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  1. Yes, it is not too common to see so a nice surprise. And live missiles at that 🤠(Y)
  2. Thanks - got a set of wings and exhausts from Evilbay, so well covered 😄
  3. F-16C/N "Aggressor/Adversary", Tamiya 61106 (2009) (scalemates.com)
  4. Guess you need to have a FB account - that I can't fix for you 😉
  5. Hi Following the 1st MAW, and they posted these really cool pictures yesterday of F/A-18C's with live AGM-84D Harpoon missiles. VMFA-112 is currently on 6 months rotation deployment to Japan. Something new for your next model? 😄
  6. That would take a lot of space on the sheet and make it un-economical, so that's not a good idea. In all fairness, it isn't that difficult to place decals in the right location 😉
  7. Actually quite a few Wolfpacks in HG5 scheme too, so definately candidates for a new Dark Vipers sheet too 😁
  8. Yes. Try reading up on the F-16 via www.F-16.net, it will answer just about any question you have on the F-16 Viper and all the various versions of it. There you find tonns of reference pictures too.
  9. Yes, the block 40/42 carried both pods, but not during Dessert Storm - it was too new at the time. There is plenty available in both scales, Hasegawa Weapons set has them amongst others, the F-16C kit is another (boxing dependant) Search for AN/AAQ-14 and/or AN/AAQ-13 - you can see them in the Hasegawa Weapons kit D
  10. Do you store your acrylics close to a hot lamp or oven/radiator? You can get evaporation if you store the paint too close to any heating source that might be the cause of the issues you report?
  11. He posted on FB that the issue was sorted, and that replacement started shipping to those affected. Doubt he has a chance to answer everyone, but believe he has taken notice.
  12. HI Vingtor is the supplier you're looking for. They just released markings for the C-130E/H, and I am sure that RNoAF C-130J-30 will follow soon 😁
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