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  1. Check this site: http://users.atw.hu/skylaci/e107_plugins/content/content.php?cat.35 🙂
  2. Hi Mark. Please read this http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=6194&page=2 and exactly post 37 -> http://www.zone-five.net/showpost.php?p=64850&postcount=37 but it's Wolfpack resin set for Tamiya, maybe resin set for Trumpeter is better 😉
  3. Shadrik thank you for this great my new wallpaper 😋 Do you have more ?
  4. Hi why does not fit the original Fightertown to Tamiya kit properly ? I have one decals set (1/48 VF-1 F-14A Tomcat Wolfpack "1973 - 1978" FTD48-014R) and I would like to use it with Tamiya F-14A.
  5. Hi. I have got the following set for sale: 1. CEC32180 - F-4B/N Airframe Conversion (Basic Set) 2. CEC32185 - F-4B/N Airframe Conversion (for Tamiya F-4C/D) 3. CEC32187 - F-4B/N Airframe Conversion (for Tamiya F-4J) 4. Custom Aero Minatures (CAM) 1/32 scale F-4B conversion kit 5. CAM decals 32-003, 1/32 SCALE, VF-84, JOLLY ROGERS, F-4B PHANTOM, USS INDEPENDENCE CVA-62, CVW-7, 1965 Everything is brand-new. For request I can send photos with above items for email. Asking for all 200$ + shipping 20$ (USA or EUROPE). You can pay by PayPal or use bank transfer (only for Europe citizen) I can list Ebay auction if you want. Any questions -> PM
  6. lol :D I didn't think that i can buy this from academy. I have to check this. Thanks
  7. Hi guys. I would like to ask you about color of tail code on F-4 i Vietnam. I have got decals sheet from Fox One (FOD 32-004) for F-4C Phnatom II from 8th Wolfpack and all tail codes are in grey colour. Everywhere on photos from Vietnam era I can see that the tail codes are painted in white colors. Do you know why Fox One issued just this color ?
  8. Hi guys. I'm looking for windscreen (front canopy) from F/A-18C/D Academy in 1/32 scale. Of coure I can pay for it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Gary; When will be availabe in SB the seamless intakes for A-6 Intruder 1/32 from Trumpeter? Thanks Arek
  10. Hi All; I'm looking for sprue M with canopy and other clear elements from 1/48 A-4 Hasegawa. If you have please contact with me, I hope that we can deal.
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