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  1. Nebbor, you have 11 posts and the 3 last are just bashing Diego. Fair to be dissappointed about waiting long for these decals, but give it a rest. You made you irritation known in your first post so no need to continue for yet another 2 more. You know, it is allowed to bypass a post on the forum without commenting, just saying 😉
  2. The MK77 came with different ends, some tippet, some blunt. Copied this overview freely from Wiki showing it came in many sizes; Mk 77 Mod 0 - 750 lb (340 kg) total weight with 110 U.S. gallons (416 L; 92 imp gal) of petroleum oil. Mk 77 Mod 1 - 500 lb (230 kg) total weight with 75 U.S. gallons (284 L; 62 imp gal) of petroleum oil. Mk 77 Mod 2 Mk 77 Mod 3 Mk 77 Mod 4 - Approx 507 lb (230 kg) total weight with 75 U.S. gallons (284 L; 62 imp gal) of fuel (Used during the 1991 Gulf War) Mk 77 Mod 5 - Approx 507 lb (230 kg) total weight with 75 U.S. gal
  3. I propose we keep the topic on the original target. Discussing Canada's choice of fighter plane, desicion to continue F-22 production or not or quantities of F-35 to buy is subject for other threads 😉
  4. The plan is to replace the oldest C/D's to begin with. Maybe in the future with more purchases than 144 aircraft some of the F-15E's may be replaced too. Time will tell...
  5. I agree it is rare for a unit to convert this quickly, but that is part of the economics of the F-15EX, whereby conversion goes so much quicker, which again saves money and allows for a unit to revert to operations quicker. It is a new concept which will be proven or faulted through the F-15EX
  6. Think the point of the F-15EX is not to spend 3 years to introduce the "new" type, but rather have a conversion course completed and unit fully operational on the new mount within 1 year or less if possible.
  7. Nice! Like the USAF option in perticular 🤩
  8. They will replace legacy C/D models, firstly with the 173FW. And yes, they are multi-role hence have A2G capability.
  9. Nice timing for a re-release of the Hasegawa kit 😉
  10. There is so much more than just special schemes. Honestly they can be a bit booring, not because they are not nice and beatiful, but solely because they are only used for display (PR) The majority of military airplanes are the ones flying the everyday missions, and these are what I belive most of us get inspired by. In this context I like the mix Kursad currently have and practice.
  11. Like I said earlier, this is not up to USAF management but to the politicians. I can only refer you to what I said earlier on the politics of the game, and the politicans hold the wallet with the money.
  12. Hi KursadA Any chance for a preview of some of the markings that will go on this one? Thanks 😄
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