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  1. In Afganistan they hardly carried A2A ordinance as there was no oposition. Over Syria I would believe they carried the optimal load vs. mission duration etc. With 2 UAV's and 1 SU-22 shot down over the last 10 days, when will the next kill come?
  2. Will be nice to see which decal company is first with (accurate) markings of this bird
  3. I'm soooo looking forward to this one
  4. Is it confirmed that it was VFA-31 who made the kill?
  5. Yellow is normally the indicator of live rounds whether missiles or bombs, while blue are inert. The brown stripe indicates where the rocket engine and/or seaker/guidance kit is. In today's environment with JDAMs, the yellow stripe is often hidden under the JDAM kit installed on the bombs.
  7. Nice!
  8. Venezuela uses russian equipment including helmets, so finding russian pilots will sort it out for you. Best ones I've seen are PJ production;
  9. Portugal's Vipers are not the ADF version, although they have the bulge on the tail. They are in fact F-16A/B block 15 OCU, later updated to full MLU standard but with different HF radios warranting the bulge on the tailbase. The whole concept of the ADF programe was to make the F-16A/B Viper into an Air Defence Fighter for the US ANG, able to carry and launch the AIM-7 with necessary hardware and software updates. The program started ~1987ish and was completed by ~1993. By then a lot of F-16C/D models became available rendering the earlier A/B ADF models surplus, and most were eventually sent to AMARC. Many of these have since been leased to Italy or sold to Jordan who later gave their ADF's to Pakistan, Thailand etc. Source:, best online source for Viper details of all kinds :)
  10. 501 pyons and AIM-7 have been exported to many allied nations like Egypt and Singapore and a number of others. Mainly due to this being a BVR substitute good enough yet avoiding the high-end AIM-120 sales.
  11. Wolfpack Design did nice Sparrow pylons;
  12. Exactly
  13. From Wolfpak-d website;