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  1. Hey guys cheers for all the great advice! Gonna have an experiment with it all! sorry for the late reply been away! Excellent stuff can get on with my F-117 now! cheers al :)
  2. Hey guys, i'm having a bit of a nightmare at the moment filling some unsightly gaps on Revell's 1/48 F-117 nighthawk mainly between the fuselage and wings. I use the following methods: 1. masking tape either side along area to be filled to minimise excess filler 2. fill the gap 3. rub down with isoprophyl alcohol on a q-tip/cotton bud 4. sand any remaining stubborn filler with finer and finer sandpaper BUT!! I still have problems i seem to get ridges between the filler and the plastic or noticeable lines where the filler ends and the plastic begins no matter how much rubbing and sanding i do. I currently use squadron white putty. It's really bugging me because i kinda hoped i would by now have been able to make real nice flush smooth gap fills like most of the work on this site, yet i get these horrible (small but noticeable - to my eye anyway) ridges between filler and plastic. Is there something i am doing wrong or could do better? many thanks sorry for the waffle. al
  3. ahh thats gorgeous! but now i need to start my BMF one but so little time! Al
  4. I know some may say i have double posted (if they've been to jet modelling) but this post is directed to technique whereas the other is better related to actual reference. I am building a 1/48 Revell F-117 and was wondering if you guys had any tips for great all black finishes on this aircraft or similar ones (Blackbirds, X-15s etc) Many thanks Al
  5. I am building the Revell 1/48 F-117. I have only ever finished one 'all black' scheme (a Sr-71 Blackbird) i was wondering how best to finish the 'all black' scheme and to what level or any i should weather the craft. Also if anyone has any good reference, i have googled and that but some seem a bit worse for wear whereas others looking virtually brand new. Al
  6. wish i could make them like that! outstanding! al
  7. Alistair


    erm wow! Its amazing did you have to smooth and polish the fuselage much to get that outstanding finish? Excellent work, can't wait to see more! Al
  8. wow thats such a cool scheme! i love it Al
  9. WOW, they're wicked! love the photoshop pilot did you draw it freehand on photo shop or use a scanned hand drawing? Excellent stuff! al
  10. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! my jaw broke when it hit the ground! thts amazing work, the detail is incredible! - Your on another level! - excellent keep us posted! Al
  11. Hey excellent work! i'm a fellow teenage modeller too (i'm 18) your workspace looks very familiar! keep us posted! ;) Al
  12. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! wish i could achieve a similar standard in my models... Well done :lol: al
  13. ....had to mop my keyboard down - too much dribble! Lol thats an AMAZING build wish mine were so neat and nice! al
  14. IMPRESSIVE! How do you do them? AL
  15. Beautiful plane! this kit has been on my wish list for some time...definately going to have to buy one now! Thats a work of art major respect for all the rigging - could see myself pulling my hair out over that looks pretty intense! Excellent! Al
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