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  1. if you buy the Tamiya P-47M kit you get this fin fillet and two others. along with 4 propellers ,various radio masts and parts to move the landing light to allow for the compressability flaps (also included.)
  2. I think you did better on those figures than I could have done.
  3. if you are lucky enough to have one. I suspect they will now go on sale again 🙂
  4. PFlint

    Mauve 1:48 P-40M/N

    the instrument panel was different on some sub-blocks of the N your kit may not have them on the photo-etched tree. most people would probably not notice if you do not point it out to them. 🙂
  5. PFlint

    Best 1:48 P-40?

    for the most part I agree with Joe above. the new Airfix P-40B/C (Tomahawk) is certainly the kit we have been waiting for for 50 years. the old Monogram kit (1969) is accurate in size,shape and external details but it's cockpit and landing gear bays are not up to today's standards. the wing-to-fuselage join was a thin piece of plastic butt-joined to the fuselage ; I can't tell you haw many have broken over the years. I have three copies of the Haegawa P-40E (Warhawk/Kittyhawk) and that is certainly the finest E model I have built it even comes with a DF loop and the camera under the wing! that shows how well they researched the P-40 including some rarely used items. I do not have a Hasegawa M or N (Kittyhawk MK III and MK IV) to compare with the Mauve/Eduard kit but the Mauve kit is good enough for most people. it has fewer pieces and an easier assembly than the Hasegawa P-40E ;but also does not have as detailed a cockpit or landing gear bays. one advantage in the eduard re-boxing of the Mauve kit is a wider variety of decals (as opposed to just 2 in the Mauve release) and they are thinner than the ones by Mauve ,that were thick like Tamiya or Hasegawa decals. have a nice day !
  6. I believe that simple questions do not have simple answers. http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/02/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us_part2.htm personally , I like to do mine in Bronze Green ; it's different than most of the other WWII aircraft I do.
  7. or you could buy the Nichimo kit of the Kate -it comes with a torpedo and bombs. (might be hard to find , though 😞 )
  8. PFlint

    1/48 Zvezda Pe-2

    that kit is on my want-to-buy list your kit looks to be well-built and well-photographed.
  9. what part do you need? is it just the history or the whole instructions? because I guarantee the instructions have not changed.
  10. all of them are very nice ! my favorite is the Falcon coming in for a landing at Tatooine
  11. PFlint

    ZVEZDA models?

    Yeah, I would like an accurate Yak-7 that also has some compatible parts with the early Yak-9's 🙂 (to do a couple of prototype aircraft)
  12. PFlint

    ZVEZDA models?

    ah ...but the Yak-9D/B/R have the cockpit in the forward position. for the Yak-9T it was moved aft 400 MM to allow for the 37MM cannon ,and all follow-on models have the same. (Yak-9T,K,DD,M,U and P) at present the only kits of the Yak-9/9D in 48th scale that I know of are by cooperative (poor plastic kit) and Missing Link (good quality all-resin kit)
  13. PFlint

    ZVEZDA models?

    ....a Yak-9B/D/R , like the Dakoplast kit but in 48th scale !!!
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