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  1. I would use a punch and die set and punch out the corresponding hole size from .010" styrene and cement it over the ejector mark. Dry fit before cementing to check if the styrene is thick if it is thick sand it a bit and dry fit again until its flush with the surrounding area
  2. I need help on converting revell colors stated in the assembly manuals they have colors in letters like for example: D-mouse grey, G-40% light grey, silky-matt + 60% sky blue, matt, etc... does a convertion chart exist?
  3. Thank you everyone for the replies. Yep what Im trying to make are bulkheads. Im trying to open the radar cone/cover of an academy 1/72 F-14. Again many thanks to everyone! This forum and the people here are great!
  4. how do you copy, measure inside shape/curve of fuselage without a contour gauge?
  5. any kind of aircraft. If possible a world war 2 and a modern one. Thanks again
  6. Hi to everyone, can anyone kind enough to post or email me (suntez@hotmail.com) a scan of acetate instruments in 1/48 scale? I live in the Philippines and after market parts are very hard to find and if ever they are available they cost 4 time there U.S Dollar counterpart.
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