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  1. I think it is sensibe to distinguish between wrecks or parts from shot-down jets versus actually flying fighters, planes etc. You can learn somewhat from a plane that has been shot down, but damage from the crash will in many cases limit the value of what you find. A complete fighter like the F-5's that the Vietnameese handed over to Soviet and other nations is something completelly different.
  2. Kursad, You know 85-1438 has special 10AF markings too? Will find the source and provide a link as the pic I downloaded is large than ARC allows to upload. Edit: Will have to send it to you by email ;)
  3. Those fighters downed in ME or Vietnam are at best wrecks, worth little if anything. When South Vietnam surrendered, they (North Vietnam) aquired quite a few F-5's that were distributed around for testing. One is in Poland, and one in Checkoslovakia if I recall correctly. But no A-4 or F-4's as far as I know.
  4. Contact the seller through ebay and let him know the kit is incomplete. Atleast you qualify for a discount in my opinion. For instructions, they are available online here: Decals can be tougher to get hold of if the seller wouldn't provide them, but in worst case contact me by PM as I have the kit but will be building it as a USAF bird and wouldn't be using the Israeli markings.
  5. 94-0043 (77FS) had slicers by May 3rd 2004, and quite some in 55FS and 79FS, but other not - hence definatelly a period when they were introduced. I suggest that you just go for what you choose. As this is a period when mod's were done you should be safe either way.
  6. Nice! Have a soft spot for floatplanes
  7. Exactly like this is what I'm planning. Just like the one found here;
  8. If you have the Hasegawa KF-16 boxing you may use these to do a Korean FA-50 while we wait for Kursad to release the FA-50 sheet
  9. Italeri have released Mk Vc which is the same as Special Hobby and a Mk IX which comes from Ocidental. The Mk XVI is also from Ocidental.
  10. Very nice!
  11. I've asked the same before, but from what I have gathered they never did. The only USAF Agressor squadrons to fly F-5F's were 64TFTAS and 65TFTAS back in early 1980's.
  12. What, a "I wish for"-thread without the usual 1/32 requests
  13. Thanks Skull Leader - as I thought
  14. Full weapons load is normally not used anyhow - weapons load is governed by distance to target, mission profile etc. This is why you will see the F-16 flying with ie 4xGBU-38 although it can carry much heavier loads.
  15. No Habu2 - CFT's are used as much on single seat as dual seat. Just look at the Polish, Greek and UAE Vipers. CFT's are designed to have the least possible impact yet give the extra benefit of additional fuel. Just look at the F-15E - same principle there.