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  1. The colors appear to be quite different due to different camera and lighting, so it's difficult. When putting the colors of the fan deck side by side, the contrast does appear to be stronger too, maybe indeed closer. But the chips do not look all that bad, in fact when put together in the upper left corner, the difference in contrast compared to fan is not that great. Anyway, color from different photos are unrealiabe and can not be compared, my points is just that we can get different impression of contrast. And I have no real thing to compare at all, but just from the technology
  2. I don't like to say it, but I think there's a bit of optical illusion here 🙂 The soft edges of the camo weakens the contrast a bit. I draw 2 "paint chips" here on the photo, the contrast on my monitor is not that weak? Certainly stronger than it appears on the photo of the fan deck. Not sure how fan decks are printed, my understanding is that printing base on CMYK can reproduce even less colors than digital photos/displays(RGB model), so I would prefer actual paint chips.
  3. Indeed, someone basically give it away, with the contest still a week to go, Raymond may not be amused.
  4. Interesting. But such variations must be more of exceptions than rules? Otherwise what the FS is for, the whole standard is a total waste of time then. I'd probably ignore the exceptions, but I'm no expert about such things at all, it's interesting for me to read about it. Squadron markings are different, they are usually small and colorful, the colors are so much stronger, so errors are less noticeable I think.
  5. Errr... it's not about squadron decorations, it's about low vis color scheme. RichardL is right, if decal manufacturers won't just design their decals base on some home depot colors, it will help to make it looks right and also get the contrast right for the stencil decals, then one can fade, weather, change colors of everything together. If stencils already disappeared, then there is no way to fix it.
  6. I totally agree. Reference photos just do not help much, unless one likes and wants to replicate how it looks on particular photos. Also IMO things like highlight, fading, etc. often just make models looks like models, but that's just me. Anyway, whoever thinks it's a waste of time, not the way to enjoy the hobby or whatever, they can always try to ignore it. There can be many ways to approach the hobby. What is right for you may not be right for others.
  7. Wow, all clear canopy parts are slide molded! Also a first in phantom kits, just to replicate that tiny bit of omega shape and the rivets details on the frames I guess. Anyway, shapewise this is going to be the perfect kit again. Edit: OK, academy ones are silde molded too, but not ZM.
  8. Hobbyboss MV-22 only 60$??? Where? From what I've seen, in terms of details there is just no comparison, the details of the MV-22 is no better than Hasegawa's 1/72, especially the tilt rotor mechanism is worse, basically not there. Yes, I will buy two Minibase kits too, one for build and one for looking at :-)
  9. Wow, I thought the cockpit tub was the plastic/kit part for a moment... then I remember that the kit parts are flat.
  10. Yes, the outside and lower edges are fairly thick and rounded, but the top and inner edges are quite sharp, must has some thing to do with aerodynamics. http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/michael_block/fa-18e_165898/images/fa-18e_165898_04_of_20.jpg
  11. On a test shot the intake doesn't look good unfortunately, the top and inner edges could be done sharper. One could try to thin it, but that will leave visible wedges. Maybe the production version will be different.
  12. Indeed, I just realised that the exhaust should be rounded, while the edge of the exhaust looks OK, the facets can be seen on the side. Not interested in the cart at all, but the wheels look funny with those polygons/facets.
  13. Yes, but I bought the original some months ago... The AMK metal gear has a small detail that is not correct though, probably a compromise of the manufacturing, the printed one should be better.
  14. Looks like it's already in sale in China, for 688 RMB or almost 90 EUR. Hope the printed parts would be available separately.
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