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  1. Niels

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    Cool, it has just been revealed that 5205, 5206 and 5207 will be delivered to Norway in the next few days weather permitting 🤩 😍👍
  2. Niels

    Multicast F-16D conversion for the Tamiya C.

    Wingman still exist; https://wingmanmodels.com/wm/Pulsar/en_US.Store.display.86./fixit
  3. Niels

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    There is a dedicated group on Facebook that might be of assistance; https://www.facebook.com/groups/445514785631750/?ref=bookmarks
  4. Niels

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    PM inbound Kursad 👍
  5. Niels

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    Checked the photos I have found of 5148, 5149, 5150, 5207, 5206 and 5205 and neither of these carry crew names either.
  6. Niels

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    The F-35A will not carry crew names while in Norwegian service due to how we are orgainized. This is purely a US-thing 😉
  7. Niels

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    Could I suggest that you substitute 5087 with 520x as 5087 has been done already please? Also the number styling on these 520x-series is out of the normal making for more uniq markings? And 5145 with 5148, 5149 or 5150 as these are the first F-35A's flying in Norway with 332sq?
  8. Niels

    CD48062 - 1/48 F-104 "Starfighters"

    Too cool! N104RB is ex-RNoAF (and ex-RCAF) 🤩😍 http://www.scramble.nl/index.php?option=com_mildb&view=search
  9. Niels

    Plastic only kits availability

    Shipping charges are in many cases governed by the postal service, but up to you
  10. Niels

    Plastic only kits availability

    Ebay should answer your call. Depending on brand you're looking for, you can get Revell 1/48 P-51D for CDN 13, ICM for USD 13, Hobby Boss for USD 12,99, Testor for USD 3,25, Hasegawa for USD 20+, Tamiya for USD 20+ So I wouldn't worry about getting a kit without decals, with these prices you can bin the kit decals any day.
  11. Niels

    VT F-16C-25 PIDS pylon question (with GBU-31)

    Wish we were as lucky in 1/48 😆 Shull's PIDS were very nice, but modeled on Hasegawa's pylons and hence had too small supports. If he ever restart production a PIDS based on the Tamiya would be most welcome (Y)
  12. Niels

    AV-8B Plus - Loadouts with Litening Centerline

    It does 🙂 Should be part X11 if I'm correct; https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10137189/70/3 It doesn't show in the instructions, but you can also mount it by opening the cover between the gun pods, hence making a true real-life loadout
  13. Niels

    AV-8B Plus - Loadouts with Litening Centerline

    Depending on timeframe and mission, you can choose between GBU-16, GBU 38/54, AGM-65 Maverick, LAU-10, GBU-32, GBU-12, usually single weapon per pylon. To increase loads, the USMC had the ITER developed, bascially a standard TER with the necessary bus to facilitate GBU38/54 JDAM carriage. This allows for multiple weapons to be carried on station 2/6 You will find some of the photos with above loads through this google search; https://www.google.com/search?q=AV-8B%2B+USMC+with+weapons+photos&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiel-yOqefaAhVFDZoKHUSSARgQsAQIJw&biw=1536&bih=686
  14. Niels


    The AIM-120's were flown only the very last few days before the end of Dessert Storm hence carried but not used.
  15. Niels


    LAU-128/129's were introduced just after Dessert Storm in 1991, initially only for AIM-120 carriage. Later this evolved to include all types of AIM-9's too. This is also a bit unit-dependant, as different unit got it at different times. Which unit are you looking for initially?