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  1. just putting this back to top. only a few more days! and remember there will be lots of vendors!
  2. just letting people know there is Air Cad-Con coming up soon. check the photos i loaded. this year is supposed to be a little different. more like the first year run by the modelers. i got 4 tables this year and i am going to sell off my built car collection of over 100 cars at $1 each. come check it out!
  3. the show went pretty good. it was a bit bigger then last year and a good variety of models in the categories. I will be going back for sure next time they have one and will post here again when I get the info.
  4. i'm hoping it will be much bigger this year since its there second show and there was no London or Guelph show this year. one thing I like better then the other shows is they give ribbons for each entry. first place is a medal and second and third are ribbons.
  5. coming up soon! I will be going. anyone else know if they can make it?
  6. JTF3

    Popeyes on F16s

    just wanna know if I need that pod
  7. does anyone know or have a pic if the F16 needs the little ASW-55 data link pod on a pylon when it is using the popeye missle?
  8. what kinds of bombs do the germans use right now? cluster bombs? US stuff? free fall stuff or LGB? also do they have maverick or harms? or alarms?. can anyone give me an idea or a page that might have that info? I want to build a Eurofighter in an armed recce loadout
  9. JTF3


    does anyone do a kit of the X-29 in 1/48?
  10. looking for this kit Monogram 1/48 F-20 Tigershark
  11. looking to trade brand new 1/48 kinetic F16E block 60 singe seater. looking for trade in the $50-$60 range. modern stuff of main interest. 1/48 or 1/32. thanks
  12. LF tamiya 1/48 F16 flir pod. have lots to trade or will buy. thanks Trevor
  13. I have one with donor kits. I would be willing to sell but not cheap. if your interested send me a pm I can send pics.
  14. JTF3

    AIM-9 colors

    I am looking for the proper colors for the AIM-9 L and P. I am doing an early F16.
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