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  1. I'll be interested to see how you go Rusty Fang πŸ˜„ Don't forget all those other ideas you had about the 1/48 bizjets as well. I'd also like to get into 3D printing but I can't be bothered with the CAD just now. I'll follow along and quiz you about cetain aspects down the road when you have the good 'gen'
  2. That looks great, the decals have a lot of great detail! I am doing a USAF version, still deciding on which base/unit i t will be form. Had originally planned to do a Kadena based jet from about 10-15 years ago but we will see.
  3. Nice to see new and accurate parts for the E-3 Jost. I used the Contrails set which was poorly shaped on mine, I reshaped the parts the best I could and then scratch built extras. I wish your stuff was around when I started mine! Here is mine as it stands now, I will be finishing it up shortly
  4. Try this https://www.facebook.com/hamilton.hobbiesaustralia
  5. A friend in Australia has started the build of this, he has posted some progress on FB
  6. Thanks Fred, there is a bit of work. The plastic is thin and you ned to pin the resin tail planes and vertical stab. The kit is basic and some parts are incorrectly shaped, I corrected them and added stuff missed by Welsh. I also have the Welsh Wedgetail to build one day, I hear BPK will be releasing a Wedgetail as well some time.
  7. Thanks guys, it's the Welsh Models kit with a lot of modifications finished last year.
  8. Brother Dutch, I also has a cursory look at the sheet and thought it looked rather nice, and then noticed the anomalies. I'll just leave this here... ....and you're welcome πŸ˜„ I would like to do a USN P-8, so yes a BPK kit may be the way A very common sense approach Kursad, that's why you sheets are so good! πŸ˜„
  9. Just be aware, half the roos are going the wrong way for the RAAF jets, and if doing the RAAF 100 tail art option (A47-012) decals for only one side of the tail are supplied (should have 2 sets of tail markings).
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