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  1. Hi all. I build this model about one year ago. Italeri kit and 1/48 scale. Box number 2690. I didnt use any detail set as extra, because this kit include some photo etched detail set for cockpit especially. It has detailed engine but i didnt use. All colors from Vallejo. As you know, most enjoyfull modelling phase is painting and weathering.Thats why i couldnt stop myself especially during weathering. And result is a Stuka looks like very big oil leakage in the engine. Probably this plane cant fly again :lol:/>/> Here you are photos
  2. Thank you all for nice answers and ideas friends, Superheat, thank you also for nice detailed photos.
  3. Hello Where can i buy " V shaped windscreen " for 1/48 scale F-86. I know that Cutting Edge was producing this but i cant find. Thanks
  4. Continue to painting, Faded look was made by using very diluted white color. A coat of Tamiya Clear X-22, decals and again a coat of X-22. And then weathering with various colour of acrylics. Thats all. Complete Model Byee
  5. Masking with Tamiya tape. Vallejo Grey Primer was applied as a base coat. As a pre-shading i used very diluted dark grey paint over and over. Camouflage with Vallejo Acrylics.
  6. CA glue was used only to fill some gaps, sanded, rescribed and polished.
  7. Paint. I used Vallejo only. Wash also made with very diluted Vallejo paint mixing. And fit to their place. I used mainly Uhu Tac for fitting because very firm and harmless for painted parts. rest just few glue to unseen area ofcourse CA glue. Ready to assemble.
  8. Base of gun area, intake duct bypass door, gun gas vent doors, intergar and upper steps.Built with same evergreen and stretched sprue. I reopened all gauge in the cockpit, i added some switches from different diameter of stretched sprue and a lot of them to the seat.I didnt change side cockpit panel coming from the kit. I cut flaps to make it down position. Slats are easy. Kit gives slats separate so no need cut. Landing gear area.I used mainly soft lead wire and different type of power cable.Some tamiya tape for detail and also it is very easy hold all wire to proper position.
  9. I have built this model about 7 months ago. It took approximately 2 months beside the my job. Model is new released Academy, box number 12434 special edition.I think new mold, very good detail and almost no fitting problem. It was very enjoyfull to build this kit.Because no problem as i told before. Especially canopy fits very well. Thats why i decided to make some scratch build to this easy kit according to referance. No detail and decal set was used. All from box and scratch build. First some finished kit photos and link Complete Model First i cut the gun bay doors,sanded and
  10. Yes. Decals are came in the kit. I didnt use extra decal.
  11. I think it is old generation Hasegawa model in a new box. I used a lot of putty and sand paper as ı told. Especially canopy and exhaust area and you should work hard landing gear bay also. Anyhow it is a Prowler, to make it enjoyfull.
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