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  1. Thanks guys! Crackerjack, the fiberglass pen can sometimes make my fingers itchy . However, since I often wear nitrile gloves when airbrushing, I started wearing them when using the pen as well, which solves the problem. Drew
  2. I wasn’t satisfied with the Ultracast seat since the seat rails seemed too thick compared to the seat included in the Aires cockpit set. So I pulled out the Ultracast seat and added seatbelts to the Aires seat. I used the photoetch lap belts from the Aires set, but I wanted the shoulder straps to look less neat than the photoetch versions. I replicated them with aluminum foil and cut off the buckles from the photoetch belts and put them on the foil belts. Many P-47’s don’t have the instrument panel cowling in place, but based on the photos I have of “Ruthless Ruth
  3. Thanks Geoff! Time for an update! I came across this excellent build of the Tamiya Razorback P-47 on Britmodeler. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040186-p-47d-20-big-squaw-19th-fs-318th-fg/ Using this guide as a reference, I filled in the cut-outs at the intercooler exhaust. I also drilled out the exhaust outlet and used sheet styrene to replicate the butterfly valve which is often shown open on planes sitting on the ground.
  4. Thanks guys! The Revell kit can still hold it's own. I don't think the GWH kit is much of an improvement. It's main advantage is that it includes upgrades that the Eagle has received over the past 10-15 years.
  5. Since the flaps in the Tamiya kit were designed to be positioned up or down, they had to recess the portion of the flap that would be under the wing in the up position. Since I wanted to position the flaps down, I filled in the lowered area with sheet styrene to get the whole flap surface to the same level. I’m using the horizontal stabilizers from the Vector detail set and found that they needed some work where the two tabs connect the elevator to the stabilizer. Recently, I came across this build by a Japanese modeler of the Tamiya P-47. http://soy
  6. Update time! Since my last post, I managed to get all the riveting done on the model. Like I did with the F-15, I went overboard trying to replicate the rivet patterns on the wings and fuselage as close as possible. At first, I was going to use the diagrams in the P-47 Kagero TopDrawings book, but after studying various closeup photos, it didn’t look like the drawings were that accurate. Instead of using the drawings for reference, I used mostly photos of the P-47 Razorback restoration that the Dakota Territories Air Museum is currently carrying out. They seem to be doing a very accurate
  7. Thanks! I enjoyed trying to capture the look of the Eagles that operated in OIF and OEF. They got surprisingly grubby for USAF jets!
  8. Thanks! This project is a nice change of pace after my last few models of fighter jets. No complicated landing gear to detail or bombs and missiles to build this time!
  9. Hi guys, time to start my next project, Tamiya’s excellent P-47D Razorback. I’ve had it since it was first released and figured it’s finally time to build it. Plus, it’s a nice change of pace after the last few jet builds. As per my usual, I’m adding a bunch of aftermarket goodies, even though the kit doesn’t really need it. Here’s the list: Aires Cockpit 4465 Aires Wheel Bays 4466 Eduard Placards FE197 Eduard P-47D-20 49226 Ulracast Seats 48107 Ultracast Bock Tread Covered Wheels 48124 Resin2Detail R-2800 Fast Fix Engine Master Model P-47 Detail Set AM-48-155 V
  10. Thanks Planegeek! Finished model is here: Take care! Drew
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