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  1. Wow. That isn't as pricey as I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Great looking mustang. What did you use for paint?
  3. Mfezi, I am sorry for the loss of your aquaintance. Very sad.. Thank you for clearing up what I was trying to understand. Have a good one
  4. Hi Kotey, are they saying he possible ly had a stroke? Thank you Mike
  5. AMK has impressed me with everything so far. This will most likely be excellent in all regards. Somebody will probably find some sort of fault but for the vast majority it will be amazing. I offloaded my tomcat a while ago in anticipation. Especially after getting the MiG-31. Thanks Martin and look forward to getting one of each variant.
  6. Stenka.. Your gonna be busy. Edit phone autocorrect­čść
  7. Hobby boss seems to have done an acceptable job on this minus the Decals.
  8. I would gladly challenge it in autocross. Why do people think mustangs can't turn? It baffles me. Maybe RWD is too much for some people.
  9. I received my kit from luckymodel today. Excellent service. The kit was nicely packed in a large box. The main pieces like fuselage and flight control surfaces look great but smaller pieces like weapons have some flash. One of two of the thin rails for the HARM is molded with a kink. The pe fret looks great and seems really thin and flexible. The decals are fantastic. On another note it looks like the vertical stabilizers don't have a curve to them. I can post photos if there is any interest. Edit for spelling due to auto correct on phone.
  10. I've been sticking money into my 03 and I am nowhere near 700hp. You have an excellent engine for modding. 5.0 correct? I love the 4.6 but it takes serious $$ compared to the 5.0 to get any respectable HP. Cams and necessary valve Springs ran $1100. And it was chore to put them in and figure out a decent tune to make it all happen as it should. My car was down for a week wich relegated me to driving my escort. Sad.
  11. Sorry. I probably should have rounded it off to 800hp or wrote off topic.
  12. Thanks scooby! I feel silly now that I see his email at the bottom. Oops.­čśÂ
  13. Very nice! Quite the unique subject. I agree on your decision of colors. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I am a huge car fan and I own a mustang so caught my attention. https://www.yahoo.com/news/talked-ohio-ford-dealer-selling-164500085.html Pretty good deal.
  15. Seeking a F-35A. I have plenty to trade in 1/48 or if you have a price in mind let me know. Thanks for your time. Mike
  16. Just ordered mine. I sold my HASEGAWA kits a month ago in anticipation of this release. Raymond. Thanks for the excellent service and look forward to seeing the kit in person. I was thrilled with my Su-33.
  17. Now that's gorgeous! Excellent flanker sir.
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