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  1. GE/MCID inlet started with F-16C 86-0262 and F-16D 86-0044. All GE Vipers following these serial have the "big mouth". So easy to see from the serial alone.
  2. As with any conversion, you'll need to add a thin plasticard plate to fill inn the broader footprint of the C-tail. Then, when this is done and depending on your AMS, you'll need to do some re-scribing. Then you can add just about any A/B tail you prefer. That said, there is good aftermarked items from PWMP that is better suited than the Italeri tail. But this all comes down to your preference and wallet, and in the end it is your model. To put in a different way; I just bought the Italeri kit for the blisters only, to transfer these to a better tail in order to eventually make an ADF. So crazy is what crazy does 😂
  3. You could try this one and adapt it? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/VTHM117?result-token=ZddG2
  4. Great news! Will the stensil sheet be available separately too?
  5. Hi Bob If you're only after "Short Fuse Salee" I have the same sheet but partial, where this decal haven't been used. It's yours if you want, just have to cover postage.
  6. http://www.vingtor.net/index.html has 1/32 markings - check out the "bonus" section.
  7. Natural metal B-57E; https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3100120960012741&set=gm.2475912112625523&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  8. Ooooooh, been waiting for this one 😁 EB-57B 158DSEG 134DSES Vermont ANG Orange/light grey EB-57C 158DSEG 134DSES Vermont ANG Black with white lettering EB-57B/E 190DSEG 117DSES Orange/light grey EB-57E 4677DSES Orange/light grey To name but a few.... 🙂
  9. 01-7053 is the last F-16C serial for the USAF.
  10. OK, then I was wrong - I can live with that 😉 Still many high-viz schemes to be done 🙂
  11. Wake Island has been done - but for A-4F's, not Mikes as far as I know.
  12. I propose you set up a sheet with high-viz and another with low-viz M's. Plenty of nice high-viz schemes that have been under-represented to date 🙂 VMA-214 with the blue rudder on light gull gray over white is one I would like for sure 🙂 Another is VMA-211 Wake Island
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