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  1. Outer right pylon I would assume a Phimat; http://www.larsenal.com/1-48-phimat-chaff-launcher-pod-x-2-c2x15950949 The dummy Matra can be found here; http://www.larsenal.com/1-48-alkan-725-pylon-lm-39-rail-and-magic-2-training-missile-for-super-etendard-c2x15950991 http://www.larsenal.com/1-48-lm-2255-rail-and-magic-2-training-missile-for-mirage-2000-c2x15950990 Inner pylons would probably be empty. But your model, dress her up as you want 😊
  2. Correct, they switched from the C to the D ~1988, and flew the D until transitioning to the F-16 ~1990
  3. Google translation: Pay attention to Sufa, so in Block 52 and Block 60, they have different wheels from the Block 40/42 which in turn differ from Block 50. Furthermore, the 52/60 block has the front wheel with increased cross-section thanks to the use of compliant fuel tanks (CFT). So for your F-2 project you need a specific set of wheels, Royale Resin creates a set for the Block 40/42, I hope it helps you.
  4. This sheet is way cooler than I initially thought - well done, Kursad 😃 Now to find an F-111A.....
  5. 144TFG 194TFS California ANG - preferably Creek Klaxon jets 148FIG 178FIS Minnesota ANG 65-0608 MiG killer in the ADC scheme. Loooong since OOP in previous version, current version only Hill Grey 😉 171FIG 191FIS F-4D's, both ADC and Hill grey - neither done before as far as I know 107FIW 136FIS F-4D's, both ADC and Hill grey but with ZZ tailcode as already mentioned 108TFG 141TFS F-4D's - plenty of SEA, SEA Wraparound and Euro 1 schemes to choose from, even with Rhino on the nose
  6. Can't answer the question, but searching for "kit" + review will usually get you to results whereby kits have been reviewed, and from these you can get an opinion on each kit. "Best kit" as definition is highly subjective and hence will never be fully answered as it is individual 😉
  7. To add to what Kursad says, you can also contact your postal carrier and ask if there is any issues with the shipment? Sometimes they are simply overworked and hence the shipment is delayed. That's the beaty of tracking - you rarely loose the shipment
  8. I have a partial - just used the markings for WA01, rest is complete. PM if interested.
  9. This should be a good starting point; https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/fa-18/fa-18_all.shtml
  10. Hi This topic I can add to, as I had a similar question back on another forum. As it turns out, the K-14 started being fitted around August 1944, and before the D-5's got the fin fillet. One example is Capt Henry Brown's D-5 44-13305 which had the K-14 retrofitted, but not the fin fillet at the time of being shot down Oct 3rd -44. As with all (field) modifications, the implementation came at different times, so unless you have photos that can substantiate either-or, I propose you go with what you prefer as it is your model. It will be very difficult to argue against it with all the mods and when each was implemented. The implementation of the K-14 in the D-20 I pressume was on factory fresh aircraft, but like all mod's these are usually implemented fleet wide as soon as practically possible. Another example is the tail warning radar, which also found its way to the D-5's towards the latter part of the war. Found the link on FB - actually the combat report from Brown's triple on Sept 11, -44; https://www.facebook.com/groups/626475820735644/permalink/1842491432467404/
  11. So the kit comes without ordinance then, just like Hasegawa's?
  12. Thanks for the link - haven't seen these before. Like the photo of AH107. Some cool shots of VF-162 jets too, which is what I'm building next. BTW - have gotten hold of a F-8C conversion set, so just need the kit before starting that one. Will be made as a VF-111 F-8C
  13. Well, I can only answer for myself, but I was really looking forward to see how the VF-111 markings on the F-8E was back in 1966, since just about all decal makers, photos etc. available from this period shows the F-8C, not the F-8E. So there you have your expert. The build is great BTW 😉
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