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  1. Hi Stumbled upon this tonight and thought it looked promissing - anyone used it? http://www.shop2000.com.tw/KASLHOBBY/product/p17584400
  2. Being used for spare parts seems most likely, although the removal of all flying surfaces makes this seem strange too?
  3. Has that programme started? Interesting to see the lifting slings on the first one too
  4. Seems the same applies to NG111 Bu.no. 166852 from VFA-41? http://www.airfighters.com/photo/202499/M/USA-Navy/Boeing-F-A-18F-Super-Hornet/166852/
  5. Just stumbled upon this pic; http://www.airfighters.com/photo/202500/M/USA-Navy/Boeing-F-A-18F-Super-Hornet/166878/ and was wondering if anyone knows the story behind it?
  6. Australian F-18 Hornets

    Agree, must include linebirds please
  7. CD48085 - Vipers against Terror

    FS36118 and FS36270 should be the colors in question.
  8. IAF F-16B and F-16D Build

    They tried, but never cured all issues.
  9. Attack Squadron etc. SHUTTING down

    Fair enough. I suggested this based on the same breakdown of the assembly of both, but haven't seen Eduards. :)
  10. Attack Squadron etc. SHUTTING down

    I think Eduard have - their BRU-57's are by apperance the same as Attack's
  11. December releases

    Ooooh, this sounds promissing
  12. New Wolfpack 1/48 Talon

    5 mile turn radius on an F-5. Like Slartibart said this seems a bit off?