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  1. Hey mate , I have found a replacement :) thanks a lot anyway ! Really appreciate it , Matty
  2. Hey Guys, i am in desperate need of a 1/32nd A-7E corsair front windscreen, i have just accidentally broken mine, and i am in desperate need as i am entering the corsair in a model comp on the 7 of September, how would i go about getting a new one? any help would be appreciated thanks Matty
  3. Hey guys , I have just broken my 1/32nd corsair canopy , If anyone has a spare please contact me ASAP :) need in for the 7th of September for a model expo , Thanks
  4. Hey guys , I have just broken my 1/32nd corsair canopy , If anyone has a spare please contact me ASAP :) need in for the 7th of September for a model expo , Thanks
  5. Hey guys, i have a 1/32 Trumpeter F-4U-4 Corsair for sale or Trade, would like to trade it for a 1/32nd modern jet or in 48th scale a modern jet, im open to offers on what you have for trade, i am located in Australia and will ship overseas, Please Pm me if interested Thanks Matt
  6. Hey Guys, i am looking to build my 1/48 Hasegawa F-4J but my decals are yellowed, after several emails to hasegawa with no response except from the US hasegawa, they told me to email hasegawa Japan as im in Australia, but still no response from Japan side, i will quite happily buy or trade for the phantom decals, Please PM if you can help, Thanks Matty
  7. Hey Guys, im looking to buy a 1/32nd trumpeter SU-27, postage would be to Australia and i understand postage would be expensive, but if you have a 1/32nd flanker that you would be willing to let go at a decent price including shipping please PM me, and i will get back to you ASAP, Thanks Matty
  8. Hey Guys, im looking to buy a decent airbrush, shipping would be to Australia, please PM if you have an offer and we can go from there , Thanks guys Matty
  9. Thanks mate , Yes all the other parts have been added since the photos , I was still in the process of painting them etc , As for the decals they are from a trade , but I'll attach the link :) http://www.squadron.com/product-p/ms481227.htm Thanks
  10. Hey Guys here is my final photos of my 1/48 Tamiya F-16C done in 125th FW markings,This build will be one of my entries into the QMHE (AUSTRALIA) under 18 category, Please let me know what you think Thanks Matty
  11. Hey guys, im in search for 2x 1/32 scale modern pilots, if you are willing to part with please PM me , Thanks Matty
  12. Hey Guys Im Looking for a 1/32 F-16C seat, if you can help me Please PM me Thanks Matty
  13. Hey guys , Thanks for the comments , I cut the flaps myself , wasn't really that hard but again don't really see the pint in having the flaps seperate on the kit and the only option is to have the flaps up ? The big bird decal was good ! Just needed a lot of decal solution to get it down
  14. Hey Guys, have just finished up on this build, i love how it turned out ! and it certainly stands out ! Hope you enjoy ! Any comments welcome Thanks Matty
  15. Hey guys , I'm about to build my academy 1/48 flanker but I don't like the decals , does anyone have any decals that they don't need ? Please PM If you can help :) Thanks
  16. hey Guys, i have a 1/48 AeroMaster decal sheet for Trade, will trade it for a 1/32 or 48 scale F-16 decals, please PM an offer and ill get back ASAP ! Thanks Matty
  17. Hey guys , In search for a 1/48 sale tomcat , either hasegawa or hobbyboss ? And would like to try keep deals within Australia , but not sure if there are many Australians on here ? Please PM if you can help Thanks
  18. Hey Guys, does any have the Sky Decals 1/32nd F-16 C/D decals with stencils? please Pm me if you can help Thanks Matty
  19. Hey Guys, Hope Everyone is okay in the "Cyclone Weather" ? just had our shed roof ripped off ! anyway, Im in Search of some Israeli decals. im waiting to recieve the new Academy 1/32nd F-16CG Block 40 kit. Im going to be entering it into the QMHE this year, as i went last year but didnt enter anything, just went to see what it was like, and im going to be making it look like this ! Can Buy or Trade, Please PM if you can help Thanks Matty
  20. Hey Guys, i just received my 1/32nd Academy F-16CG Block 40 Kit, and im looking to build this one up a bit, does anyone have any after market bits and pieces for it? cockpits ? Burner Can? Thanks for looking Matty
  21. Hey Guys, im about to start my HobbyBoss F/A 18C in the markings of Chippy Ho. it says to use humbrol 128 for the top and humbrol 127 for the bottom, the top colour ive seen seems way to blue for the hornets, any help would be great , Thanks
  22. Hey Guys, just finished Hasegawa’s 48th scale F/A 18D kit and i used aftermarket decals, finished it a day after my 17th Birthday, due to the kit lacking in the seat detail, i made my own seat belts for the first time, and mixed my own colours, Hope you like it, Thanks Matty
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