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  1. Let me start by saying great sheet, with great options. I love the C-130 sheets you have done in the past (Guard Herks is awesome), and look forward to planned and future C-130 sheets. I did notice something on this sheet for the 23rd Wing aircraft: decal 23 the ACC tail badge has Tactical Air Command in the scroll. As Air Combat Command was formed in 1992, and all C-130's were in ACC at the time. Is this an error? I have checked my references and have not found any 23rd Wing C-130's with TAC badges. Best regards-
  2. I have that CD, it only has 5 WC-130's 2 E model and 3 H model pictures, that are taken on the ramp, exteriors only. Cheers-
  3. The J model Fat Albert does not have the JATO brackets on the air deflector doors. As for the aircraft previous to the J model, I assume your talking about the T models (H2 models for Air Force types), the last aircraft would not have them, since it was built in 1990's, earlier aircraft definitely did. The F models (B models) were built in the 57-62 time frame and all C-130's had them back then. There was a JATO delete that was around the late 2000's which replaced or had new panels for the air deflector doors. Of course this all depends on the serial number, and Lockheed manufacturing numbe
  4. 39th had a red tailband, which tail number are you doing? I thought Draw decal might have them. The only Dyess bird decals for the 39th I know of are in the 1/200th Hasegawa kit and Vince Maddox decals in 1/48th. Of course depending on time frame you could use the DY tail code, or even the Texas Flag tail band. You could also check with Steve Eggers ( if I recall did a 40th bird in 72nd), and I think he made the decals. I remember seeing a sheet some where in the forms with a bunch of Dyess tailbands in various scales, sorry I cant think of which part of the forums but most likely props or
  5. Just saw this, thankfully no fatalities. http://www.c-130.net/c-130-news-article620.html
  6. Sure thing, glad I could help.
  7. My bad, miss read your post.. Oz Mods does J model props, as does Brengun ,( molds were from Arma Hobby/ Attack quadron) both of which are very good. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brengun-Models-1-72-LOCKHEED-C-130J-HERCULES-ENGINES-SET-Resin-Set/362672400897?hash=item5470f5aa01:g:y9UAAOSwLmhc-zR9 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ozmods-1-72-C-130J-Hercules-Engine-Nacelle-Correction-set-for-Italeri-kit/303487744728?hash=item46a9477ad8:g:feEAAOSwZyJdWInl
  8. It does take a while, my last order was on April 2nd, and is showing an estimated delivery of yesterday...but that didn't happen. I expect it will be here in the next couple of days. Seller does provide tracking information though. I would say around 2 months, with the current situation, previous orders only took 3-4 weeks. Hope this helps.
  9. Try eBay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-48-C-130H-engines-upgraded-NP2000-props-resin-set-by-Bring-it-MLH-485/324057524604?hash=item4b7355697c:g:MK4AAOSwpz9eSCzH They also make a 1/72 scale set. I have several of their C-130 products, and they are top notch.
  10. Jake- Outstanding Phantom!!! I thopught you might go with the 89TFS markings. Absolutely outstanding work sir
  11. The C-27J is in the paint barn, should be out next week. Once I have some pics I will get thm posted.
  12. Very nice herc build there! I always love seeing built Herc kits. I am currently working on a few myself. Since we are on the critique corner, the only thing I can see is that Baltimore never flew the H model, they flew the B E and J models, and are converting to the C-27J.
  13. SIG- Great photos by the way, everyone at the unit loves them. Jake- Yeah can't wait to get you up here to shoot them, once they're painted. There have been some issue with the planes, and that has delayed them, but I heard yesterday they are going with the new tail flash! The rest of markings should be close to what I sent you. actually had 6 C-27'S on the apron the other day, only 4 are ours, but hey they are all here finally! I'll get more info out as I can.
  14. If there is anything else I can help with let me know, it is kind of confusing right now, with Army markings still on the aircraft. They should be painted very soon with the Air Force ANG markings.
  15. The C-27J tail #27012 is owned by the 179AW/164AS, the first US operators of the C-27J. aircraft has not had the ARMY markings changed yet. The Air Force took full control of the C-27J program in october. Still called JCA progam, but now completely Air Force ANG.
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