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  1. Although Raanan Wise knows he's Israeli Vipers, there is a breach of logic in that statement. Firstly, all F-16's from block 25/30/32 onwards have the capability to guide and launch AIM-120's, it follows from the development path of the Viper. You just need the right software update at worst Then, although rarely if ever seen, Israeli Vipers should be able to carry the Darby radar guide missile. Derby can be carried on the 16S210 rails, same as the Pythons. The F-16I is however the one model that regularly carries the AIM-120 as seen on plenty of photos.
  2. And you will see that the small stabs are only on the block 1/5/10 jets, not on the block 15's. Ie E-17x-E-19x, and ET-2xx.
  3. Simply a choice of not upgrading.
  4. Niels


    Nice, thanks buddy
  5. Niels


    Hi Storm Checked my references and you're right, there is a unit in the 8FW that also has the SEAD/DEAD role - the 80FS. I haven't seen any of the 35FS with HTS pod though?
  6. Niels


    The 36FS 51FW PACAF flies block 40 in SEAD/DEAD role, carrying both the HTS pod and AGM-88 HARM missile, and using the block 40 in the full operational specter. They are the only SEAD/DEAD unit outside of the continental US (and Japan) that has this role. The CCIP update to the C/D fleet allowed all to be brought up to effectively the same stanards, now refered to as CM/DM. The block 30/32 came from an earlier "stock" and was through the CUPID program brought up to similar level. The A/B was captured in teh MLU program, which eventually was "merged" with CCIP in Tape As for the
  7. Seems to be a recurring thing these days, many F-15E's are now without tailband even if the rest of the markings remain low-viz. I suppose there is 3 things with this; 1) you save money and maintenance time by not spending so long in the paint barn applying unit specific markings. 2) fleet wide you could move aircraft more freely between units. The RNoAF have done this with both the F-16 and F-35 fleet, so no squadron markings since ~2004 for us. 3) It aligns more with the new 5th gen aircraft coming into service. Yes, these often have squadron markings but again lo
  8. Clear the backlog, move March to April for an expanded April release, and have a sensible workload in the process. Most of us should be able to wait in my opinion, but aknowledge that not everyone necessarily feel the same way ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘
  9. Aren't Scalemates good enough? 107294-29-instructions.pdf (scalemates.com)
  10. Thanks! Not sure I have the time inbetween meetings etc, so will have to try out the local shops and see what might be.
  11. Hi Travelling next weekend to Houston and was wondering where the best hobby shops may be? I'll be staying at 120 N REDEMPTION SQ RD, and found that there is a Hobby Lobby some 35 min. drive but wondering what else is out there? Main interest is 1/48 plastic model kits, so preferably shops that carry this Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™
  12. Nice! Any chance of seated pilots too please?
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