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  1. Although the E and F are similar with the exeption of the 1 vs 2 man crew and consequently reduced fuel, the main driver for using the F is that this is better at certain combat profiles than the single seater due to the two man crew. Nothing classified as such.
  2. Just placed my order, and excited for their arrival 😄
  3. Norbert, Will these fit equally well in the F/A-18A/B/C/D as the F/A-18E/F? I pressume it should with little adjustment as the seats are more or less the same, atleast have the same inclination 😉
  4. This is great! Any plans for a RIO with JHMCS too?
  5. No, not anymore. FS36118 on the back, with FS36270 around the cockpit, tail and underside. It's been nearly 20 years since the FS36375 was changed in favour of FS36270.
  6. You will need a A-tail with the bulges for making a 191FIG jet.
  7. Standard colors are FS36118/FS36270, however more and more jets are moving to an overall Have Glas V scheme of FS36170
  8. Not sure you are aware, but 89-2042 never flew with the 555FS or 510FS for that matter. 89-2042 originaly flew with the 18FS 354FW before being swapped with the block 30's of the 80FS 8FW at Kunsan, Korea. 89-2042 was one of the jets assigned to the 35FS rather than the 80FS as for most of the 18FS jets.
  9. Damn, Airfix OV-10D in 1/72 scale is one of the original kits I built many many moons ago, so will be looking forward to both 😄
  10. You also need new tail parts with the updated sensors and GE engines.
  11. I'll try to answer your questions, but surely some of those closer to the operational units can add as needed: Birdslicers: This seems to be generally installed across the F/A-18D fleet, however some still do not have them even today. Here you need to check your reference photos for the jets in question. With quite some rotation of jets between units this will also be time-dependant as to what extent the unit fleet has a complete or partial fleet with birdslicers. AIM-9's: Generally my impression is that the AIM-9X was used, however the AIM-9M is still in use, and F-16CM's
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