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  1. Check and make sure the doors line up good with the forward bulkhead and crew compartment. This is where I messed up on my build. The 3D printed parts made the nose section way too tall.
  2. It's on hold. I messed up my 1/72 shuttle while installing Homer's beanie cap and fwd RCS parts. One day I'll get back around to it with a new build
  3. These look amazing! Do you plan on selling them, or making them available for download or purchase on Shapeways? Could use a Shuttle SSME set in 1/100 for the Tamiya kit, I don't think anyone has ever doneoffered 'em in that scale!
  4. No need to reinvent the wheel on those umbilical panels, I have them for both the aft section and the underside (belly)
  5. If you live close to or are visiting Jacksonville, Florida anytime soon, you can go see it in person and walk around it. https://www.abandonedfl.com/space-shuttle-external-fuel-tank/
  6. Looks like the issue with the LM descent stage being too small may be fixed in this scale?
  7. FYI Photo showing the "hook" on early Discovery... https://ibb.co/BG5RBHD
  8. Looking great, Jetplane! That "hook" you see was present on earlier versions of Discovery. My intention was to include it, and give modelers the option to snip it off if they planned to depict the latter version. Better to have it, than to have not. Can't wait to see your finished product!
  9. You might start with the David Weeks drawings available from the Realspace Models website. Also look online for the Mercury Familiarization Manual and Mercury Maintenance Manual.
  10. I'm just happy to see the struts below the fins, accurate stringer patterns on the boat tail, and what appears to be visually accurate dimensions. It's workable.
  11. What happened to my body flap decal, did you put it on the opposite side? I could send you a replacement that would look better than the cartoonish Cutting Edge decal. Your build looks marvelous by the way. And no, that's not my window decal that Dutycat used as his template. His windows are a bit smaller I believe. This is going to be one outstanding shuttle!
  12. Not right now, I'm in the process of moving, so everything is being boxed up at the moment. May be awhile.
  13. I've been using that Rustoleum 2x like you have in the center photo for the past year almost exclusively. It goes on smoother than Tamiya cans (at least for me, here in the humid south US) and like you say it's a much better bargain for the amount you get in the can. The only down side is the cure time (1 week vs. 1-2 days for the Tamiya).
  14. This is gonna be awesome! Loving the detail the photo etch adds. I'll be getting this kit for myself once some extra money comes in.
  15. Well if I had the ARK kit in my stash, I could make the template for you. But since I don't have the plastic here to trace, I need someone to supply it for me. Will look for your PM.
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