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  1. Pretty rough bill to pay here, chaps: Randomly reading Business Insider, I never thought I would come up with this story. Here's light Sunday reading: http://www.businessinsider.com/boeing-737-fuselages-fell-into-a-montana-river-2014-7
  2. Yep Eric! We are talking in the same trend. Communicating trough a screen is always a tweak to insure we pass the correct message. To sum up, I completely agree with MoFo in and this sums up well the whole situation: "And yet nobody along the line batted an eye, or thought that maybe they should give it a second look. The parts were printed, examined, okayed, cast in resin, test prints examined and okayed, put into full production, several hundred sets poured, bagged, boxed up and shipped out and at no point along that chain did anyone think "hmmm, I wonder if our customers will be mad that the side console is just one big indiscernible blob?" What hurts ... but really hurts, is that if these resin parts were great,than the model would be unanimously applauded. Because all other items are fantastic!
  3. Sorry to all, but I could only return now to this topic. You see Eric, please allow me to disagree. Let's say "1/48" does not mean seeing something seen 48 meters away. An object 96mm high and 48 mm wide in your left hand can be represented in your right hand in 1/48 scale by having 2mm high and 1mm wide. And they are both at close contact. I am very tolerant, specially to newcomers that have a will to do something new and gladly this is the case. In the case of the Alphajet everything really seems to be the best possibly available. Kinetic kit is frankly fantastic, Kabuki markings too, decals are the very best in design money can buy and the metal pitot tube is the cherry on top of the cake. So these are all 10's! Therefore, what happened to the resin to be the complete opposite of all this top quality? First mistake, and the biggest too, was to place these parts in the kit. As the detail is absent, the parts are senseless. I would like to take Andreas arguments and tolerate a beginners fault, that happens to all. But I won't because the story is not clear and Andreas may believe in it, falling in the same thing the next time: One of the biggest causes newcomers fail in entrepreneurial projects, not alone in modelling, is to take the word of who they subcontract as an absolute true. Someone may have told him that,but inspecting the resin parts one sees that it has no correspondence. If there were problems with overscaling detail to make it visible, than all modeling themes and all aftermarket sets would suffer from the same. And they don't. But second, detail, even if small, would be visible - and it is not. And third - the shapes would be there - and they are not. Only some very soft, vague and abstract shapes without correspondence to reality. These resin parts, specially the tub, only show a very basic understatement of 3D modelling software and a very light approach: We are in 2014, how many hundreds of sets are out there! And that is why I am writing - in order to focus the real problem: A lazy job or a soft job that spoils the overall product. And the people doing it had previous experience - so why did this happened? Wingman really wanted to deliver a top quality product. That is perfectly perceivable. However, correct management has to be hard when this happens: These resin parts would never be placed in the box, and excuses should have never been accepted. I sincerely hope, Wingman and Andreas will bring many more new releases in a future nearby, but benchmark competitors and take no bush league parts in premium kits. I like premium kits, I like initiatives, I like newcomers. I hope I could be clear regarding this issue: Please see things well before selling them! Please do! Above all, don't take this again!
  4. I don't usually do this, but today I was with some great old chaps that are pure Aircraft modelers, and showed them this miniature. They were so amazed, I really felt I had to share it with the great guys I know here. Friends are for life, so is this kit! Appreciate it well folks. Sculture by Seung-Yeop Lee and painting by Sang-Eon Lee. Coming soon to a model shop near you :) And here's a page of references to bookmark :) http://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/01/go-on-you-think-of-better-title-than.html#more Cheers! And happy Sunday to all!
  5. Well, I don't know where to start. First, I red reviews highly praising the resin parts of Wingman Kfirs. Then, reading this topic, the parts are everything but great. I would like to add something, now about the Alpha Jet. First, Andreas, allow me to congratulate you for the initiative of releasing the kit of the Portuguese Alpha's. Also, allow me to add that the decals are greatly produced and the Kinetic model is, frankly awesome. I don't know why the Kinetic Alpha Jet is not subject of many topics a bit all around, perhaps because the subject itself is not so "popular", but it is a pity, because Kinetic pattern makers exceed themselves in this release. It may not be an Emil, or a Spit but it is a fantastic miniature. My concern are the resins. These are copies of one of my samples: Please Anders, this is not a shot, take this as pure disappointment: Have you ever looked at these parts before releasing the kit? I am going to be the most honest that I can: If someone would present me these masters I would ask him to do it all over again. Please realize why I am saying this: First the tub is severely less detailed than the plastic part it is supposed to replace in the excellent Kinetic model. And second because I red your statements but someone did not told you the whole story: The throttle quadrant is replicated as a combination of two triangles and a cylinder: It is a very basic knowledge of 3D modelling: This is how things start to model a shape, but it is not how things end, far from it. I hope I can express myself clearly through a screen, here. So the result is a part devoided of detail. When you say you saw the parts on a screen before, please believe me: On a print and on a screen a cylinder is a cylinder: But a throttle quadrant is a shape far more involving rather than this. Please understand, the price we pay is a premium price. So, a premium price requires premium parts. What we bring home is a model where the resin parts are a downgrade of the plastic parts. This is frankly something new to me. Positively: the decals are great, the Kabuki masking are fantastical well produced, the donor model is an amazing kit no one must forget, the metal pitot tube is a great bonus and the resin pod is greatly made too. But negatively ... please understand, the cockpit parts are, how can I say, if I can use these terms, they are "soft", "dull", "unappealing". Their detail, particularly the tub, is absent. :(/>/> I belong to the group that makes his own cockpits if things are not ok ... if the kit had costed me a dine I would never complain, but for this price I had to show my feelings, particularly because someone decided to place these parts in the market, and may be thinking they are fine, when they are not - with my total honesty it has to be the very first time I see resin parts lower on detail than the injection moulded parts they intend to replace :(/>/> To end positively, Andreas, congratulations above all on your efforts! There are many other Portuguese Alpha's you may wish to create decals. This is just one example: I sincerely hope so! And please take our comments the positive way. Sincerely, improve the resin parts, inspect them well, confrontate them with the real parts, confrontate them with the plastic parts they intend to replace, confrontate them with your competitors, demand more (and frankly more!) from the modelling guys you work with, and you'll be a winner! You have good ideas and good concepts, you bring fresh air, but please don't let yourself be fooled by parts that don't even look they are aircraft parts. Best wishes on your business Andreas! Raymond, if you're also reading this - congratulate everyone in the Kinetic team! This Alpha is true premiere league! Bring many more like these along the pipe in a future nearby!
  6. Janne outstanding reply! :)/> thanks a lot! Just forgive me the delay, my week was a complete mess! But here's the weekend! :)/> All the best to the next steps! You have two winners coming up! Keep the excellent work!
  7. Janne you're really helping so many of us! I don't know how many modellers will follow this topic in the years to come, but sincerely it will become an one stop reference regarding what Kfir to buy! Marvellous work! Please, if I can ask: In the images it is visible some indents and some thin putty lines around the bottom nose of the AMK Kfir. The Kinetic kit seems much cleaner. If I can ask, and speaking about your own experience, how would you compare the fit of both models? Thanks! And is it me or are the trailing edge movable surfaces dimensionally slightly different? At least the AMK seems to be fixed and Kinetic can be dropped. Many photographs show the real Kfir with a slight drop when parked in the tarmac. Food to talk :D
  8. Hey Janne! This is public service at it's very best! Many thanks for this sharing and for all your altruism. I was really divided reflecting about which one to buy, this topic really helps immensely! Keep this energy until the end! Tack så mycket :D
  9. I rarely do this, however, for future memory take a look at these two. I really lack adjectives to properly qualify this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Jagdwaffe-Colours-Battle-Britain-Phase-Four-/250849854336?pt=Non_Fiction&hash=item3a67d10380#ht_913wt_654 http://cgi.ebay.com/130549496168?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.com%3A80%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dp5197.m570.l1313%26_nkw%3D130549496168%26_sacat%3DSee-All-Categories%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1#ht_500wt_901
  10. How about this great way to start 2011: http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=60321 Let it roll! (and better start save some pennies right now! :-) )
  11. I don't know if these shots can be helpful to you. I made these images some time ago, in a step by step f-16AM and especially to show that even with the kit plastic parts you can achieve fine results. If someone would ask me if there is some kind of "secret", I would reply: Only one – pin a large size photo of the real turbine near your airbrush. The rest is easy Colors are Alclad Jet Exhaust, Burnt Metal and Dark Aluminium applied until I can match the photo in front of me. In these shots the ceramic white interior of the turbine and the blue ring don't appear yet. If you need more, just say :)
  12. One more help please guys, regarding the F-14D NE-100 from VF-2 during operation Iraqui Freedom: This well known veteran as displayed here, in this supperb painting by Mike Postlelthwaite: What seats this aircraft had? On page 57 of the previous book there is an image of it with the canopy opened and they look SJU-17's with the spike canopy breakers installed, but due to similarities with the SJU-5 would like more opinions. Second, any of you already attempted to use the Bomb rails of Tamiya 1/32 Tomcat (only in the Black knights edition) in the belly of the Trumpeter F-14D? Would love to hear experiences in cross over the ordinance parts of these two kits. THANKS!
  13. What a great reading too FalkeEins! Thanks for sharing it! :wacko:
  14. Guys, let me just say that I also thought alone about the under wing twin Mg-151 20mm gun pods. They are available at least in this Dragon kit: The parts are included in sprue "E" They looked like this in the real aircraft: To my knowledge the 20mm gun pods are not available in the Tamiya, Eduard and Hasegawa proposals but frankly I don’t know all boxes released, specially Hasegawa, because as we know, releases permanently re-boxes of existing tooling with different markings and contents. So I would like to hear if you know alternative Wurger boxes with the Wb-151 gondolas. The other ones, the MK-103 30mm guns: Are included, as Isaac stated, at least in the Eduard F-8 kit.
  15. Thanks guys! I liked the article a lot too! Hope many more in the near future! Matt, the underwing 20mm gun pods, to my knowledge, are not present neither in Eduard, Hasegawa or Tamiya kits. But I don't know all boxes, so I hope I am not beeing incorrect. You can find very nice images of these gondolas in the first of four Kagero Monographs about the FW-190. Go to page 29, and then just read along! :) Regarding your excellent description about your experiences in flight sim's. Those experiences brought to my mind the excellent Osprey Aviation Elite book "Sturmgruppen": The book has incredible accounts of those real days and the descriptions are, in fact, very similar to your descriptions! The Wurger, with all those armor add ons was not maneuverable and was an easy prey to the Allied aircraft around. What amazed me the most was a description of a German pilot stating: "Flying our aircraft in the direction of a box formation of B-17 was similar to put yourself bellow the shower, where each drop is a .50 bullet. You simply can’t get away from being hit†If you like the subject, you'll love this book too! Highly recommended!
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