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  1. Nice sheet Jake! Do you have the profiles up anywhere yet? Love to see that Tulsa jet!
  2. Can't wait to build that 122nd jet!
  3. Very nice looking build Sir!
  4. Mind if I make a suggestion or two. (1) A corrected vertical tail base for the Academy / AFV kits, "get rid of the triangular look" (2) A vertical tail base for the 32nd Tamiya kit with the BLOS mod panel incorporated as part of the base. And last, 1/32nd Pratt nozzles opened and closed for the Tamiya kit would sure be welcomed!
  5. Thanks so much for the compliments guys! I really enjoyed building this kit, I have 4 more of these kits hanging out in the stash awaiting The new decals from Speed Hunter Graphics!
  6. Thanks fellas! The visor was glossed up with several coats of Future floor wax.
  7. The pit and seat are out of the box I didn't replicate the sheepskin cushions because the pilot would cover them up.
  8. Sorry forgot to mention photo etch, I used a set of Crossdelta stiffener plates stacked on top of vinyl copies to help make them look more to scale. "Model still under a gloss when this photo was taken"
  9. Pretty much out of the box, The nozzle and PIDS pylon are A/M. Some of the weapons were spares from Academy's Sufa kit. Appreciate the comments gentlemen!
  10. A shot of the Loadout, Thanks for looking!
  11. Swapped out the opened nozzle for a partially closed GE. nozzle to depict the A/C inflight
  12. Hi guys, Finished this one up not too long ago! Built off the Blk 50 kit with an added NSI intake from the 32nd scale T-Bird kit, to get a smallmouth Blk 30. GBU-12's, TER's, and the LITENING pod were leftover from an Academy F-16I Sufa kit. Decals were a mix of Afterburner "For the data" and FoxOne for the tail and nose art. Painted with Mr. Color paints Apologies for the lousy photos, My photography skills aren't very good...Lol
  13. Outstanding project! Just finished on of these myself in 32nd scale. Just a heads up, The Crossdelta scab plates are highly detailed however, They are way to thin for this scale. I used vinyl copies of the stiffener plates, applied them to the fuselage and wing then, stacked the photo etched plates over top the vinyl...Made a huge difference to the overall scale! Here is my Blk 30 finished up
  14. Nice start Ken! Watching with this one with interest!!!
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