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  1. Seems I finally reached the finishline. Unfortunately I have simply no fotography skills, so here are some unedited iphone shots in bad lighting. And another challenge occured surprisingly. Where to store and show the model? At the moment I am investigating some glass showcase manufactures. One word: expensive;) We will see. In the end I learned a lot during the build and I am happy with the result. Not a masterpiece, but how could it be otherwise. In spite of some style and execution errors, I think it is showable. The seemless Intakes:)
  2. A small teaser;) Fortunately -after over twelve months- the masking could be removed without problems:) I am really happy so far. Still a lot of stuff to do. Of course I broke off two of the very tiny master static dispensers while handling the model during installation of the pylons and stabilizers. So I have to correct this first. But I am making progress:) As always comments and critics are appreciated.
  3. Thanks. The canopy was painted and polished afterwards from the inside. It’s a mix of Tamiya clear smoke and clear yellow.
  4. Fortunately most figures are resin and you can peel off your paintwork as often as you want;) And my skills are far away from being professional. One Example? What you see is the result of two kits. I detroyed the first canopy by overheating it during the polishing process. I spilled laquer thinner over the left horizontal stabilizer 4 weeks ago, destroying the paintwork and melting the plastic. What a mess, resulting in one week of filling, sanding, reengraving, priming and painting... And what scares me most is removing the masking tape. It was placed over a year ago. So wish me luck;)
  5. After a long hiatus this project is still going on. Here is some progress. After the really time consuming process of decalling with all the stencils, I applied the next X-22 gloss coat. Then the panel lining followed along with some oil weathering. After all I was able to apply a flat coat on most parts with my new toy. Unfornately I underestimated the sheer amount of colour-flow through this beast, so I run out of XF-86. The top side of the fuselage will follow. Anyway, the finish is in sight;) Already finished parts, ready for final installiation
  6. Looking at the fotos, I think you are right. But in real they seem to look not that pronounced. And I finished the basic paintwork just today. Sometimes it's better to step back, make a break and come back with another - more neutral - point of view. For example the pic of the vertical stabilizer looks just right to me. I have to think about it;) On the other hand, I think it will be much more simple to tone the preshading down, then to bring it back. And finally another point I learned from my test samples, is that the matt cote kills a lot of contrast.
  7. Sorry for the crappy lighting, but these are only iPhone fotos... Basic paintwork done and all major components are ready for glosscote. Decals and several weathering stages will follow. Thanks for looking in. Comments are always welcome.
  8. Only airbrush so far. The following weathering steps will include further airbrush effects and a lot of oil/brush work.
  9. Progress: Next: Topside of the fuselage...
  10. And finally the vertical stabilizers preshaded...
  11. Update;) Preshading almost finished (the vertical stabilizers arn't done yet).
  12. Thank you! First polished in- and outside as described. Then airbrushed from the inside (!) with a mix of Tamiya clear yellow and smoke. Finally I polished it again - very, very carefully, not to polish through the thin coat of clear color;) The advantage is that the outside of the canopy can always receive a repolishing, if necessary. Thanks for looking in and all the motivating encouragement.
  13. Unfortunately I did not find the time to start with the preshading process:( Finally I hope to start the upcoming week... But anyway here is a pic of the finished pylons. Maybe I will add some weathering after mounting them on the airframe. The plane will be displayed witout any loadout, so the really good eduard pylons had to be used. It is unbelievable how many stencil-decals can fit on one pylon;)
  14. There is simply a lack of hobbytime:( But here is a little progress in painting Maskolchipping toned down chips, nosecone ready for masking The eduard pylons are already finished (pics will follow), also are all pitottubes and IRST. So next is preshading the airframe and preparing the Base
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