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  1. I just completed covering the forward section of the LM (about 135 panels) and then covering the entire ascent stage. The ascent stage has 271 parts so far and 289 for the descent stage however since there are quite a remaining few parts to install, the final number of parts for the ascent stage will be higher than the descent stage. Progress in pictures :
  2. Before applying all the panels to the forward section of my 1/48 LM I completed the rendezvous and main windows and installed the main hatch. CDR and rendezvous windows are provided by Rick Sternbach.
  3. I just finished to put all panels around the mid-section of my 1/48 lunar module. Quite a lot of parts to assemble. I didn't tell you before but at this time the descent stage has 289 parts (it will have a bit more whan the landing probes will be attached) and the ascent stage 123, of course it will have many more when I start the forward section and all details. Happy new year to all of you
  4. Carrying on with my 1/48 LM-6, I just completed fixing the various panels around the aft section. They were printed on paper with gloss varnish for the grey panels and satin varnish for the black ones. Before that, since the final model will be displayed on a rod and attached to the CSM, the first step was to 3D print a 6 mm diameter tube fitted inside the ascent stage.
  5. With the completed descent stage, here is a comparison between the 1/32 model I did a few years ago and the 1/48 one.
  6. The descent stage is now complete, I just installed the plume deflectors and the RTG cask.
  7. No problem with fixing the double sided tape, I didn't need to cut small strips since I used 2mm wide tape such as https://tinyurl.com/rxaxp7h The problem however is that the tape does not adhere very well to 3D nylon of Shapeways so in most cases I used superglue putting just a few drops here and there to keep the wrinkle effect. For the porch I was very lucky this question was recently asked on the forum because I thought all LM were the same. The timing for this question was just perfect with my build.
  8. The egress platform is now fixed on my 1/48 lunar module. I found interesting to compare the 1/24, 1/32 and 1/48 models. 1/24 and 1/32 are LM-5, 1/48 is LM-6 which explains the change in color 1/24 1/32 1/48
  9. I never realized the egress platform had a different color starting with LM-6. It is great I have the information just before painted my Apollo 12 porch.
  10. The landing pads are now complete Construction details here : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-48-LM/index.html
  11. This is how I painted mine 1/24 model 1/32 model along with an old 1/48 Revell model
  12. Thanks for your words Pete, don't worry I am building the CSM as well. So far the page si only for the LM I designed but the CSM will be added later. It will be the Realspace CSM that I bought years ago. The LM is not as detailled as the 1/32 simply because there are limitations with printers but these limitations are less stringent than injection molds so it will be more detailled I hope that any other 1/48 LM. Anyway all the details present on the 1/32 are also present on the 1/48. I was asked on Facebook recently whether I knew there were 1/48 LM kits. Of course I do but I replied that this kit does not require any augmentation part to make it accurate. I expect it to look about the same as my 1/32. So far it has worked that way. Herebelow is the current state of the model (1/48 with the MESA and 1/32 without the MESA). You can note the LM-SLA umbilical connector is thinner in the 1/32 version. I am also counting the number of parts on this model, one specific blanket being one part. At this stage the model has 134 parts and I expect at least a 100 more before I complete the descent stage. I also counted recently for a potential client the number of parts for the ascent stage without interior. It will be about 340.
  13. Last details before working on the landing gears The propellant drains and the descent engine are fixed on the underside of the descent stage. The landing radar and its heat shield are fixed on the descent stage underside The helium vents are fixed onto the main body of the descent stage. They can be replaced by 0.75 mm styrene rods and are about 1.5 mm long (don't forget to add an extra 1 mm to fit into the main body holes) The landing gear uplocks are now fixed onto the descent stage The complete build is available here : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-48-LM/index.html
  14. I just bought the famemaster 4D vision model that I plan to build after my 1/48 LM-CSM along with an LUT . My goal is to create augmentation details either available on Shapeways or Thingiverse but this will be for the near future I hope, not today.
  15. No I haven't but I thing it is in the order of 0.1 mm.
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