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  1. Hi, Some photos of the progress on this project: Thanks, Regards, Ayala Botto
  2. Hi, I bought my HMS Ocean (Orange Hobby) 4 months ago from WEM, but I did not yet start it since I'm resuming now to build 1/700 model warships after 5/6 years period dedicated to 1/87 (H0 gauge) scale model trains, as you can notice in my signature. (BTW, why do not visit my page on Facebook and click the "like" button? ) For this reason I'm resuming with easier projects that will make me gaining confidence in order to be more confortable to work on more complex models like HMS Ocean. Starting with some reviews of this model: http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews/ships/hms/amphib/ocean-
  3. It must be a massive model at that scale! Thanks Regards, Ayala Botto
  4. Hi, I built HMS Norfolk (F230) Type 23 Frigate Royal Navy from WEM (1/700 scale resin model) about 6 years ago and now that I resuming building 1/700 model warships, I noticed that the hull looks like a "banana" shape. Any suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Regards, Ayala Botto
  5. Hi, Another recently arrived model to my workbench: HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer from Cyber-hobby (1/700 scale) I already started to paint some parts of this model and I'm using the following WEM Colourcoats references: WEMCC M16 - Modern Royal Navy Deck Grey, Light WEMCC M01 - Modern Royal Navy Light Weatherwork Grey It's the same WEM references I used on my Type 23 Duke Frigate resin model I bought to WEM a few years ago. This time by the photos I've seen it seems the deck grey of the Type 45 Daring destroyers is a little bit darker than the deck grey of the Type 23 Duke Frigates. A
  6. Hi, Just arrived to my workbench: USS Fort Worth LCS-3 from Cyber-hobby (1/700 scale). Thanks. Regards, Ayala Botto
  7. Hi, Some photos of this project. Still missing the airwing and small details. Hope you like it! Thanks. Regards, Ayala Botto
  8. Hi, After almost 5 years I’m resuming to build model warships at 1/700. I ordered the USS New York LPD-21 from Cyber-hobby as well as extra RIM-116 from WEM produced by Orange-hobby. The level of detail of the Orange-hobby RIM's is amazing and they have the correct dimensions. The same cannot be said regarding the original RIM's. I also added Edward railings and SBROC's. The flight deck will have 2x MV-22 Osprey (included in the kit), 1x UH-1N Twin Huey from WEM (Ref. AS 7177) and 2x or 3x AH-1W Super Cobra from WEM (Ref. AS 7176). One of the MV-22 will be folded (main wing and propel
  9. Hi Greg Awesome model! Congratulations! Well done! I'm scratchbuilding HMAS Kanimbla (L51) LST at 1/700 scale and I would like to use 2x Sea Kings (grey pattern) at the aft flight deck and one Australian Army Black Hawk with the same camouflage pattern you used in your 1/48 model on the fwd deck instead of the LCM-8 landing craft. Can you please send me the references of the colours used on your 1/48 Australian Army Black Hawk as well as the camouflage scheme or pattern? Thanks in advance, Regards. Ayala Botto Lisbon, Portugal
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