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  1. skids72

    CD48087 - F7F Tigercat

    A fire-bomber ooh that might be a must
  2. Good news, will look forward to them. Thanks
  3. Had a bit of a modelling break, but now I am starting up again and I was wondering if this sheet is on the horizon?
  4. Hi neu I have a local shop (here in the UK) that sells mostly Revell, Airfix with the occasional Trumpeter, Hasegawa etc but no AM. If they have it I always support the shop (even if its a bit more expensive) but if they can't get it I go online or order from a retailer and pick up at a show. Thanks Simon
  5. skids72

    1/48 Academy B-25B Mitchell

    Not really much to say that hasn't already been said. Absolutely stunning work Joel. I have bookmarked this for when I do mine. Keep up the Great work Simon
  6. Thanks for replying, look forward to the release
  7. skids72

    Tanmodel 1/48 Republic RF-84F #2201

    That looks outstanding, great work
  8. skids72

    1/48 GWH MiG-29 9-12

    What a cracking paint job, cant wait to see more Simon
  9. skids72

    MiG-21 bis

    That is outstanding, has to be the best Mig-21Bis I have seen. I love the Bulgarian colours and hope my BAF Mig-21 looks half as good as yours.
  10. skids72

    AKAN acrylics paint, staying tacky

    Hi Ruud That sounds a bit funny, I have used quite a few Akan paints, thinned with a bit of water or vallejo thinner and never noticed the paint being tacky. Have you tried any other Akan paints or just that one? Could it have gone "off" if acrylics do? I have had a couple of issues in the past with different paints but that was due too my inexperience, I didn't shake the bottle for long enough and it hadn't mixed properly before I sprayed it. The matt colour looked almost satin and would not dry properly. Had to strip it and start again. Not saying thats the problem but one of my experiences. Simon
  11. skids72

    1/48 Mig-21 Kits

    I had never built a Mig-21 before but I am working on the Eduard Bis at the moment, and I got the Cold War Studios Resin Nose replacement. Its really nice and fits extremely well. I would recommend it too anyone.
  12. skids72

    TUAF F-4E 2020 Revised now Weapons Help

    Thanks much appreciated