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  1. 1/32 Apollo CSM

    Continuing to design the 1/32 CM interior. I finished and ordered the main panels and couches. The parachute section is also complete and available on Shapeways and the windows and hatch details are currently being designed, I hope to complete the interior by the end of the month. Here are a few pictures of the main panels that replaces the entire panel section of the model. Shapeways shop
  2. 1/32 Apollo CSM

    Hello, I am currently working on completely new panel displays for the 1/32 Monogram Apollo CSM. I just completed all displays and the astronaut couches and will continue with the tunnel, hatch and windows. These last parts will be less expensive simply because there are smaller. The displays come in 2 variants whether you want to keep the cutaway version or you want a complete display and no transparent CM. The intermediate space is a part you haev to add between the capsule and the heat shield to correct some dimension of the model. Until to-morrow there is a 10% reduction and no shipping from shapeways, so if you are interested the parts are here : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels?section=1%2F32+Apollo+Command+Module&s=0
  3. Soyuz MS

    Hello, I just completed today the instruction page for building a model of the latest Soyuz MS model. This model is currently available on Shapeways for the 1/50, 1/48 and 1/32 scales. I recently had a request for a 1/72 model which should be available later. Hope you will like it and I will see new Soyuz MS models being built. Instruction page : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/Soyuz-MS/index.html Shapeways shop : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels (scroll down to the bottom of the page to have access to the 1/, 1/48 or 1/32 Soyuz pages
  4. LF the moon rover kit

    The model shown on the link was made by Pascal Hecker in the Netherland, it is a 1/6 model, some parts were scratch built and others I designed for Pascal. I designed all parts in the spacemodeler web site that is metionned a couple of post earlier. I have a complete LRV at 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 and various parts at 1/16, 1/12, 1/10 and 1/6 : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels Vincent
  5. Soyuz MS

    I have corrected the text and as far as I am concerned I can see the pictures. I hope you can see them now
  6. Soyuz MS

    I just finished 2 models of the Soyuz MS, the last version of the Soyuz spacecraft. It was originally an order for a 1/50 model for the local space museum in Toulouse. I designed it in 3D at 1/50 and 1/32. Both models are identical axcept the 1/32 is a bit more detailled of course. I am currently working on the building instructions on my web site and some minor modifications to the 3D file following the built. This model will be available at 1/50, 1/48 and 1/32 probably by the end of the month.
  7. 1/32 lunar module

    I had the idea of filming and putting on tube the assembly of a model. I will probably do it for the next model for which I just uploaded the first parts on Shapeways, it will be the 1/48, 1/50 and 1/32 Soyuz MS spacecraft. Vincent
  8. 1/10 lunar rover

    Hello, A space modeler colleague recently asked me to create in 3D the LRV platforms for the 1/6 scale. Upscaling my 1/32 parts was possible but would have reduced the level of details. I then decided to rework the parts at 1/10 to go along my 1/10 Lunokhod and then to upscale it at 1/6, keeping the best level of details. All parts are available on Shapeways. - 1/10 parts : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels?sort=name§ion=1%2F10+Lunar+Rover&s=0 - 1/6 parts : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels?sort=name§ion=1%2F06+Lunar+Rover&s=0 The lunar rover along the 1/32 Monogram CM Vincent http://spacemodels.nuxit.net
  9. 1/32 lunar module

    Hello, I just received a mail from a fellow space modeler asking me if I could propose my 1/32 LM parts in Black or Orange Strong & Flexible since you can save 15% off the price today until midnight Pacific Time. You have to enter the code SPOOKY to get that special price. Black strong and flexible is similar to the white one but orange is polished. I would advice for most parts black since the polished version is difficult on more precise parts (the price is the same anyway). I also noted the BSW is a bit more expensive than the WSF and the 15% becomes interesting for large parts and combos making the final price lower. For small parts it is better to keep SWF . Modifying all parts takes quite a long time. If you want something special tell me the reference of the part and I will try to fix the material today. Shapeways store : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels Web site for the construction of the model : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32 LM/index.htm Vincent
  10. Hello, For cones I have a short tips & Tricks section on my web site that explain how to develop a cone : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/tips.htm There is also a simple program called Siatki which develop cones. You just have to print the result : http://gremirmodels.com/downloads.htm Vincent
  11. 1/32 lunar module

    Hello, As the 47th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon is approaching. I just completed combining various parts into only a few articles in order to reduce the price. If you go to the main page of my 3D LM model ( http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32%20LM/index.htm'>http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32%20LM/index.htm ) the links to the various pages will bring you to the items you need to build the model you want from Apollo 5 to Apollo 17. Combining the parts greatly reduces the price for Frosted Ultra Detail plastic as you pay $5 handling fee for each separate part. It is still possible to buy individual parts in case you break or loose some. To give you an estimate and a comparison between individual parts and combined parts, this is below what it would cost. Depending on the configuration you want this may vary : Individual parts for Apollo 11, no interior : $ 451 Combined parts for Apollo 11, no interior : $ 390 Individual parts for Apollo 11, with interior : $ 808 Combined parts for Apollo 11, with interior : $ 581 Individual parts for Apollo 17, no interior : $ 657 Combined parts for Apollo ,17, no interior : $ 502 Individual parts for Apollo 17, with interior : $ 1016 Combined parts for Apollo 17, with interior : $ 695 Individual parts for LRV-1, Apollo 15 : $ 202 Combined parts for LRV-1, Apollo 15 : $ 84 Individual parts for LRV-3, Apollo 17 : $ 211 Combined parts for LRV-3, Apollo 17 : $ 101 -- Cordialement/Sincerely Vincent Meens http://spacemodels.nuxit.net
  12. 1/32 lunar module

    Hello, It's the start of the sales for the 1/32 LM. I just completed combining parts for all H series LM with or without the interior. The price is really going down for Frosted Ultra Detail parts. I built the LM-5 by buying all part separately, the final cost without postage is 899.06 € (I paid more actually since I bought the parts along the construction time so I had to pay postage (about 10 €) several times. If you buy the entire LM-5 with interior using the combos the price is now 621.32 €, that a 30% sales or you save almost 278 €. I still need to go back to work and do the same for the J series descent stage and the LRV. For each part part of the LM (only the H series descent stage and the ascent stage today) you will find links to these coboms at the beginning of the page. 1/32 LM : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32%20LM/index.htm
  13. 1/32 lunar module

    Hello, I just completed the combination of different parts for a 1/32 LM with no interior. At this stage it is only available for the Class B (Apollo 5), Class D (Apollo 9); Class F (Apollo 10), Class G (Apollo 11) and Class H (Apollo 12 to 14) missions. Then will come the interior of the ascent stage, the Class J descent stage and the LRV. If you go to my web page ( http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32%20LM/index.htm'>http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32%20LM/index.htm ) you will find links to these combo under the Lunar module Descsnt Stage (G & H missions) page and the Lunar Module Ascent Stage page. I still keep the possibility to order parts individually, however ordering a combo greatly reduces the price for the Frosted Ultra Detail parts (the price remains almost identical for the White Strong and Flexible parts). For instance if you want to model the Apollo 11 LM at the moment of Neil Armstrong first step, buying the part individually will cost you about € 510, buying the combos will cost you about € 420. I also added new parts such as the ALSEP compartment for the Apollo 5 and 9 LMs or the Scimitar antennas of Apollo 5 and 9. -- Cordialement/Sincerely Vincent Meens http://spacemodels.nuxit.net
  14. 1/32 lunar module

    I am very happy to inform you that I finally completed all parts of a 1/32 and 1/24 printed LRV model. This goes with my 1/32 and 1/24 printed model of the lunar module. Originally I only designed the LRV in the early phase of deployment but I received several emails asking me whether I would design the remaining parts such as the rear pallet, TV camera or HGA. In the meantime I worked hard for Pascal Hecker on his 1/6 LRV and I manage to use the work in designing the remaining 1/32 parts. All parts are now available on Shapeways in the 1/32 and 1/24 LRV stores and instructions and links to the parts are also available on my web site. This really completes my work on designing a 1/32 lunar module for almost every mission (to be honest I still need to design the scimitar antenna and the ALSEP quadrant for Apollo 9 although this particular mission is less in demand). Link to my web site for the LRV instructions (click on the image to see the instructions) : http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32%20LM/Descent%20stage%20J.htm#Step%2011 Link to my 1/32 LRV store : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels?section=1%2F32+Lunar+Rover&s=0 Vincent
  15. 1/32 lunar module

    Here are the latest images of my 1/32 which I finally completed : The various vents around the forward section are then installed The EVA handrail is made of 0.25 x 1 mm / 0.01 x 0.04 in stryrene strip. The upper fixture is made of 0.75 mm / 0.03 in styrene round rod. The last items to be assembled are the RCS thrusters Finally a complete model with still some work to do like the lunar base and the astronauts. The idea is to fix a pole on the lunar base to which the 1/32 CSM will be attached. This should be finished by July 2019 I hope All instructions to build this model can be found on my web site. A final 3D design will be the HGA for the LRV, I have already done it at 1/6 for Pascal Hecker and I am downscaling it and simplifying it for 1/32. To answer to Ret I coat the paper before installation and not after, cut the various pieces, wrinkle them a bit and attach them with some drops of super glue. The model is highly detailed and comparing picture of my 1/24 LM and this one, the 1/32 is in some areas more detailled than the 1/24, specally the interior where some corrugated parts for instance were difficult to scratchbuild at 1/24 and so easy to print at 1/32.