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  1. Thanks Loach. Funny thing is the canopy is the worst part, vacuuformed in a soft plastic with a distorted and textured finish. I've thought of having a copy pulled off it if I can find a source who will do it.
  2. Does anyone know if the Hughes/Schweizer 269/300 or Sikorsky S-300 is available in 1/48 scale? I'm looking for one for my Billing Boats 1/45 Calypso as the helo that comes with the kit is poorly moulded.
  3. TB2

    Lockheed Model 14/Hudson

    Hmm, just noticed that Tetsors makes an RAF interior green, perhaps that would be suitable?
  4. Just picked up Classic Airframes' Lockheed Model 14/Hudson kit. I'm doing it up as the Model 14, colour called for is 'interior green'. What would be a good match?
  5. THAT'S the winning entry? Not just trying to make you feel good Brent, but seriously...I'd buy a kit of your build before that one (no knock against the gang involved with the Fantastic Plastic release). Ever see Herb Deeks' Flash Gordon stuff? I could see them kitting yours.
  6. I love that design! Looks like it would be right at home in one of the old Flash Gordon movies. Amazing job! Just because a couple judges didn't place it, doesn't mean it isn't great.
  7. Just curious, the Skycrane model has a refueling probe. How hairy an operation is it to refuel with rotors spinning?
  8. Nothing lately. Best experience I ever had though was when I was at the CFB base in Goose Bay several years ago. My cousin was an air traffic controller, and I got to go up in the tower and watch the Dutch flying their F-16s. VERY cool!
  9. Dude, I think I may have seen you walking around with that under your arm. Great show huh?
  10. Monogram 1/48 Hustler (finally). $15.00 at the local contest, no idea when I'm actually going to build it.
  11. I dipped some clear parts (1/24 auto windows but could happen to canopies too) in Future last night. I looked at them this morning; two turned out great but two were only partially covered, like the Future pulled away from some spots. What would cause this? I had initially treated them with Future and painted the trim, didn't like the way it turned out so I stripped with Windex. Rinsed, scrubbed with soap and water, rinsed again, air-dried and buffed with flannel.
  12. Digging up an old thread. Any word on Italeri's 1/48 Caproni?
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