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  1. Thanks for the communication and fast shipping. Looks like a wonderful kit. Much appriciated!
  2. I found some on a few online websites but this is more of a practice build (my first airliner and first model in a while) I was hoping someone had some laying around they would let got of for cheap.
  3. LF: Concorde decals to fit the 1.125 scale Heller kit. Pulled back off the shelf of doom and I have lost the decal sheet.
  4. How was the kit? Looks like it went well. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Looks great, especially the oil and exhaust weathering and tail mod! Like a Reno air racer with guns. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thank you for building this and sharing. Looks awesome. Such a mean looking beast. Wonder what it could have done in a Reno Air race! FYI, your link for the completed model just takes me to create a new thread in the display case forum.
  7. Please post the finished model, I have not seen one built before. Also, if anyone is wondering why this is in Jet Modeling the I-250 was a mixed propulsion design that encountered a lot of development issues and by the time it entered production the Mig-15 was making test flights, so the project was cancelled.
  8. In the Gordon "OKB Mikoyan" book, there is a 3 view drawing of the production I-250 (Mig-13) and it show the mast originates from the canopy framing on top of the canopy that runs side to side where it meets the framing running front to rear. Hope that makes sense. Also, there is a note in "Early Mig Fighters in Action" that states the mast is raked forward and to starboard.
  9. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/261992-kittyhawk-148-mig-25/&page=2 Scroll down to RedStar's post there is a picture of 56 Blue
  10. According to my Yefim Gordon Mig 29 reference, the IRIAF's initial order of Mig 29s became operational on 7 October 1990. These were 9.12B standard, and unofficially a "few dozen" were delivered. It also notes that Iran retained nine ex-Iraqi Migs flown to Iran during the Gulf War. The book states the Iraqi machines were also 9.12b standard. How this correlates to the 9.12 version GWH Hobby kits I am not sure. I have read that the "early type" kit has parts to build both the early and late type 9.12 version.
  11. I'm no F-104 expert but this does not quite seem authentic to me. I took these photos at the Chanute Museum. I'd be interested if this resto is actually accurate.
  12. Nice! The Eagle looks fantastic
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