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  1. Here's an article that better explains the bi-directional RF and IDM data link IO between the operator and missile and yes, the IDF are active with this system on their AH-64 https://theaviationist.com/2017/07/26/photos-of-ah-64d-apache-armed-with-spike-missiles-proves-that-the-weapon-is-operational-for-the-israeli-attack-helicopters/
  2. N number over in the UK or more likely Germany long ago smiling for the birdie
  3. Guess right eye dominant shooters were happy but those lefties just had to suck on hind teet huh? Weird the small things that stick out when you're a shooter. Then again they were introduced to the regiment in 1991 and like anything else you gotta crawl before you can walk. The first issue of the PS-390 didnt have a back plate.
  4. If you're talking about the 1/48 Monogram/Revell Huey line to convert those old kits to a Charlie you'll need the resin set from Lone Star Models. LSM purchased Cobra Company's molds. Very good pours too from LSM. I did not see any LSM offerings on the48ers.com likely because Lone Star Models has it on their site for direct order from Sugar Land, TX. If you've got the correct sync elevators and just need a correct cambered tail fin I have an extra I can send you. Ilias, in case I'm wrong and you had it the kit numbers are below Monogram PA-152 Rescue Chopper Monogram/Matel 6810 Rescue Chopper Monogram 6809 Huey Chopper Monogram 5201 Huey Hog Monogram 5202 Huey Chopper Monogram 6906 Huey Hog Monogram 6039 Rambo Attack Set Monogram 5201-0201 Huey Hog Monogram 85-5201 Huey Hog Revell 04476 Bell UH-1 "Huey Hog" Revell 64476 Bell UH-1 "Huey Hog" Revell 85-5201 Huey Hog EDIT: LSM does not appear to have anything available and he is temporarily not taking any order due to personal needs. Best of luck to Mike. Hope all is well with him.
  5. Great build. Love the no slip/no skid floor detail. Came out exceptional as the rest of the build is looking.
  6. Ive got quite a few I've picked up from Tonya over the years. I'm not sure where she gets her immense amount of focused material but she's one of the few that offers some very consistent and rare imagery as photos or 35mm slides. I recognize some of the others as reprints from VHPA and unit websites.
  7. NASA/ESA & Roscosmos Shashlik!!,Blini, Pelmini, Borscht, Khinkali, etc no Ikra =( but Vodka? Da mnogo! Also avoiding sabaka and babushka. About the same when they bite! 😃
  8. Keep after it and you'll get it I'm certain! All it takes it sticking with it. Hopefully you wont rip out all your hair in the process I use MAYA, GMAX, ModelConverterX, 3D_Converter, and FSDS but for other reasons, 'flyable' gunships in-simulator and static .mdl files. Maya works great for .OBJ files and 3d printing. . Negative, no front sight posts on the door guns for Miss Mini. I was correcting my wording from earlier. Every 5th round on a belt of 7.62 for the M60 is a tracer round. I had to print screen like mad just to catch that tracer leaving the barrel to get that image. Just sharing some interesting facts. No need to change what your doing. Rock on! The CorelDRAW CDR file did not post. I have CorelDRAW 11 if you need any assistance. For some unknown reason I confused you with Bravo 6's sculptor Vladimir Demchenko. He lives on Rostov-on-Don. Stay frosty, ie stay cool, on the Don because Ive spent winter in Moscow.
  9. You're welcome Alex. Always glad to help. Correct, no top cover to the crate as seen in the image where the gunner is removing the M60A from the Pintle mount off the Sagami arm. Also, remove the ropes to carry the crate as pictured on Miss Mini Correction to my earlier statement: Shaving is not the right term for no sight posts on the M-60 barrels. The terms used by door gunners of chopped and shaved refers to chopping down the barrel length and shaving the buttstock as seen here. A flat plate was also used instead of the buttstock. Sorry about that. 'Nam-Sense: One of the downsides to the Sagami mount was the limited ability to cover the gunship as it came out of a gun run when the door gunners would fire behind and under the gunship 'on the break' as seen here in this inflight demonstration by a 120th Assault Helicopter Company door gunner (image courtesy of 120th Razorback Gunships) And here in this screen grab I made long, long ago of a door gunner 'working out' Please share some more of your build pictures Alex. Especially any scratch work or decal design. Stay frosty on the Don.
  10. Well you're in luck here as well. Door gunners just used a standard M-67 Frag grenade ammo box Very common sight among all aviation units. (Ignore the grenade pictured. An overzealous Pogue decided a Mark II pineapple grenade would do despite the box nomenclature) Outside dimensions: 19 1/2" Length x 11 1/2" Wide x 11 1/2" High Interior dimensions: (a bit smaller) 16 1/4" Length x 10" Wide x 9" High This field expedient method of carrying more ammo was stepped up to the M-5 40mm grenade ammo can later on with the Charlie and Mike model that had a stronger engine but for what you're modeling on Miss Mini you've got what you need. Verlinden and some others offer the Vietnam ammo crates including the grenade ammo crate in 1:35 if you don't want to scratch build it. Best of luck including that pesky Chinese 3D printer. Snake~
  11. Upturned Exhaust System http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/227008-uh-60m-upturned-exhaust-system/
  12. No need for apology Alexandre. You are right on. These were mounted in fixed wing aircraft as well including the C-47 but I was worried someone would get confused by your image of the tail dragger.
  13. This is mounted in a fixed wing aircraft in this image, not a helicopter.
  14. Hi Denis, Welcome to Arc as a new member. No the speaker box was not mounted to the skids for good reason. Remember that skids spread on lift off and landing. You would flex the entire assembly if you hard mounted them to the skids. If they were attached to anything else you would also flex that as well and if it's the hardpoints your talking about airframe damage. Here is a better image of a 118th AHC PysOps ship. UH-1B 62-2044 'Red Tail 5' of 1st Flight Platoon from Ralph B Young's unfinished series Army Aviation in Vietnam, Volume Two 1963-1966. Clearly shows these were not skid mounted. Also, on one side only which must've been fun for the pilots trying to keep trimmed in the days long before force trim was an option. What a drag! You are correct that the fabricated speaker box was attached to the universal mount. Typically a strap was also run to a floor mount or cabin mount point in case of breakaway it would not be drawn up into the rotors or strike the tail.
  15. On the UH-1D/H yes. Like I said, interior chromate on access panels on the gunships were different. In case you don't know this green and yellow chromate primer are for different types of metals or materials. For most it modelers it doesn't matter. Rivet counters will always be anal retentive. You can just go with FS 34151 which is NSN 8010-00-899-8825 Zinc Chromate Metal Primer, Green or FS 33481 which is NSN 8010-00-297-0593 Zinc Chromate Metal Primer, Yellow as directed for use in AVIATION UNIT AND INTERMEDIATE MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS ARMY MODEL UH-1H/V/EH-1H/X HELICOPTERS. Because why not baker act yourself in the process of building your model
  16. Glad to help. The first thing to know is that the color was a mix of Zinc Chromate Green and Zinc Chromate yellow on the engine interior of D/H model unlike the inside panels on B/C/M UH-1. To illustrate this here are the best images I can provide. Unfortunately most images I have in the archive for engine maintenance on slicks in Vietnam are either taken at ground level or looking up at crew. So this dynamic rollover crash that occurred in Vietnam with the 192nd AHC is the best I can offer to show the deck and other details. Illustration of the color differences. Standard zinc chromate green interior panels and details on a short body UH-1B/C. (Image courtesy USAAM) Unpainted Zinc Chromate green door on a UH-1D/H. CW2 Roger 'Woody' Mitchell (image, 192nd AHC) Zinc chromate yellow and green mix. (image, 192nd AHC) If you look at this image below you can see one of the arms on the harmonic balancer (Stabilizar bar) is unpainted zinc chromate green whereas the interior engine panels are zinc chromate yellow. (image, 192nd AHC) The silver oil reservoir is attached to a plate that is zinc chromate green but you can see the interior areas that are zinc chromate yellow. Note the dividers between the engine, the air inlet, transmission, and exhaust are zinc chromate green. The deck itself is painted the color of the AC. This particular UH-1H is post-vietnam but is the best example of the mix seen on the interior engine area.
  17. Per Rotorwash (Ray Wilhite) and Floyd Werner who helped Kitty Hawk with this even though KH didn't listen to him or Floyd on certain things with this kit: "the bottom of the swash plate should be 5mm from the top of the bulkhead." and Floyd as mentioned on his build "The biggest issue with the kit is the lack of mounting tabs for the transmission. If you build it like I did by adding the engine then mounting the transmission deck level with the bottom of the engine front you’ll be fine. " http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/299274-kitty-hawk-148th-scale-uh-1d-online-build/ Floyd's build and review http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/features/uh1d48fw_1.htm
  18. Wish that screen grab was clearer. Correct as the improved particle separator appeared before the UH-1C and was an improvement over the standard Bell mouth intake. Here is a 35mm slide in my collection showing a UH-1B with the improved particle separator only. This example also has the early FM antennae on the nose still but is in the subdued paint scheme versus the high visibility markings.
  19. Here are some great images. The below is Vietnam era. https://militaryantiquesmuseum.com/uvf0006-vietnam-war-era-us-m60-barrel-and-bipod.27992.htm My father did. I grew up Vietnam. I went into the Army myself during the 1st Gulf War and served from 1992 until 2001. I'm on the lower right with the Pig. Sorry for the low-res.
  20. You have the sling attachment points correct including the forearm assembly attachment point. (Technical bulletin: In 1967 parts modification: the buttstock and forearm assembly changed from sling swivels on the bottom (like a rifle) to on the top of the buttstock and on the left side of the forearm assembly (swivel and tab at 90 degrees). Also changed barrel lock lever to a design to better prevent accidental opening. In 1970 parts modification of the swivel & tab on forearm assembly were turned to 45 degree angle, introduction of the long sling hanger, and another new safety lever.) Your pintle mount attachment is not correct though and the forearm assembly is not pinned this way for the mount to work. On the underside of the M60 Forearm Assembly there is a small block hole where the mount plate affixes and snaps securely into place but only after some bad words because it's always fun to snap on and off. Not. You can see the square hole indicated by red arrow on the underside: Sagami mount image request; hopefully these will help. I missed out on buying these. It was them, a Huey gunship restoration or my marriage. Still married. Still no Huey. Click these, should open, right click-view image. Should give you a huge picture hosted on my lame-O blog.
  21. Bell Helicopter was run out of Army Aviation. I would not place my money on them being selected in the top two and that is just a fact. Boeing and Lockheed Martin Sikorski will be the 2 finalists, as usual. It was only last year two Bell test pilots were killed in one of their prototypes. Bell also let over 1,500 employees go recently and they continue the same lineage of rotorcraft without vision. Speed? Range? Lockheed holds that record if I remember right. The Air Force will never let them load those 'wings' with weapons stores because the Zoomies own CAS so they are just a gimmick and strangely, yet another throwback to the Lockheed Cheyenne. It's a sad entry and yes, far too reminiscent of the RAH-66 profile which I was around to watch them kill and cannibalize followed by our program on the 58 side of the house. A lot of Bothans died to bring us those plans ;) Again, no vision design department. And I love Bell Helicopter so that hurts to say.
  22. Also from my PDF dump - Rotorwash went down this path before you. "Below are M-60A's from five different kits. From bottom to top: Seminar UH-1B kit, MRC/Academy UH-1C kit, Italeri Modern US Weapons set, Dragon Vietnam weapons set, and Dragon Vietnam Helicopter crew set. To me this is a no brainer, DRAGON MAKES THE BEST PLASTIC 1/35 M-60A's. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong " I like your idea of the open feed tray cover.
  23. Alex, Images courtesy USAAM via Rotorwash. These will also help you. Early 'linker' motor and tray but you see how the belt is fed to the drive.
  24. Alex, You have the correct setup! Note the Miss Mini image shows one feed belt because it was armed with the M134 miniguns while the 2nd image is from a Diamondhead gunship that was setup with M16 subsystem, basically quad-60s. You don't have to redo anything and it's right where it needs to be. The booster motors at the ends of each tray are supposed to be for your build of Miss Mini. Top notch. The M16 system uses slightly taller trays and the booster motor isn't attached to the tray like the M21 system. Glad to help. Otherwise I've wasted my life since the only other person in my life who shares my passion is my father and he's 76 this year. Once he's gone this will be my only outlet. Maybe this will help as well since you'll need to build the Sagami mount and Pintle. I used this for a 3D build I did of a UH-1C for Flight Simulator. I had to isolate the image so it's handy.
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