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  1. did she take a tumble off a high shelf? that's what happened to my 1701-B - it ended up in about nine pieces. 😞
  2. did you get the patches ??? the post office said they should have arrived Friday
  3. took me a while to find them but I have Typhoon Hellcat Corsair Avenger. basically yours for the asking mostly just need a snail-mail address to send them to
  4. It's looking good so far. Please keep up the good work!
  5. it looks like it could fly. Superb job on that ! I also have that set of decals and I am also doing that same aircraft using the Eduard kit
  6. http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Ordnance/FAB50/index.php I usually do mine in sort of tarmac / blacktop sort of look - semi-matt off-black (Lacquer no. 67)
  7. any more images of USS Belknap ??? (one of my favorite designs from Starship Design) and yes Thank You for posting these ^
  8. I should probably not ask the stupid question ????? is it less expensive or more expensive than the kit in a Hasegawa box ????
  9. I was liking the blue plastic right up to the point you covered it in black paint. then I was going ???? then the gray primer ????? so are going to use Light Ghost Gray and Dark Ghost Gray like on the F-14 , F-15 and F-18 ???
  10. your diorama photo looks like a still from the movie! well done !
  11. ah ! you thought no one would notice. we see how you are now 😎
  12. Impressive ! but , why did you flop the footage of the Battlecruiser ? ( 3 cargo hatches on the portside of the front of the engineering hull,not the subspace antenna array)
  13. somebody is a master at destroying Starships ! well done I hate to see these ladies looking this way , but you are obviously good at it.
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