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  1. Hopefully BSU-86 is on the cards as a Navy/Marine load. I had a look at my old Flightpath resin BSU-49, just as I remembered it, casting a bit squint and not sure of the shape.
  2. I like your pins for the pylons, clever idea. I have this in the stash and had planned it loaded for training, still no BSU-86/b tails yet in 1/48
  3. You don't see many Green Lightnings, this is the best Ive seen by far
  4. Apologies if you've already read this over on Zone Five, but Eduard have the Snakeyes with Mk15 Fins listed as their next release in March http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2014/info-eduard-2014-02EN.pdf THird page from the end
  5. This is going on over on Zone Five too. I've just got my hands on a set of these and the I have a few obs The fins look more like the Mk14 version fitted to the Mk81, however the dimensions of the body is consistent with other Mk82. The leading edge of the widest fins is sharply raked back and the trailing edge almost perpendicular to the central axis! This is not how I have seen any pics of Mk15 fins where the leading edge is almost perpendicular and the trailing is is the raked one. If you want a Mk15 fin, a simple fix with styrene strip if you are already going to have to do the notches? The pair of smaller fins between the large fins are more finely represented than any other manufacturers efforts, really nice! The length of the body when aligning the suspension lugs alongside a "Flightpath Mk82/BSU-49" body shows the Eduard body is longer towards the nose. (by the length of the fuse actually) The suspension lugs line up with the Flightpath path example. With ref to post #1 I think the body is too long in front of the lugs As Eduards description is for "Early Fins" it would be interesting to see what these are meant to be modelled on. Given that ED have modelled the body separate I would be expecting more versions, MK15 later mods, Navy BSU-86...
  6. Slight digression but since you asked :) Living as I do within stones throw of the North Sea I wouldnt trust the RN to find their way out of port HMS Superb grounding in the Red Sea in May 2008. HMS Tireless struck an iceberg while on Arctic Patrol in May 2003. HMS Trafalgar grounded on Fladda-chuain in November 2002. HMS Triumph grounded in November 2000. HMS Victorious grounded, while surfaced, on Skelmorlie Bank in November 2000. HMS Trenchant grounded off the coast of Australia in July 1997. HMS Repulse grounded in the North Channel in July 1996. HMS Trafalgar grounded off the Isle of Sky in July 1996. HMS Valliant grounded in the North Norwegian Sea in March 1991. HMS Trenchant snagged the fishing vessel Antares in the Arran Trench in November 1990. HMS Spartan grounded west of Scotland in October 1989. HMS Sceptre snagged the fishing vessel Scotia in November 1989. HMS Conqueror collided with the yacht Dalriada off the Northern Irish coast in July 1988. Thats the ones easy to find
  7. No but when we last had a Rusky warship off the coast at Lossiemouth there was no Maritime Patrol aircraft to shadow and the nearest frigate was 600miles away in the south of England. Other than QRA launches to intercept Bears which are becoming more common in recent years. Ivan could zig zag in between Offshore platforms and no one could do a thing about it. Kind of makes Ministry of Defence an oxymoron
  8. I have the old D model in the stash, panel lines are wearing very shallow and there is no rivet detail on the panels. Does the Greek Blk52 show any improvement? BTW I have pwmp Norwegian paratail, and it is very nicely made Rgds
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