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  1. The saw toothed pattern on the B-2 was done to improve low level penetration capability. The USAF wasn't convinced the B-2 would be stealthy enough for high level penetration, so they wanted to ensure it could still fly low level profiles. The B-21 only has a payload of 30K lbs, half of what the B-2 can carry. Notice the main gear only have two wheels each. Gross weight will probably top out around 200 - 220K lbs, making it a medium bomber. Cockpit is VERY narrow compared to the B-2, looks to be single seated or perhaps tandem like the B-47 and B-58. Likely only twin
  2. Meng doesn't have the best track record as far as the accuracy of their ordnance. I own two of their Super hornet kits and all of their older ordinance sets. Some of them look great, some are cartoon renditions of the real thing. Their GBU-12s and AIM-54s are terrible. AIM-7s are great. Aim-9s are OK. Markings are pure fiction on most of their sets.
  3. There's currently no aftermarket sets to fully update any of the 1/72 kits to current standards. In particular, the sniper/lightning pod pylons are badly needed.
  4. I've had issues with Aires parts being undersized due to excessive resin shrinkage. But in this case, I assume the engine cover fits the length of the finished (yet short) nose correctly. Given the differences in surface detail, it's possible Aires recycled/adapted an older set meant for a different kit.
  5. As already mentioned in the other replies, Hasegawa has used slide molding on canopies since the 80's. I should have clarified I was referring to fuselage components. True, but they continue to repop the same tired molds that are in desperate need of updating. As for those optional parts, they only include them in certain releases. I recently bought a D model kit new from Sprue Bros and it's not included in that version. Reminds me of their really tired F-14 series. Some kits include the upgraded parts, some don't. I've had really bad luck with clear parts
  6. I tend to judge kits based on build-ability, not just fit. I'm on my 3rd Hasegawa legacy hornet build right now and I'm running out of nostalgia for this kit. The Hasegawa tooling is definitely showing it's age. Hasegawa Problem areas and missing/incorrect details: Avionics door hinges are step molded instead of a real piano hinge panel line Nearly non-existent panel lines on the fuselage sides under the LEX. The fit of the lower fuselage into the upper LEX areas is a hot mess. Top of nose in front of canopy has faint panel lines with seam running down the mid
  7. You can already see on some of the sprues they are setting up for optional drop in molds. Those parts on the extended side sprues include the main and nose gear bays. The nose gear bay is totally different on the F-35C. There's also an empty side gate on the ordnance sprue.
  8. I currently have around 60 started builds. The average work completed on those builds is around 65% Most are from after I came back into the hobby in 2017. I could have probably average 15 completed builds a year if I quit starting new projects. This isn't a new problem for me. Most of what I've completed since coming back into the hobby were builds started between 1988 and 2004.
  9. "Usually" doesn't equate to "always", which is why F-15Es can be seen training for low level penetration attacks in the Mach Loop and in Star Wars Canyon. And your statement about F-15Es carrying it for only for ballast doesn't hold water. Lightning and Sniper pods do NOT contain terrain following radars. The AN/AAQ-13 is still actively used:
  10. The purpose of AN/AAQ-13 Navigation Pod is for low altitude terrain following navigation. It's primary sensor is a terrain following radar. I would guess that unless terrain following radar functionality has been integrated into the primary radar system, this pod is still required for low level penetration.
  11. The entire line of True Details masters (including Black Box/Avionix masters) was sold at auction after Squadron closed. Greg Cooper bought them and eventually raffled them off for charity on the Scale Model Graveyard FB group. Whoever won them never did a thing with them, so they are now gone forever.
  12. I'm mainly looking for the Black Box F9F-5 cockpit, but also looking for the Reheat RH065 PE set. Also interested in resin wheels and aftermarket decals. Shoot me a PM if you have any of these items available for sale. Thanks, Ken Young
  13. The F-14 used a purpose built, second generation Lantirn pod, with superior capability to anything fielded by the US military at the time. The F-15E used the 80's version of the Lantirn with less capability. It was in fact more capable than the early Lightning pods. Here's the detailed explanations from Wikipedia: The basic LANTIRN was modified into LANTIRN Targeting System (LTS), the navigation pod was removed from the two-pod system and the targeting pod was improved for Tomcat use. The LTS featured a Global Positioning System and inertial measurement unit that provided the po
  14. Here's a good overview of the LANTIRN integration into the F-14. The F-14 LANTIRN Pod (AN/AAQ-25) had unique capabilities the USAF pod (AN/AAQ-14) lacked. https://theaviationist.com/2020/12/26/how-the-f-14-tomcat-evolved-and-became-the-bombcat/ While a 10" high res screen might not seem like a big deal these days, the F-14s were preferred for CAS missions because of it. When combined with the enhanced LANTIRN pod, it would seem it was the preferred platform in the early years of the war. https://theaviationist.com/2012/09/08/f14-vs-f15/ Also,
  15. How much was this set? Their FB page is a very vague on price and purchase process.
  16. MRP-002 is really the better match to "International Orange" MRP calls it insignia red, but that's really not the right name. They also have another insignia red, MRP-299, which is in fact what most modelers consider insignia red to be. Back to MRP International orange (MRP-232). I find this to be a closer match to the orange that VFA/VA-86 uses for its squadron markings.
  17. It would be cool to have a modern set of Spectre markings representing it's final scheme before the engine fire and retirement.
  18. If a piece of PE or Resin is somewhat difficult to position before the CA will set, I will tack it in place with small dabs of Microscale liqui-tape. Once in the correct position, I'll use thin CA to secure it in place.
  19. I have the HB FB-111 kit inbound. I'll do some comparisons with the Academy kit to see if the wings are interchangeable. Seems like fixing the HB kit parts should be easy. Unfortunately, the current situation in Ukraine is going to be a problem. I actually have an order from Reskit stuck in their postal system in Kyiv.
  20. Do you happen to have any photos of the correction process? Also, I wonder if the Ozmod wing sets for the academy kit could be modified to work in the hobbyboss kits?
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