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  1. It would be cool to have a modern set of Spectre markings representing it's final scheme before the engine fire and retirement.
  2. If a piece of PE or Resin is somewhat difficult to position before the CA will set, I will tack it in place with small dabs of Microscale liqui-tape. Once in the correct position, I'll use thin CA to secure it in place.
  3. I have the HB FB-111 kit inbound. I'll do some comparisons with the Academy kit to see if the wings are interchangeable. Seems like fixing the HB kit parts should be easy. Unfortunately, the current situation in Ukraine is going to be a problem. I actually have an order from Reskit stuck in their postal system in Kyiv.
  4. Do you happen to have any photos of the correction process? Also, I wonder if the Ozmod wing sets for the academy kit could be modified to work in the hobbyboss kits?
  5. Custom is really the best way to go with display cases for models. I'm in the process of finishing a custom cabinet project that will give me enough space for ~150 completed builds. It is a three sectioned cabinet that will take up just under 10 feet of wall space. The center section will protrude out 26 inches from the wall. The two side cabinets will be 22 inches deep. The deeper shelves will easily allow for two rows of 1/48 scale modern jets. Also, the deeper center section will hold a 1/72 scale B-52 or B-36. I know not everyone has the means to build something like I'm w
  6. Interesting that he was able to copyright it. When I worked as a government contractor, the government owned everything I created. I had no right to any intellectual property I created while working there. My current private sector employer also owns everything I create and I have zero rights to take anything with me.
  7. A simple search for the Hobby boss kit sprues shows that they are not re-using the clear parts from the kit. It looks like they've gone custom injection molded for those parts. Also note that the clear parts for the opening portions of the canopy are designed to fit into the resin frame parts.
  8. The late A kit includes the GE shrouds (from the F-14D TARPS sprue). All that's missing are the GE nozzles (lots of AM options), correct pilot instrument panel, and the sparrowhawk HUD (for very late Bs) Phase hanger makes the correct front instrument panel w/sparrowhawk. Otherwise, the fightertown decal set for the small details, ordinance, etc has the correct decal for the B pilot panel. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/tam/pages/tam_61122_parts1.shtml
  9. 1/24/22 - Updated with other items I'm looking for. Added possible trade items.
  10. I'm in search of a pair of the Tamiya F-14 vertical stabs. I had to steal the parts out of one of my kits for a Hasegawa F-14 build. I went to order replacements from phase hanger, but they are now OOP. Let me know if you have a set to spare and we can work out a deal. Thanks, Ken
  11. I'm looking for the following items to buy or trade for: Wolfpack 1/48 S-3 Wingfold set (x2) Wolfpack 1/48 EA-6A cockpit set Wolfpack 48082 wing fold set for Revell EA-6A Wolfpack or Black Dog 1/48 S-3 Cockpit set (x2) Airdoc 48016 1/48 A-7D decals (specifically the Colorado ANG schemes) FOUND Caracal 48092 1/48 B-1B (specifically the "Dark Knight" scheme) Trade Only Items (no direct sales, so don't bother asking): - Hasegawa 1/48 F-14 kits with Aires detail sets. - Various Black Box cockpit sets. - Extensive library of ~500 deca
  12. Looking for both of these sheets. Send me a PM if you have one to sell.
  13. Typically, it takes a 20% off sale at Sprue Bros to even make it worthwhile. I live in WA state and get charged 10% sales tax from SB. Meanwhile, I can go over to scalehobbyist.com and get items for the same sales price as SB and only pay a flat shipping rate of $9.95 and no sales tax. That all being said, I was able to score two high priced kits that ultimately saved me ~$45 vs. buying from scalehobbyist. It really depends on the exact item. As for other sales I took advantage of: Reskit - 25% off Phase hanger - 20% off Flying leathernecks decals - 20% off
  14. Scale Hobbyist will beat SB on pricing 99% of the time. But SB tends to have a better selection of aftermarket items and ships much faster. I snagged two of the new Tamiya F-14A late kits from scale hobbyist for $89 each. Shipping was $10.
  15. I've had some disasters, but nothing I couldn't recover the build from. Technically, I did bin several really old in-work builds from the early 90's that I found in my parent's basement when I was helping them move. I salvaged a few and finished them for nostalgia sake. But there was no hope for many due to missing parts. They were victims of my mother's menopause cleaning frenzies, which often entailed going through model kit boxes to see if they still had the kits inside. If it was a started kit, any remaining parts and sprues would get thrown away along with the box. The decals and i
  16. Sounds like some people were salty that the guy would go buy up collections for pennies on the dollar before they could buy up kits for pennies on the dollar. I'll admit, I've done a fair bit of business with them over the last few years. I've scored some great deals on Dragon armor kits in particular. But their prices were going upward over the last year. And their selection was total crap before they shut down last month.
  17. Back in the late 80's, I ended up building all the ordnance from the Hasegawa 1/48 sets. They came out OK, but my skills were rapidly advancing and they eventually looked like crap. Most never got installed on builds. Now I only build ordnance in small batches for my current builds. I'll do 2-4 aircraft worth at a time, especially if AIM-9/7/120 missiles will be used. I also have become a bit of an ordnance snob and rarely use any kit ordnance unless it's well tooled stuff. I use items from all the Hasegawa sets and a fair bit of aftermarket resin ordnance. Biggest challenge
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