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  1. Thank you all for your interest in the MWP metal coating technique As for the teaching of how to correctly perform the technique, I am trying to make a small but essential tutorial video that I will publish on my website. Meanwhile, you can find some excellent indications & samples on this page: https://www.adventurephotomodels.com/metal-work-panels/ another mwp model sample : Lockeed/Canadair CF 104G 417°SQN Cold Lake Alberta late 1970 - Italeri kit 1/32 scale model
  2. Tanks for the comment I've aprecieted very much . I entered an icorrect link and now correct it. Thank for the tip. George
  3. Hi to all I present to you my latest work carried out with the complete aluminum coating technique (self-adhesive tape) of the Mirage IIIc model based on the Italeri kit in 1/32 scale and performed with the MWP https://www.adventurephotomodels.com/metal-work-panels/technique: DATA SHEET kit: Italeri N. 2505 - Dassault Mirage IIIc - production 2013 - 1/32 aftermarket : Eduard BigEd Part I : Remove before Flight - interior -seatbelts
  4. Hi Steve I mistakenly opened a topic (MWP Project Mirage IIIc) in the wrong section of the Display Case (armor instead aircraft). What can I do? Do I have to repeat everything in the Aircraft models section? Thanks for the help and good day aquatarkus10 George

  5. this topic has been incorrectly posted in the wrong section and therefore been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience aquatarkus 10
  6. Hi to all I want to thank everyone for the attention and appreciation reserved for this work many greetings George
  7. Hi Sebastjian Thank you for your appreciation. I try to answer your questions: The exhausts were made in emulation VTC mechanism and can be positioned as the real ones. The nose is not absolutely Academy as incorrect. The cone has been supplied with the set of WindMark and that is correct Cy37. in the photo below, you can see the difference with the cone of QuickBoost for Su27b and the one next in clear resin of WindMark The closure of the parachute braking is not repositionable. many greetings George
  8. Hi to all I found a moment to prepare this small gallery on the set of conversion WindMark Su37F "Terminator" 1:48 Academy kit based I had to wait for the delivery of some accessories directly ordered in Ukraine. I refer in particular to the taw bar and the cover intakes. for more info & pics :My link Thank you for watching this work very good model at all. George
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