least on one gunship with the Gunslingers of the 128th AHC in Vietnam. I've not seen it employed outside of this unit. I guess that system on the 58 will remain a mystery. I've always thought it might be an acoustic ballistic sensor of some kind. My best SWAG at it. Thanks again.
  10. Sorry forgot this one. Nice boots.
  11. Well it looks like April 2016 was the last post made here and far be it from me to revive a thread. I was looking for information on some things I had squirreled away. The first two were taken on Redstone Arsenal back in tthe MICOM days and these 8x10s have 1964 dates on them. Obviously the system was a No Go at this station but any details would be nice to know. An interesting aspect about this UH-1B is it's tail number 2555 which I believe later became one of the NUH-1B TOW ships. Here is another system I've never been able to get details on being tested on what is likely an OH-58A judging by the fashion plates present. Another system I'd love to know more about if anyone has the skinny. Much obliged
  12. Nice work Rod. You're doing a superb job. Looking forward to the next update.
  13. Ray, that would be tops on a decal sheet! Here is another slide from April 2007 71-22367(?) part of the White Sands Missile Range inventory
  14. Just sent you the full resolution by email. 169 on the nose. Love that paint scheme
  15. Here is another slide from my collection. UH-1H 71-20169 US Army Apache Det at Chandler Municipal Airport 3 miles Southeast of Chandler, Arizona on 23 March 1991