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  1. ok, so an update after not posting here during the whole GB! I had to change up my goals for the build, but i'm gonna finish SOMETHING, dammit! I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's builds throughout this GB, and am really impressed that most of the members can build so quickly and to such a high quality. My bench time has been (and remains) inconsistent, so getting into a groove is a challenge. The F-15 got stuck back on the shelf after some assembly. The HB kit fits amazingly well, I closed up the air brake and wheel wells and you can't tell they were ever open. However, it's general detail
  2. just a few shots from the show (photobucket or the forum messes with the quality, it looks like...) the sun was in horrible position for the t-birds, but the effect is cool on a couple of the shots: I may post some more soon. All the best - joel
  3. Hi Steve, I'll absolutely get as detailed walkaround photos of those (and others) as possible. I'll send you a PM about them when I get them uploaded as well. - joel
  4. Hi all, as long as the weather holds out this weekend I should be visiting the McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst open house. The show doesn't seem as exciting as it has been previously, but I'm looking forward to it. If anyone requires any specific detail pics (cockpits/wheel wells/hardpoints/lights, etc) from the static displays or the like and I can (feasibly) get them, feel free to forward me any requests! I only have the standard 18-55mm lens, so I won't be able to do much long distance shooting, but finding specific enough pics of certain details can be a chore on the 'net, so hopefully I can help
  5. Now that is awesome, and what a different idea. Can't wait to see it finished
  6. I grew up in the late 80's-early 90's, and snap-tites definitely helped me get into the hobby. Good to see a bit of an added push from Revell. But my first exposure was through a few car kits and (can't believe i remember this) an F-14 (1/48 maybe? it came with photo etch, i recall) that my dad brought home. We never finished the kits, but they started me into the hobby. I really wanted to get back into it, in small part since the little time my dad & i actually spent building back then was really important to me. As far as growing the hobby for the next generation, it really has to come
  7. very cool! :thumbsup:/> can't wait to see the finished pics if you don't mind, would you be able to provide a bit of detail on how you cut the flaps and posed them in this scale? I have a pile of hornets in the stash, and definitely want them looking the part with the flaps down while parked, so I've been looking to see how other builders have accomplished this. Huge thanks in advance, and best of luck with the rest of the build! - joel
  8. Reuters, AP and BBC more often than not for me. Our (American) major news outlets are garbage anymore. this... FWIW, i think the detractors of Daily Show/Colbert look past the fact that it is entertainment first, but that it's not mindless entertainment. For my money Colbert and Stewart are entirely more beneficial to society than honey booboo or the duck hunter guys. But i won't be naive enough to think i'm doing any more than screaming at a brick wall by explaining that.
  9. I've absolutely loved the legacy hornets since I was about 8 years old, but the super bug hasn't done it for me until recently. The larger dimensions and especially those hideously large LERX are just not elegant looking at all. That said, oddly enough, the an F model has grown on me, probably with the improved profile due to the extra cockpit. Especially fully loaded they look pretty cool. Also, I've really been digging the F-4 lately. I was a little young to really appreciate it before, but fully loaded they look really tough. I REALLY want to get back to the bench and knock out some of my
  10. they can't shut up and focus on the show, and they cut away for commercial twice in the first 6 minutes. what a great idea, but what's the point!? (edit, so i don't seem wholly negative) thanks for the link, though!
  11. Huge thanks, Mike, looks like they used the same image on the box... When i get around to starting a hornet kit, i'll start a new thread. best of luck with the builds! - joel
  12. hey phantom, like all your builds this one's coming together quickly and impressively! don't want to drag this o/t, but just a quick question that relates to this WIP (and anyone else with experience/opinions, feel free to chime in!): unless i'm mistaken, this is the 1/72 hornet (hasegawa, as you noted). Are the flaps/slats separate on these kits? If you cut and drop them yourself, can you provide a quick rundown of the way you accomplish this? I have a handful of hornet kits, and i'll want to experiment with dropping the flaps. Obviously this is complicated by the angles of the flap cover,
  13. Not one of his best, but the kevin smith film 'jersey girl' was shot in town here, and parts were filmed in my high school (end auditorium scene, and more i believe. Only watched it once many years ago...lol). Only gets points from me for having g. carlin in it Interesting topic, btw
  14. 1/72 set has four, i picked one up a bit ago
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