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  1. IT'SHitious,JJ HAS RUINED Star Trek. Don't build it!
  2. No, I guess being retired military, 20+ years in aerospace and defense sectors, still having friends and family deep in the industry, I surely think it's raining when some one urinates on my back. I quit, it's obvious you guys know more than anyone else so you just keep giving Uncle your money trusting him and the Defense profiteers will spend it wisely. I guess when someone takes a ethics class it couldn't be window dressing.
  3. Corruption is NOT rare in the defense industry. What contractor do you work for? Thou doth protest way too much! Your so in the dark it's obvious no one could ever shed enough light for you to see. Look around.
  4. The defense industry has long been wrought with corruption. Let me see....bribery, falsified test results, double or triple charges on parts, etc, etc,.... All you have to do is read the paper, in fact Northrop/Grumman just is under investigation as we speak. If for one minute you don't think a big money industry like defense is not scandal ridden your blind.
  5. I saw that bird at the World Jet Meet at Wright/Patterson but I was unaware of all the interior goodies. That pilot is crazy cool. The HUD and lighted control panels are amazing. Incredible engineering.
  6. Very Very sweet. Paint is great as is the weathering. Nice subject Beautiful shelf sitter!
  7. I think the light wash looks great and I think I will try that on a build very soon. Very nice model.
  8. The military is full of people who get some ill feeling about someone and then given the chance will mess with their career and reputation just to make them feel good about themselves. I saw this many times during my service and I imagine it still goes on today. Little men they are !
  9. Very, very, cool. The paint is very well done.
  10. Just did not think stating the obvious appealed to me. Sorry to insult your sensitivities! After all, you are the 'Animal'.
  11. I need to replace some sails from some high price ship models and the only place I found was all in French. They may even be out of production but, I have to try!
  12. Did you get the one with Pan Am Markings? I thought that choice of livery was ironic since Hughes competed with Pan Am and probably wouldn't sell them one even though they had operated Flying Boats in the past. I built a TWA HK-1 about 10 years ago. Later, RJ
  13. I have several.It is an old Entex kit. Builds into a great looking model.
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