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  1. Removed more sold items, lowered prices on most items. Will ship decals for free if you buy three or more sheets!
  2. Bump, revised pricing, removed sold items, and noted items that are pending.
  3. I'm looking for Fightertown VF-1 markings from either of these sheets. I would take just the VF-1 decals from 48080 if available. Thanks, Ken
  4. I'm in need of a set of forward fuselage halves for the Hasegawa Tomcats. They need to be from a release other than the initial version from the late 80's (they did some retooling after the initial release). Will pay a reasonable price for the parts or can trade from items off of my FS list here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/310956-fsft-aircraft-armor-aftermarket-and-decals/ Thanks, Ken Young
  5. Fall stash cleaning time. I made a few changes and added some trades I’m looking for. US buyers only. Shipping is extra, but if you buy three or more sheets, I’ll cover shipping. Payment via PayPal money order, or cash. Send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions. CAM Decals 32-109 F-14A VF-84 - $15 Hawkeye Models RAAF F-111C 30 Year Anniversary scheme 1/48 - $15 Hasegawa 1/72 KA-3B Skywarrior kit w/Cutting edge ERA-3B conversion and IPMS VAQ-33 Decals - $55 Superscale - $7 Each 48-122: F-14A VF-111 USS Kitty Hawk 48
  6. bump All prices are listed. Some items in photos have been sold and prices listed account for anything sold.
  7. Haha, I was on the fence whether to sell it. But since you asked, I'll let it go for $45 plus ~$20 parcel post shipping. PM me if you are interested.
  8. Someone made me an offer on the A-10 cockpit that I couldn't refuse. I've listed the kit by itself if you are interested. The BSG Viper is still available. PM me with your shipping info and I'll get you a shipping cost quote. Ken
  9. ****Updated with lower prices on some items**** Trying to thin out the collection a little bit. I'll ship anywhere on Earth that USPS will deliver to. Buyer pays USPS shipping (flat rate priority mail, 1st class, etc) to be computed after a deal is struck. No trades, just straight up sales. Special Note: All of the resin sets have been thoroughly inspected for missing and defective castings at the time of original purchase. If the set had problems with it, I contacted black box for replacements. Some of the sets have extra parts (like ejection seats) that I'm including in the sets. I also
  10. Well, I've finally come to the point in my life where I have realized that completing the ~300 models (+ resin) in my stash won't ever happen. I'm going to start my liquidation sale out with most of my black box stuff, including a few matching models. I'll ship anywhere on Earth that USPS will deliver to. Buyer pays USPS shipping (flat rate priority mail, 1st class, etc) to be computed after a deal is struck. No trades, just Paypal on the barrel head. I need to liquidate quickly, so after 5 days these will go on eBay. Special Note: All of the resin sets have been thoroughly inspected fo
  11. Brian found the mix up and the decals are on their way. As far as I'm concerned, no harm, no foul. Ken
  12. Sorry Brian, my posting on here wasn't actually meant to be a bad trader notice. I probably could have chosen better words for my topic title. As I stated above, I didn't know if you still used your "vfdecals" address and I couldn't get a PM to go through to you. I figured if I posted here, somewhat would speak up and give me the 411. Let me know what you find. Ken
  13. Anyone know what happened to Brian? I just realized he never shipped my 5 sets of F-14 stencils that I bought and paid for back in June. I sent him an email, but it was to his old VFDecals address and I'm not sure if he'll get it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken Young
  14. Lancer512, I've been waiting 4 months, not 4 weeks. Sameer (SAM747) claimed he has mailed the kit several times during this time period. He lives in Canada, and I live in the USA. It's been 6 weeks since he last claimed he mailed it and still nothing. I don't think there is a shipping method from Canada to the USA that takes this long. I've pretty much written it off at this point. Ken
  15. Sameer, Dude, you still don't get it. Did you even read my three simple rules for trading model kits? I don't know what fantasyland you live in, but just because someone else ripped you off doesn't mean it's OK for you to do the same thing to other folks. I never said you didn't answer my PMs. I said you gave me every excuse in the book for not sending the kit you owed me! So you sent all the kits out last Saturday? Well, you told me in a private message dated September 11th that you shipped all your outstanding trades on Monday, September 6th. I just caught you telling another lie
  16. Sameer, The way I see it, there are three main rules of trading model kits. I've lived by these rules for all my trades over on Hyperscale and I've never had a deal go bad. 1) Be completely honest with the guy you're trading with. If you don't have the item or can't afford to send it, don't enter a deal. If you really want an item someone is offering, tell them the situation you're in and see if he'll hold it until you can afford the transaction. I've been in your shoes before, and I know most traders will work with you. 2) Don't wait to send out your kit until your trading partner’
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