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  1. Chaps... don't take this the wrong way.. but (copied from a post I made on another forum) Everyone seems to be building their hopes up of KH dropping an AZ nose on us, but I highly doubt it will happen- 1. The F1A was originally only operated by 2 countries. Libya and South Africa. Gabon now fly our old AZs as we all know. A grand total of 48 F1 A aircraft were produced. So then they could only produce kits to cover 3 Air Forces, not a huge market. 32 possible F1AZ serials, but multiple paint schemes for SAAF birds 16 possible F1AD serials, not sure of paint schemes, but I suspect only one
  2. Woop! Put me down for 2 of each! I was contemplating an AH-1Z build the other day... Comprising of... AH-1W Resin turned exhausts, etc etc, Resin Bell 412 conversion kit (for the rotor head) Cobra Company cockpit.... Plent of elbow grease.. but now... now I just have to wait!
  3. I think we're putting the cart before the horse here, guys.... We've had no confirmation that there will be an AZ, nor have they said there wont. Perhaps a later release. There were two operators of the Mirage F1-A, so its actually a very limited market.... Nothing would make me happier than to see the return of an F1-AZ in 48 but I think we are going to have to stick with the increasingly rare and out of production Scaleworx F1-AZ conversion set. Libya operated the F1-AD http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww3/f/58/40/0 click the top profile....
  4. Always nice to see SAAF models getting built on international benches... 2 minor details that sprung out to me...while your F1 is an AZ... it carries a 3 Squadron unit badge on the tail. The Mirage F1AZ was flown by 1 Sqn, although initially 1 Sqn pilots were trained at 3 Sqn (as they had their CZ interceptors before the AZs arrived in SA), and the Springbok on your wing insignia, should be jumpin in towards the fuselage. Other than that.. shes a beautiful killer :)/>
  5. G'day mate... Thanks for the reply.. but your links dont seem to work this side of the world. Hmm...
  6. Hi there guys, My apologies if there is a duplicate thread buried in the depths of the forums.... but seeing as I'm not in the U.S... I feel a new thread may be warranted The right wing from my 1/48 Hasegawa F-16D is so badly warped that I doubt it can be fixed at all (I've done some reading about using steam and/or hairdryers to straighten warped parts)... this one is so bad I think its beyond saving. Sadly I bought the kit on a blowout sale from a shop that closed down so I cant exactly return it. So my next option is to try and source a spare/replacement. I did see that some guys here ha
  7. Thanks so much for the reply!! You link certainly will help.
  8. Hi there gents, My father has just retired from a lengthy career in avation.. including 20 years in the South African Air Force. To commemorate his work I want to build an AT-6 (we call them Harvards here).. with the serial number of the aircraft he soloed in. This is the easy part, I have the kit and have had decals printed. What I want to do, is how to motorize the thing? My knowledge of electrics is a little shocking.. but I understand enough to be able to do basic wiring. I also have the Nichimo 1/20 C172 sitting in my stash that I could use as a reference. For the electric motors I was
  9. Very nicely done, my only suggestion would be to maybe do a mild/light wash to bring out the panel lines a bit. I've got this kit sitting in my stash... I'm just trying to improve my skills a bit more before I butcher it! lol
  10. Great to see a RhoAF build! My dad flew Allo3s in the SAAF for a few years, and had a tail rotor failure in one... which killed his posting onto fast jets (Air Force docs told him no ejection seats)... I'll always remember the oh-so-distinctive whine of the Allo 3, as one or two flew over as a young boy. The men who flew those machines in combat have my absolute respect. No bullet proof perspex, not armor plating. The only thing that had any form of armor was the pilot's seat.
  11. Harvard- Heller boxing. CL13 Mk6 Sabre- Hasegawa OOB, Scaleworx Old School Mirage paint set I look forward to posting more builds as they get done, and hearing feedback from fellow builders.
  12. Hi fellow builders, After being a forum lurker for quite some time, I decided to sign up and start posting as there seem to be alot of good guys on the forum and as always, a VAST amount of research information available if one is just ready to search or ask for help. A little about me... 26 year old South African, I hold a South African Multi-Engine Commercial Pilots License and Grade 3 Instructors rating. I was born into aviation, as my family have been involved in flying since it started South Africa. My Grandfather's uncle was the 3rd pilot to be trained in country, we have his license
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