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  1. Thanks Loach. Funny thing is the canopy is the worst part, vacuuformed in a soft plastic with a distorted and textured finish. I've thought of having a copy pulled off it if I can find a source who will do it.
  2. Does anyone know if the Hughes/Schweizer 269/300 or Sikorsky S-300 is available in 1/48 scale? I'm looking for one for my Billing Boats 1/45 Calypso as the helo that comes with the kit is poorly moulded.
  3. TB2

    Lockheed Model 14/Hudson

    Hmm, just noticed that Tetsors makes an RAF interior green, perhaps that would be suitable?
  4. Just picked up Classic Airframes' Lockheed Model 14/Hudson kit. I'm doing it up as the Model 14, colour called for is 'interior green'. What would be a good match?
  5. THAT'S the winning entry? Not just trying to make you feel good Brent, but seriously...I'd buy a kit of your build before that one (no knock against the gang involved with the Fantastic Plastic release). Ever see Herb Deeks' Flash Gordon stuff? I could see them kitting yours.
  6. I love that design! Looks like it would be right at home in one of the old Flash Gordon movies. Amazing job! Just because a couple judges didn't place it, doesn't mean it isn't great.
  7. Just curious, the Skycrane model has a refueling probe. How hairy an operation is it to refuel with rotors spinning?
  8. Nothing lately. Best experience I ever had though was when I was at the CFB base in Goose Bay several years ago. My cousin was an air traffic controller, and I got to go up in the tower and watch the Dutch flying their F-16s. VERY cool!
  9. Dude, I think I may have seen you walking around with that under your arm. Great show huh?
  10. Monogram 1/48 Hustler (finally). $15.00 at the local contest, no idea when I'm actually going to build it.
  11. I dipped some clear parts (1/24 auto windows but could happen to canopies too) in Future last night. I looked at them this morning; two turned out great but two were only partially covered, like the Future pulled away from some spots. What would cause this? I had initially treated them with Future and painted the trim, didn't like the way it turned out so I stripped with Windex. Rinsed, scrubbed with soap and water, rinsed again, air-dried and buffed with flannel.
  12. Digging up an old thread. Any word on Italeri's 1/48 Caproni?
  13. What if an acrylic or enamel clear coat was lightly misted on (almost dry) with an airbrush and built up in layers? Would that affect it?
  14. Used to be the F-14, now it's the Hornet. Somehow I don't think the F-14 will miss one fan. Still like the Tomcat though.
  15. TB2

    Schweizer 300

    Funny you should mention that Steven, that's what I'm asking about specifically. I have the Billings Calypso kit and if there was a better helo out there I would have picked it up to replace this one (even though it's in 1/45). Forward fuselage is vacuformed in rather pebbly clear plastic. However if I'm left to work on this one then I guess if I remove the two doors, possibly dip in future and just detail the heck out of it it'll probably turn out pretty good. I appreciate your suggestion.
  16. Anyone make a Schweizer 300 in 1/48 scale?
  17. Well, I used the Blu Tac and it turned out great! Thanks all for your suggestions. Barry
  18. I realized last night my liquid Micro Mask has dried up. Need to use something else, I don't really want to run out to the hobby shop right now (which is miles away). I have a contest deadline for this Saturday which I want to meet. Any suggestions for a substitute for liquid mask? I need it for really tiny windows on a 1/48 Tamiya softskin vehicle (Japanese Kurogane 4x4).
  19. Any subject in any scale by any manufacturer delivered to my door by Jessica Alba. (I hear she's pregnant, does that mean she's seeing someone? Damn!) For me: -1/32 EA-6B Prowler -1/48 or 1/32 Sikorsky Skycrane
  20. Yup, this could end up being a case of getting half-way through building what I'm sure will end up being an expensive kit, only to find it released in plastic at 1/3 to 1/4 the price. My gut tells me it'll only be a short time before Trumpeter comes through on that one (fingers crossed).
  21. I have Italeri's 1/48 C.R. 42 LW version with German markings. I want to put Italian markings on it; does anyone know if there's an aftermarket sheet available? I would have preferred to pick up the Italian version but I got a good price on this one. Thanks.
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