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  1. Thanks guys! Rich, I made the stripes on the top handles of the seats by first painting them all gloss yellow. I then cut a thin strip of masking tape and wrapped it around the handle and sprayed a coat of black paint. That got me close, but the back stripes were narrower than the yellow ones. So I touched up the black stripes using a 10/0 brush with black acrylic ink. If I messed up, I could easily wipe away the ink with a sharpened toothpick over the gloss yellow base. For the handles on the right side of the seat and between the legs, I just handpainted the black stripes with acrylic
  2. Thanks Mr. Happy! I’m back for an update now that the cockpit is finished. I used a combination of Anyz and Airscale decals to liven up the side consoles and instrument panels. This is by far the most amount of decaling I have ever done to a cockpit, but I think the effort was worth it. I just hope most of it will still be visible when installed in the fuselage. I also added some weathering with an Ammo enamel wash and some artist oils to add some grime to the cockpit floor. I used UV curing glue on the instrument panel dials to give the appearance of the being covered in gl
  3. Thanks so much guys! Ron, I knew in the back of my mind that the RIO term seemed wrong for an Air Force backseater. Thanks for setting me straight!
  4. Hi guys, I’m back with my next project, Zoukei Mura’s 1/48 F-4E. I bought it late last year with the intention of using Hypersonic’s late F-4E conversion set. Then a couple of months ago, ZM announced a late F-4E kit shortly after I purchased the Hypersonic conversion! Regardless, I’m moving ahead with the early version ZM kit since the Hypersonic conversion looks like a pretty nice kit. I’m also using the below detail and decal sets: A few years ago, I picked up Speed Hunter Graphic’s USAF Gunfighter’s F-4E decal set and decided on the markings for a New Jersey AN
  5. Thanks so much for the kind words guys!
  6. Thanks guys for the kind words! This one is in the can. Here's the final result:
  7. Hi everyone! My Trumpeter C-47 is finally complete. See below link for the in progress thread: All in all, it feels like I didn’t use about 1/3 of the parts in the kit due to them being inaccurate. Even though it’s much newer than the Monogram/Revell offering, it’s probably less accurate, so it’s really a toss up as to which is better. Although I’m happy with the result, I’m glad to have this project over with. Just don’t ask me to build another 😝 After my last in-progress post, I added all the antennas and drain ports on the underside. The antenna
  8. The exhaust staining on the underside of the wings was achieved with the starship filth oil paint. The exhaust stacks still looked too clean compared to the rest of the plane, so I lightly airbrushed some Tamiya black panel line wash over them after I took these photos. To represent dirt and mud being kicked up by the wheels, I loaded a paintbrush with a brown enamel wash and used a toothpick to flick the wash around the back of the wheel wells. The landing gear was heavily weathered with a brown enamel wash. A clear flat coat was firs
  9. Hi everyone, one more update before I call this one finished. Weathering is now complete. I started by creating some chipping using Tamiya enamel silver X-11 applied with a sponge as well as a small brush. I then followed up with an AMMO panel line wash, then sealed it with a coat of Mr Color GX113 clear flat. With the previous steps sealed, I applied oil paints for general weathering. Since I’m depicting a war-weary plane, I wasn’t afraid to go heavy with the weathering, following reference photos for guidance. Many photos of planes with the larger carborator intakes show fluid leads ar
  10. Thanks Steve! Thanks Geoff! Thanks John! Thanks especially for the description of the tubing around the windows. I still need to add a bit more of the tubing around the center of the cockpit windows, but it's more exposed, so I'm waiting until final assembly to add it so it won't be damaged.
  11. Also, I painted the wheel wells. I applied an initial wash of Ammo black night panel line wash. I’ll make them dirtier later on when I weather the rest of the model. On another note, I decided to throw out the kit propellers even though I had already painted them and tried to reshape them to match the shape of the Hamilton Standard props that most C-47’s had. Since the B-17 propellers seem to be the same type as used on the C-47, I bought a set of Quickboost B-17 propellers to use instead. Below is how the compare to the kit props after I tried to modi
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