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  1. Here is my latest work, Kittyhawk's UH-1H Huey in 1/48 scale. The model itself is not as good as Tamiya or Edurad, but it is by far the best one in 1/48th scale.I had some minor problems during the assembly, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. The major drawback is the instructions, so keep that in mind if you want to build one. Referneces and photos are crucial with this build. I have to thank mr. Floyd Werner for all the provided photos and information. Without them, I would be lost. Enough talking, enjoy the pics. Model: Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1D Huey Extras: Eduard 49861 - int
  2. HI, Yes, this isn't a typo... Don't ask me how (because i am not allowed to tell), but I have one photo ethch detail set for sale in 1/48 for 1/48 Ta-152 H-1 from ZM. I know for a fact that there are only two sets like this existing in the world. I will use one for my upcoming build, but this one is available. Link... https://www.ebay.com/itm/233793342844 Please check my other items for sale... there are some other rare items for sale too. Thank you!
  3. You can find us on our FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Offsetmodels You might find some other items that interest you...
  4. Yep, those from Uschi are great. And also scuffed scrubbing pads are good choice too. Here are one of my examples. I used black and white over Mr.Surfacer...
  5. Texture templates are the way to do it. Super easy to do with way better control compared to salt.
  6. Not exactly an airplane, but airplane related. I usually build airplanes and I started building Su-33 and planned to make some sort of diorama with it. But the problem was, I couldn’t find any appropriate vehicle to place it next to it. Digging through web, I found good photos of tow tractor russians use on Admiral Kuznetsov carrier. So I’ve decided to build one, or better say 3D model one. Model was 3D printed by my friend with resin printer, and during that process we decided that we should make model available for other modellers too. So we made some PE parts, decals and instructions as wel
  7. Hi, not sure if thir is the right place to put this question. I am currently working on 1/48 scale deck diorama and as a part of deck setting i am planning to make/build the new version of the USN tow tractor. I have already modelled it in 3D software and i'm planning to print it, but i have big probem as I have no idea how big it should be. Does anybody know or is able to give me the measures of this beast? I would really appreciate any help - even the tire size is good enough for me to recalculate the exact measurments. Thank you in advance and Happy New Year to
  8. Don't use oil based paint (testors, revell, humbrol) . Acryilics are the way to go. (Mr.Color, Gunze H, Tamiya). Also the clear coat should be acrylic.
  9. Just paint it like you planned to and then dip the canopy in the future....
  10. Roll it to the desired thickness, shape it. Then cover it with talcum powder just before you put it on the horse back. Wait until it hardens.
  11. Instead of putting down newspaper You should also consider putting damp paper towel over the newspaper. That way the dust will stick to it and not get blown up and over your freshly painted kit.
  12. What I do prior to any serious painting is: -vacuum the entire room -clean all level areas (desk, etc) with dust cloth - when painting try to keep your model as vertical as possible. - after spraying, I'd store freshly painted kit under a plastic box I guess the collection of dust also depends of the paint you are using. Enamels take longer to dry, so they will collect more dust. Lacquer paint dry almost instantly, so less dust will stick to the paint.
  13. I use windex (Ajax... anything ammonia based) window cleaer for resin parts. Surfacer 1200 for primer. Never had any problems.
  14. The best there is... I can't tell You how great this one is...
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