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  1. Hi, I soldered the LEDs, each one is connected to two wires - white (-) and green (+). A 1K Ohm resistor was connected to the white wire, and all the connection were glued with transparent Epoxy glue. Next I'll need to glue the LEDs in their places. The LEDs: To be continued... Eran Reches.
  2. Hi, Thanks Manuel. Some progress has been made since the last update. Since the resin seats came without rails, I had to cut the rails from the kit's seats and glue them to the resin ones. You can see the rails and the rest of the cockpit parts in the image below: Uploaded with Cockpit parts after black Vallejo wash and detail painting: Ejection seats: All the parts together: Next step is adding LEDs behind the cockpit's MFDs. That's for now, Eran Reches.
  3. Hi, Started building the kit, not too much progress, so there isn't to much to explain. Cockpit parts ready for painting: Also Resin parts cut from their blocks: The intakes. The left is for experiments, the right is for the model: Front wheel bay assembled: That's for today, Eran Reches.
  4. Hi Rom, The model is very big so I think it won't be a problem to insert LEDs into is. I will try to insert most of the bulbs in the aircraft including Taxi lights and the cockpit MFDs. By the way, your Sufa is outstanding! Great build! Eran Reches.
  5. Hi, My new project is 1/32 Academy F-16I Sufa. I will use some AIRES resin sets, and I will also add lighting system to the model. The Kit: AIRES Wheel Bays: AIRES Ejection Seats: Wheeliant Whheels: Hope to begin the build soon, Eran Reches.
  6. Thanks guys, Does someone have any drawing/blueprint of the F-16I that shows the exact position of the lights? Eran.
  7. Thanks Mark, I have already saw that video, but I am not sure that all F-16s' lighting systems are identical (other model, block, etc.). Furthermore, I am quite sure that the lights can be in more than one status. So the question still remains. Eran.
  8. Hi guys, I have the Academy 1/32 F-16I Sufa and I am thinking about putting some electronics in it. As I don't know much about the F-16I lighting system, it would be great if someone can help me with this. I basically need to know the place and the frequency of each light. Thanks, Eran Reches.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know how to contact Academy since they don't have the "Contact Us" tab on their English site? Thanks, Eran.
  10. Hi guys, Thank you for your comments! Eran Reches.
  11. Hi guys, Thank you very much for your comments! As you asked: Like all Tamiya models, perfect fit, no use of putty - easy build. Yes, these are Vinyl tires. Have a nice day, Eran Reches.
  12. Hi, Thank you for your comment! The figures are 1/35 scale. Eran Reches.
  13. Hi everyone, I have recently finished painting two figures of Legend Production "Sniper Team" kit, and I have been thinking about making sort of a "Mini Diorama" for it. I need help finding a base that will fit to it. I thought about an eliptic base, or burnt wood base or something similar. I would like if you can help me with it. The Figures: Thanking you in advanced, Eran Reches.
  14. Hi everyone, My latest project, 1/4 Instrument Panel of the Messerschmitt Bf 110. This is the second edition of this model with some minor bugs fixed. The model is painted with Gunze acrylics. Enjoy! Hope you like it, Eran Reches.
  15. Hi everyone, I have recently finished Tamiya 1/35 JGSDF LAV. Painted with Vallejo acrylics, Wethearing with Vallejo and AK Interactive pigments and washes. Enjoy! Hope you like it! Eran Reches.
  16. Do you mean "Tamiya Weathering Master"? I don't familiar with the product you talk about, can you give me a link? Thanking you in advance, Eran Reches.
  17. Thanks guys! I found that Vallejo's pigments are hard to apply, they don't stick to the model as Mig's pigments. I read that to apply their pigments you need to use alcohol, but when I try it the pigment become a paint, so I think I will buy more Mig's pigments...
  18. Hi everyone, Here is my 1/35 AFV Club M1130 Stryker. I chose to built the CV (Command Vehicle) version. The model was painted with Vallejo Model Air acrylic. The dirt is made of Mig's and Vallejo's pigments. Here it is: :) Hope you'll enjoy it, Eran Reches.
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