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  1. im looking for some 1/48 tornado flaps and slats ANY PRICE PAID
  2. Tornado1

    1/72 Eurofighter typhoon

    Hi all anyone know which would be the best eurofighter typhoon 1/72 sacle kit to buy in regards to quality and fit also any extras I have found a pavla resin cockpit for it is this any good? cheers
  3. Hi all I am selling some paragon parts for 1/48 Jaguar these are brand new OOP slats and flaps, afterburners, bulged wheels, recce pod and a neomega ejection set and I am also selling a brand new Eduard Photo etch detail set for it PM me and offer me a price if I dont get a sale on here within the next 2 days They will be going on ebay cheers
  4. Hi all im aftet a 1/48 jaguar gr1/3 ladder
  5. Tornado1

    1/48 Jaguar ladders

    is there anywhere i could get one of these or someone want to sell one
  6. PM sent about Airfix Sepecat Jaguar GR3A/ES (incl. Neomega C29 resin cockpit, Eduard 48-136 GR.1 PE, Paragon resin Vinten recce pod, wheels, afterburners, chaff dispensers, cannon bulges, flaps and slats) - $70 I would like to purchase this
  7. hi all you good people im wondering if anyone will sell me any jaguar 1/48 accessories
  8. does anyone out there have any 1/48 jaguar slats/flaps that i can purchase off them
  9. as the title states im looking for a good 1/48 modern Raf jet kit to build besides from the Tornados any ideas also any nice completed builds of the kits
  10. Tornado1

    tornado gr1 air intake covers

    does anyone know how to make soft mesh air intake covers for the GR1
  11. Tornado1

    help with 1/48 hobbyboss GR1

    How would i go about this and what are the best post shading techniques
  12. Tornado1

    help with 1/48 hobbyboss GR1

    No not primed it has had about 2 thin coats of humbrol 250 matt desert pink
  13. Tornado1

    help with 1/48 hobbyboss GR1

    Just done a coat on this my very first model a gr1 in 1/48 I have never done weathering before and loking for tips on how to weather this effectively. all help will be greatly appreciated My link