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  1. Like the new VFA-22! Not as much of a fan of the new 97.
  2. Yeah more SB!!! Happy anniversary too.
  3. Well the America, Jaguar, A-4, F-5F, S-3, F9F, and F-20 look excellent! :pray:
  4. Does anybody have anymore pics of thus skyhawk?
  5. Interesting never seen humvees like this, and it looks lightish red not pink.
  6. Sweet build, between this one and jensif-16`s we should have F/A-18F`s locked down.
  7. That is really amazing! :jaw-dropping:
  8. Does anyone know if just sets of mission markings preferably bombs are made?
  9. Does it still carry the same amount of fuel, because it looks like half the tank is marked with the white line sperating it from the front? :cheers:/>
  10. Brian those legacy bugs look fantastic, quick question on your super bug CAG sheet did VFA-11`s 85th anniversary CAG jet ever fly with the blue tank and nose art ripper head? :cheers:/>
  11. Just had 2 V-22s go over the house man are those things loud.
  12. Might get a legacy and a super done in VFA-94 and VFA-154 markings.
  13. Same to you Rightwinger. Hope to see you back soon.
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