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  1. Thanks, the first issue with these conversion sets were shrinkage lengthwise. This is more a hight/width problem, although I am not able to say exactly what it is.
  2. The fit at the wing root is very nice, but not over the back as I have tried to illustrate in these photos; I've tried removing the pin holding the part in place without luck, hence wondering what others may have done?
  3. Hi Have anyone used the newest Wingman 1/48 F-16D conversion set (Block 30/50 edition)? I have the kit and tried it this evening, however the back of the cockpit conversion part sits way too high in the joint towards and compared to the Tamiya kit parts, and I would like some input on how others may have experienced the fit? Appreciate any input as I really would like to solve this issue and do a good conversion
  4. Selling legacy F-16D kits all comes down to whats important for the buyer; decal options or the kit. If the kit is what you're after, then as Jester292 says you can get them quite cheap. But older boxings will have other value besides just the kit for a potential buyer; box art, decals etc. etc. I would search Ebay and see what is listed and to what prices to get a fair impression on what level to base your pricing.
  5. Thanks Kursad. Have had a good look at the sprues and instructions for the J-7G over at today and see that it wouldn't take much to fix the second gun, so this is definately growing on me
  6. Depends on what you want to see basically. If you're looking down, you don't have any obstruction from the tank. If you need to look sideways you may want to bank the aircraft to get a straight line of sight, or change direction or similar that will give you clear sight.
  7. The picture you refer to is from June 2007, at a time when the older targeting systems was still in use, atleast on that perticular deployment on the Nimitz. Today, USMC units usually carry the Litening pod on the centerline. Spain and Canada however carry them on station 4, although Spain also carry it on centerline on occations.
  8. Sees easy enough to modify the kit part to create the extra gun. Kursad - any teasers for us please?
  9. You can double click on the content picture to get a better view.
  10. You see them between the main gear doors and the gun ports in the right part of the picture you provided.
  11. Only straight inflight refueling probe. Source one leftover from Hasegawa and you have yourself an A-4F or late A-4E
  12. Weapons and wing fuel tanks are repop from the A-7 kits. But interesting to see the sprue with the missile rails (Sprue G) - looks like this may be the 400 gallon centerline tank? (Could also be a distorted photo?) Building mostly inflight models I'll try one out.
  13. Thanks, instruksions on 5600 wasn't too clear👍🏻