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  1. It is still time dependant. Many of the RNoAF Vipers received the MLU years before they got the strengtheners, hence you can correctly make a MLU A/B without them. The aftermarket strengtheners are not always kit specific. I have used many of those I refered to on different kits, and they do work you know.
  2. I honestly don't understand why there is such a nag relating to the strengtheners not being included? No other kits that represent MLU or block 40/42's have these. So we are acustomed with buying this from the aftermarket manufacturers. And as already mentioned by some - it is time dependant as these were gradualy introduced over time. And it is not like there are non available - all of these have been around for years: Daco: DACO's F-16 Reinforcement plates (dacoproducts.com) Flying Leathernecks decals: FLV48001 F-16C Block 30/32/40/42 Fuselage plates (flyingleathe
  3. They are somewhat different aswell; the BSU-49 deploys what looks like a parachute behind it, while the others have petals that deploy to reduce drop speed.
  4. @KursadA - did you disclose the marking options for Pt 4?
  5. Many of those who had light markings have since changed to the dark Kursad. 175FW 114FW is one such example. Seems that there is a mix overall in the fleet - Shaw has both version, while others stick to the light or the dark depending
  6. Nice pic, Clyde B East flew west July 30, 2014
  7. They are Black/Red (Or Red/Black depending 😜 ) Startet appearing a couple of years back. Not sure, but seems that 64AS retains the yellow/black while the 16WS has switched to red/black? 85TES still has white/black and 422TES green/black.
  8. The F-16D VISTA/X-62 had "dual controls" whereby you had a center joystick in addition to the normal one to the right - not sure if you have captured this on your model? You can see a photo of it in this article here: F-16 Versions - F-16 VISTA / MATV / NF-16D
  9. Some where designated OA-10A, some A-10A, depending on unit and mission profile.
  10. During Dessert Storm there was only A-10A's, so yes, however 81-0964 is the only chopper popper that is still flying today, the other one 77-0205 is on display at the USAF academy in Colorado. What I'm hoping for is up to date current markings of 81-0964, as earlier releases are either incorrect or sold out long ago.
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