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  1. Wow, lots of food for thought here. Looks like I'll have to hold-off on the P-40 projects for a while and see what developes. By the way, excellent build on the early P-40 Steve, nice paint!

    However, the Mustangs will be full speed ahead as soon as I get this resin venture up and running!

  2. Thanks for the input Hamm, much appreciated. A-36 and P-51A conversions for the Academy kits are already underway along with better B/C wings for others and a few other goodies. Since molding and casting will be involved in building a collection I might as well share the parts with everyone.

  3. The P-40B/C is best served by the new Airfix kit. Sure, there are minor niggles here and there, but overall it's quite nice.

    AZ and Sword are releasing new P-40s, but as they're just coming to market, no idea about accuracy.

    Thank you for the Sword and AZ info. Guess I'll wait and see. It'll save me having to do a complete set of Masters and molds to build my new collection of Mustangs and Warhawks.

  4. I didn't know how to word this right but I'll give it a shot. Are there really accurate kits of the P-40B/C, E and N kits out there in 1/72 scale? Same goes for the Early Mustangs such as the P-51, P-51A and P-51B in 72nd also. I always thought the Hasegawa P-40's were good until reading a review by a Gent named Igor that something wasn't right about the wing roots or wing to fuselage join? Left me scratching my head. Any input from anyone? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you.

  5. Tried Alumilite products before and didn't care for them. The RTV types I tried never held up to undercuts very well and tore after the 10th casting. The resin always set up too quick. I've also tried Smooth-On, Vagabond and the types from Micro-Mark. After years of experimentation I found two products on "EvilBay" that work wonderfully and am sticking to them:

    For RTV-


    And resin, here's their website-


    The Rubber sets good in about two hours, won't need degassing for most applications, is a one to one mix and easy to use. And it's CHEAP! The resin has a good working time, dries in a tan color and can be tinted using other brands dyes (including Alumilite's).

    Hope this helps. I'm currently using these products for my new resin line and am in no way affiliated with either company.

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