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  1. Hi. Ziggyfoos I would like to take this opportunity to ask you. Are you going to issue decals for A-7 Corsair II from Vietnam War in 1/32 and 1/48 scale ? thx.
  2. I remembered tonight that several years ago I bought on Ebay stand from Noy but in 1/72 scale. So I have got dimmension concrete plate. In 1/72 single concrete plate has dimmension: 78mm x 52mm In 1/48 should has: 117mm x 78mm In 1:1 should has about 5,6m x 3,7 m Thanks for any help.
  3. I would like to build Vietnam parking place from gypsum in 1/48 scale and I want to ask you about dimension one concrete plate in the parking position. For example on this photo we can see parking place where are several concrete plates. Does anyone know where I can find detailed information about this plate? Thanks in adavance.
  4. Check this site: http://users.atw.hu/skylaci/e107_plugins/content/content.php?cat.35 🙂
  5. Hi Mark. Please read this http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=6194&page=2 and exactly post 37 -> http://www.zone-five.net/showpost.php?p=64850&postcount=37 but it's Wolfpack resin set for Tamiya, maybe resin set for Trumpeter is better 😉
  6. Shadrik thank you for this great my new wallpaper 😋 Do you have more ?
  7. Hi why does not fit the original Fightertown to Tamiya kit properly ? I have one decals set (1/48 VF-1 F-14A Tomcat Wolfpack "1973 - 1978" FTD48-014R) and I would like to use it with Tamiya F-14A.
  8. Hi. I have got the following set for sale: 1. CEC32180 - F-4B/N Airframe Conversion (Basic Set) 2. CEC32185 - F-4B/N Airframe Conversion (for Tamiya F-4C/D) 3. CEC32187 - F-4B/N Airframe Conversion (for Tamiya F-4J) 4. Custom Aero Minatures (CAM) 1/32 scale F-4B conversion kit 5. CAM decals 32-003, 1/32 SCALE, VF-84, JOLLY ROGERS, F-4B PHANTOM, USS INDEPENDENCE CVA-62, CVW-7, 1965 Everything is brand-new. For request I can send photos with above items for email. Asking for all 200$ + shipping 20$ (USA or EUROPE). You can pay by PayPal or use bank transfer (only for Europe citizen) I can list Ebay auction if you want. Any questions -> PM
  9. lol :D I didn't think that i can buy this from academy. I have to check this. Thanks
  10. Hi guys. I would like to ask you about color of tail code on F-4 i Vietnam. I have got decals sheet from Fox One (FOD 32-004) for F-4C Phnatom II from 8th Wolfpack and all tail codes are in grey colour. Everywhere on photos from Vietnam era I can see that the tail codes are painted in white colors. Do you know why Fox One issued just this color ?
  11. Hi guys. I'm looking for windscreen (front canopy) from F/A-18C/D Academy in 1/32 scale. Of coure I can pay for it. Thanks in advance.
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