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  1. Thanks to all I am happy to have shared this work for the particular technique used in completely covering the model.
  2. Hi to all I propose this version of the Lockheed PV-1 Ventura completely covered in aluminum. (not historical) The model is that of the Revell / Monogram rather dated but has been accessorized with sets of Lone Star Models, Eduard PE, Brassin and Scale Aircraft Conversions. Finally I completely covered the model with the aluminum tape according to the MWP (Metal Work Panels) technique and this is the result:
  3. Hi midnight I did not want to ask you because I already imagined your observation but thanks anyway. Fortunately, they are small (and right) corrections that do not involve major changes and above all, because this is not the discussion dedicated to the Iroquois. Now I'm on the ground in convulsions 🤠😎! I'm kidding of course. Man,You are definitely named my personal helicopter consultant! George
  4. Hi Paul Once the panel is fixed, I simply use fine and ultrafine grain steel wool with weight '00 00' to remove small scratches, even involuntary marks that you can cause while working with the roller and I pass a bit of polish for metals (Iosso or Metaglan ) or abrasive paste (Arexon). MWP Procedure: aluminum tape w/film protection 1- We fix the panel, after having cloned it from the original, on a cutting mat 2 -We write on it all the information cloned from the original and, if necessary, w
  5. Quiet, absolutely not and again I thank you also because, actually I checked and it is as you have reported me. Fortunately, I have already made the changes on the Iroquois and now I am more comfortable. While this is not the discussion on the Huey, here is a little revised and corrected preview. I hope you can provide me with other indications. Cheers George
  6. Thanks for the comment and especially for the clarification. There is always something to learn and I'm happy when someone teaches me things I didn't know. George
  7. Hi to all, I would like to share this model produced in 1/35 scale several years ago (about twenty) by Dragon for the 'Nam' series and in which I have always been interested: Huges OH-6A Cayuse nicknamed 'Loach' omni companion of the Bell Huey UH 1 -D "Iroquois" (but also of all the other versions present in the South East Asian theater). The version chosen is the E TROOP, 1/9 Cav, 1st Cav. (AM) Lai Khe, Vietnam 1970 and this work is part of a larger project that is nearing completion: 'American Chopper': As anticipated, the project (which will be available shortly) and call
  8. Thank you for your comment and interest in this work and a technique used to make it. Surely the technique used to obtain the right oxidation / corrosion texture of aluminum, notoriously refractory to this process, is not simple but not impossible and now I will try to show you the path taken step by step to achieve this result: Procedura di ossidazione per " corrosione ": This is a very interesting procedure (at least personally) as with a few tricks and a lot of attention, it allows us to obtain a particular 'oxidized' texture useful for cont
  9. Hi to all, This is a very particular work performed on a very dated kit (Monogram 1980 reboxed) with all the panels in positive! The project involved the complete rewriting of the panels and all the information contained. The model was equipped with accessories of detail and improvement of the canopies (3) of the Lone Star Models, of the trolleys of the Scale Aircraft Conversions, of the exhausts Aires as well as of scratch building of parts such as a General Electric J79-GE-5A turbojet. The model in question was completely covered with self-adhesive aluminum tape treated, oxidized
  10. Hi to all Men, here is an owl that has finally spread its wings: this is the kit proposed a few years ago by the Great Wall Hobby in 1/48 scale. and some afttermarket: some shots from the wip: pit writing of the rivets gallery: Fw 189 A/2 (werk Nr. 2317, 5D + CH) Russia 1943 contextualization of the model:
  11. Hi to all Thanks very much for your wonderful comments and your time. George
  12. Hi to all I present the B-25 J Mitchell " The Strafer" by Hong Kong Models 1/32 in MPW (Metal Work Panels) version (real metal coated) this is the operating version chosen (optional): North American B-25 J Mitchell "Lady Lil" (correct nose for this version ) Hong Kong Models kit 1/32 scale model - version: 498thBs "Falcons", 345bth Bomber Group " Air Apaches" 5th AF in Philippines, May 1945: image posted for exclusive technical and historical reference The model was entirely covered with self-adhesive aluminum tap
  13. Thank you all for your interest in the MWP metal coating technique As for the teaching of how to correctly perform the technique, I am trying to make a small but essential tutorial video that I will publish on my website. Meanwhile, you can find some excellent indications & samples on this page: https://www.adventurephotomodels.com/metal-work-panels/ another mwp model sample : Lockeed/Canadair CF 104G 417°SQN Cold Lake Alberta late 1970 - Italeri kit 1/32 scale model
  14. Tanks for the comment I've aprecieted very much . I entered an icorrect link and now correct it. Thank for the tip. George
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