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  1. Hi Could you please share a pre-view of the decals? Can't find it on your webpage?
  2. In the latest videon released on Shaw AFB FB page of the memorial for Lt. Schmitz, 91-0377 is shown with all black tail and white lettering but still otherwise in HG5 scheme.
  3. Interesting how they have marked up 91-0377 as 91-1377 (which is wrong BTW)!?
  4. I believe the "correct" FS is FS36170, but difficult to come by paint wize. FS36076 is a close one.
  5. Nice! Will there be any reprints of sold out sheets too, or will those come later? (Guess you would have listed them, but have to ask 😉 )
  6. New kid on the block: https://www.luke.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2266015/luke-changes-f-16-paint-scheme-to-single-color/fbclid/IwAR0LMfchdJ0aEBBvBW5Z1wo7tdnlUew7ygSUGs5LpbH6UxUjvFy1UsgemoE/
  7. KursadA, Would it be possible to include ANG badge as seen on the intake of 91-0388 - supplement to earlier sheets? https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-F-16CM-Fighting-Falcon/6062963/L?qsp=eJwljEEKwkAMRe/y192IIDg79QC68AIhE9pCNUOShaX07sZx93gP3gbWd8gnnmsTFLiQ8YQBjYxejrKhTRp6o5BRbUU5D3C1uCaipr0wSwup%2BPu7VbFfEue%2BGXN7SBB7dMbxlL7O3hbqDwmaF%2Bz7FxBpLoA%3D
  8. No. second pic shows the tailband of the Squadron CO's aircraft. Picture 1 shows the new tailband. It is slowly making its way around the fleet, but you can still see the old tailband as per pic 4
  9. Yes, already confirmed in another thread 🙂
  10. F-4E started in FY66. First serial is 66-0284. (Most of the FY69 where converted to F-4G in the end)
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