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  1. In Progress, needs the engines and landing gear added. Built out of the box. Aftermarket decals are from BSMODELLE dot com based in Ukraine, I've purchased multiple sheets and great communication and tracking of items sent. kit is a simple overall build Aurora mold, the thrust reverse engine detail and landing gear bay are void of any detail. but for classic kit re release and priced reasonable for the scale, using aftermarket decals makes this a enjoyable project. i'm doing the Pan American 727 that's partially in the photo. BSMOdelle produced them in 1/100 scale for me, really applicable scale for the 1/96 kits. I suggest two sets of identical decals for human error, any tears or hurdles applying decals were of my own doing trying to complete at a busy dinning room table. decal quality are excellent, VERY AFFORDABLE! the seller lists 1/100 727 and even upscaled PAN AM 747 decals for me to accomodate the Heller 1/125 747 kit. for cost effect enamel use, I used Krylone colors for metal based coat, white, and crystal clear coat finish. coroguard and any other paints are Testors enamels. Standard Testors tube glue and Squadron putty for assembly.
  2. test post, out of box build of the aurora 1/96 re-release kit with aftermarket decals https://iili.io/JezJLJ.jpg
  3. Testors Enamels, 3 shades of self mixed Olive Green to achieve the worn faded South Pacific War torn look. Highly Thinned testors gray/black in vertical streaks post shading to achieve cordite staining, and oil/grease streaks. Hull Red was scaled to faded brick by pre shading, post shading highly thinned white then overspray with the self mixed hull "brick" color scaled hull red. Note the clear windscreen was damaged in battle and the main mast according to my build research, but I chose to include the mast for this display, the aft gun deck is yet unpainted and the stern flag staff, and bridge spot light. I used the revell 1/72 kit as my paint mixing test bed. colors never look the same once applied to an actual surface, so i relied heavily on the revell closet queen as paint color matching tool. TESTORS ENAMELS, TESTORS TUBE GLUE, AZTEK Double action with standard 1/4 Compressor, no moisture trap or pressure guage. Testors Gloss and Dullcoat applications for final steps. The drooping flag was done by knowing gloss coat has a melting effect if a decal is drenched loosely in gloss,,,i dont recommend this done by others, risky unless you have flags to spare to get your desired hanging cloth flag look.
  4. I must say there are very HIGH quality aftermarket on the web for airscoop resin for Luftwaffe and other kits,,Im hopeful for a some-day release of the corrected over-wing airscoops for Trumpeters HarrierII Plus kit,,Also I'm hopeful for 1/32 Low Vis USMC decal options someday for the Trumpeter 1/32 A-4M Skyhawk. Just commenting and hoping othes may know future release items for these If not..too bad, NICE KITS!!! Thanks in advance...
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