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  1. snake36bravo

    Huey Frog, Hog and Heavy Hog?

    If you think it's confusing to you try talking to some Vietnam army aircrews and pilots who flew guns. Sometimes they don't even refer to it by what others in a different unit do and that chart shows why; 4 variations of Hog, 2 of heavy Hog, never heard Thumper used as anything other than referring to the M-5 and almost universally Frog was in their own word's if it had an M-5 thumper on the nose. Also outside of hating to load it they've all agreed it was a great area weapon. I recognize that chart (Figure 47, page 23) and it's from the late Pete Harlem's 'Crew Chief 1 The UH-1C Huey: Detailing the Monogram Huey Hog Kit'. I only have the 1968 dated UH-1C operators manual but I think that chart Pete used actually came from a later US Army UH-1C/M TM. Pete flew with C CO 277th AVN, 1st CAV 'Ghost Riders' in Vietnam and did a lot of nose art during his tour as a Chicken Man. Pete along with Bob Chenoweth, Wayne Mutza, and Terry Love did a lot to document rotary aviation of the Vietnam War. Pete drilled it down further on the following page: "Unit practice clearly varied quite a lot, but most Assault Helicopter Companies equipped their Hueys with a mix of armament systems. Most of the gunships in a platoon would be setup with either XM-16 or XM-21, and one or two ships would be Hog or Frog (M-5 and rocket pods) aircraft. The gun armed aircraft would, of course, carry rockets as specified by the unit's mission. Aerial Rocket Artillery (ARA) Battalions used all rocket (Hog) configurations with gun armed and grenade ships only in the Headquarters Battery. Air Cavalry Troops usually equipped most of their 'red' (gunship) platoons with gun armed ships, but several optional setups were usually installed on a couple of aircraft so as to maintain mission flexibility'." Tan Son Nhut Airbase 1965
  2. snake36bravo

    No love for OH-58A

    There's love for it just no one wants to produce anything that far back. I agree backdating the Academy 58D is your best bet. Here are a few slides to share out of my collection of early Army 58As. OH-58 70-15098 at Lakehurst Municipal, NJ September 1973 in MERDC. Photo by Bruce R. Trombecky of Willingboro, NJ. OH-58A 71-20345 June 1974 in MERDC camouflage paint scheme. Photo by Jeuny Liang. Camp Atterbury Indiana April 1974
  3. My apologies to agelos2005 because I was way out of line. Cone of shame is mine and it's not the first time for me. Great build and yes after my old age thumping my cane episode I checked the video. Well done and great work. Thanks for posting the photos of the build as well. Nice detailing. Again, my apologies.
  4. snake36bravo

    WIP 1/48 UH-1H During the late 80's and 90'S

    Same here. Incredibly well built and incredible turn around times. I wish I had his speed to complete.
  5. Absolutely. To each his own.
  6. Lol. No you are here to drive revenue and hits on your video on youtube. You might have the best scratch skills in the world and I'll still pass on your 'business model'. That's like these aftermarket dealers who only sell on Facebook which means you have to join that lame circus. I'll pass on them too. I'll do what I want and NOT click on your video for a 'like' and 'subscribe' uptick.
  7. Why are you even on here if you're using Arc to link to YouTube Subscriptions and likes? Because its too much work for you to link an image which leaves an archive here on Arc for others to maybe follow? Give me a break and like others I'll just pass on that. You either support this forum or don't and in your case it's apparently too way too much effort to ask to post images but hey making a youtube video, uploading and adding to your channel isnt. No thanks.
  8. snake36bravo

    Knocked out Panther

    That moment when you realize you've just responded to an archaic thread. 🙄 Sorry folks.
  9. snake36bravo

    Their mobility aids are NOT your spider killing tools!!!

    As my dear departed Onkel Willi replied to me upon returning home from hospital after my proclaiming how I proudly cleaning all the spiderwebs from his home, "Now whose going to to eat all the flies?" As for the cane snatcher, cover her apartment door in this
  10. snake36bravo

    Knocked out Panther

    Very nicely done Michael, nice Zim and painting technique. I think you captured the reference image very well. Unique display from all the other Panthers you see at shows. Just a small correction, this is not the Falaise Gap The Panther you depicted belonged to 1.Kompanie/SS-Panzer-Regiment 12 of the 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend, a unit I've spent far too much of my life researching. Contrary to incorrect captions the Panther was knocked out by an anti-tank gun located in the Almir Garden near the Church on the South side of Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse on 8 June 1944. This was during Kurt Meyer's failed night attack on Bretteville Norrey where he committed Max Wünsche's Panthers to an engagement without proper infantry support something Kurt Meyer would later mock the British for in his memoirs. Previous captions indicated the tank was flipped over after being knocked out by an Allied fighter bomber which isn't factual. The kocked out Panther was encumbering passage along the N13 road and pushed off into the field where it came to rest upside down. The N13 was not the wide road it is today. The Panther was then used for explosive penetration testing on the underside hull which was now exposed. The banner was placed there to warn others there was unexploded ordinance. The Lemanissier Shed is still there to this day. Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse is 50.4km North-Northeast from Falaise . The Falaise Gap, also known as the Falaise Pocket. occurred from Aug 12, 1944 – Aug 21, 1944. The scene you modeled was June 8-9 1944. First time I've seen it actually modeled and again hats off to you. The same area today
  11. Great news and nice nod to US Navy Pilot Al Stnigl in Fickle-Filly on the box art.
  12. snake36bravo

    Vietnam era HUEY with Toilet bowl or Anti strella

    Anti-Strella mods were standard on the NUH-1B TOW B models. Common for VNAF as well as Joint Commision Hueys with the various colored stripes. H Troop 17th CAV in 1972, image Bob Hesselbein, Undertaker 27 D Troop 17th CAV, 1972 all Images Rich Neely and show D Troops Nighthawk F Troop 4th CAV Centaurs, All images Brian Harrison F Troop, 4th CAV image Wayne Moose 1972
  13. snake36bravo

    1/48 UH-1V Kitty Hawk *Completed*

    Outstanding build, scratch work, paint, and superb weathering! Looks mission ready. Also, plus 1 for the whiskey!
  14. snake36bravo

    First female Viper demo commander out

    "Loss of confidence" in her ability to lead the team and 'mistakes she made' which is just Air Force speak for we know but wont lift the covers so you can view the corpse and identify the body. It could be anything and anything is speculative from an alcohol incident to extramarital affair or she just pissed in the wrong person's cornflakes like maybe the Wing Commander who relieved her. Or maybe, just maybe, she hit the Peter Principle and rose above her level of competence because I saw plenty of that myself in service. Since she deleted her social media and is in a 'black out' she's likely in career saving mode. Probably a good thing lightbulb since OSINT is a thing. I just hope she doesn't off herself over it. You mean the military was great 20 years ago? Probably right. My Fun Meter was fully pegged from 92 to 2000. Even when it wasnt.
  15. snake36bravo

    large scale us army helicopters

    Here's a 1:18 Apache that just sold for $118.50 plus $40 shipping. Boxed you'll pay over $200 unless you get 'a deal deal'. 1:24 is about as big as you get with scale helicopter model kits and it's limited to a few. Anyway good hunting.
  16. snake36bravo

    large scale us army helicopters

    They are the ones made formerly by 21st Century Toys - Ultimate Soldier line, bought out by BBI and Merit. They made the Huey, Kiowa, Blackhawk, Apache, AH-1W Super Cobra, and OH-6/MH-6. I have the Huey and was working on correcting the inaccuracies but never finished. I was given a 1:18 Kiowa when I left the program after 6 years. They are not kits outside of 'some assembly required. They are also pricey now but are a good base. Some folks have converted them to RC. Just Ebay search on 1:18 helicopters.
  17. snake36bravo

    500 Robertson MH-012 "T" Tank"

    John, not H-6s but I cant imagine their FLIR wasn't COTS or dissimilar to that seen in these MD500 series Law Enforcement assets from the early 80s up. All images were taken by Rainer G. Hanxleden and were scanned from his 5x7 photos. Click for larger 300 dpi I believe this monitor may actually be LLTV type.
  18. snake36bravo

    1/48 MBB BK-117

    Bravo! Well done and looking forward to your updates. Its always great to see scatchwork and the skill involved.
  19. Long shot but who dares, wins! Casting a wide net to see if anyone has this in their stash. I know Chris stopped producing it before he quit the business and I doubt Lone Star has the molds of this. Plus he barely has any of Cobra Company's stuff up on his website anyway. Trade or buy outright. Thanks for any help in getting this.
  20. snake36bravo

    Cobra Company 1/35 UH-1B Backdate set #35008

    Or since I've been wanting to build a small vacuform table ever since watching Punished Props do it maybe I'll take Tank's suggestion to heart and get it done. Less expensive in the long run. Resin and the supplies for it get's pricey quickly.
  21. snake36bravo

    Cobra Company 1/35 UH-1B Backdate set #35008

    Synchronicity as I just picked up the Seminar kit yesterday. Now the wait for it to arrive from beautiful France. The blade chord needs to also be corrected besides using the right material to cast them in. The UH-1B had a 44 ft main rotor blade with a 21 inch chord (thanks again Ray. The only UH-1B in my AO is on a water survival training tower that is off limits). My understanding is the backdate set scaled to 25 inch chord since Chris based his off the Seminar kit. Once it's in I'll check the OOB scale of the main rotors. To solve the resin issues I'll be using a Laminating resin from Smooth-On with added poly-fiber or glass in it for strength. It's an industrial strength resin used to create indestructible lightweight parts for composite applications.
  22. snake36bravo

    Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    Damn those disposable cameras of that time that had zero focus adjustment. If they were being flown by the squirrel nut zippers I'm disappointment they didn't go with the 4 blade quiet tail rotor. COTS since before 1987 thanks to the 'Quiet One'.
  23. snake36bravo

    Special Operations Hughes/MD500s - Not 160th SOAR!

    LD, I believe these are same same 81-23631 From Graham back in the day 23631 CFD International and likely as you stated a dedicated 160th test ship. It was at one time MH-6J 81-23631 ACC: 06/81 A CO. 160 SOA GP
  24. snake36bravo

    AH-1S MOD 0-15767 Walk Around

    Pictures are too large to post, 5312 x 2988, but this is an original AH-1G that got the AH-1S Mod. If anyone wants more images, weapons stores - Hellfire, Stinger, TOW, 19 shot pod, tail fin, etc. just message me. I can go back to get more. I ran out of time and was not able to complete the walk around however this is really a gem. http://feldzeitung.blogspot.com/2018/09/blog-post.html
  25. snake36bravo

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    11Bee, I did some digging. I was certain they utilized some type of NVG capability on the Son Tay Raid. Negative. It wasn't until Dec 1972!! that they utilized something called LNRS - Limited Night Rescue System and that just consisted of Doppler radar and TF/TA Terrain Following Terrain Avoidance Radar. TACAN was added as well for navigation. Meanwhile the US Army had already been successfully fielding Starlight scopes, IR Illuminators(searchlights with both Infra-red and white light capabilities), Direct View devices, FLIR, Low Light Television (LLTV) and monitors which were early MFD- Multi-functional displays since the mid 60s up. You know, basically everything that went into the AH-64 and became standard in Army Aviation. Somehow the Air Force uppers couldn't manage to get their act together with the early Pave Hawk and Pave Imp programs. Of the 2 built for this with all the bells and whistles I mentioned, 1 was destroyed and the other cancelled. Pave Low came later BUT like you said it's a testament to the bowling balls on these men who flew this mission profile night or day anyway. Meanwhile here's a few more period Vietnam images showing the dark gull gray flat black trimming. Note the rear bulkhead is dark gull gray Rotors forever!