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  1. Saw my first A400M yesterday, sadly no pics as I was finishing a long day's drive from PEI. It was French airforce parked at YHZ.
  2. The news isn't good. The only thing to be thankful for is the crash was away from the crowd. RIP to the pilot.
  3. I shot this bird a couple of years ago here in Halifax, she sure gets around!
  4. recon flights are unarmed to avoid provoking the other side. If this flight had a pair of fighters with it, it could've caused an international incident/war. The flights are taking place over disputed territory so the Chinese already see it as an invasion of their airspace, throw in armed fighters and it makes things much worse. Same as when Russian TU-95s test our reaction they do it alone and without fighters.
  5. I have friends who had to evacuate, no word yet if their home has been damaged in any way but they're safe. Also have a cousin who is a civilian fire fighter and EMT from Cold Lake who is on the front lines fighting the fire. It's a terrible situation but it's really great to see the country coming together to help out.
  6. It is yup, first time I've seen one. Last time I saw Cubana here was the delivery flight of their first AN-158. While they do operate flights from Halifax during the winter for tourists they lease A319's and A320's from Avion Express for those flights.
  7. Went spotting for the first time in a long time, saw the usual local stuff but of note got a glimpse at one of the Coast Guard's new choppers looks like a new version of a jet ranger can't remember the designation and didn't have my camera ready for it when he came in. What I wanted to see was this... Stopped I assume to top the tanks on the way from Madrid to Havana as it was scheduled and not a diversion and I believe they have done this in the past when there's a strong headwind across the pond.
  8. Sounds like santa may have moved from the north pole to Japan...
  9. Got a couple of "blood moon" or whatever the internet says is right, shots myself. Almost every eclipse around here is blocked by clouds or I was otherwise occupied(work, kids, etc...) so getting to see this one was extra special for me.
  10. From The Atlantic Canada Airshow this past weekend in Summerside
  11. Last week we were in PEI enjoying a day at the beach when all of a sudden this popped out of the blue at fairly low level(this is without my zoom lens). Was taking part in a SAR exercise.
  12. I don't have the patience to do that kind of detail but I love seeing others do it and this looks fantastic!
  13. Dcs for sure, for civilian I preferred fsx but x plane is good too and a bit more realistic fsx just ran better on my machine. But for any of these you really need a flight sitck of some sort. I need a new one myself. It can become an expensive hobby like modelling, but thanks to the Internet deals can be found all over.
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