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  1. Niels

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    http://airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2019/March 2019/USAFs-Five-Year-Plan-Includes-786-Billion-for-80-F-15EXs.aspx?fbclid=IwAR13MKUDOhB3X1WKyRK-TLuhVU5aHQArmV8jGfCDQmCNiV4e2YFu3VcFWZI
  2. Niels

    Jugs in color

    Believe this is original. My grandfather took some color film back in late 30's using old 16mm film, and when my mother had this film copied to VHS at the time the gent doing the copying said the colors where amazing, and that you can't get better color rendition today. (His words, not mine)
  3. Niels

    Jugs in color

    War is never nice, but seeing color film from 70+ years ago like these are!
  4. Niels

    Jugs in color

  5. GBU-38 usually have pointed tip, while the GBU-54 have a bulb-like tip, either cream or black in color.
  6. Niels

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    Markings: 1. F-16XL2, Heather-Ferris Scheme 2. F-16XL2, Prototype Scheme
  7. Niels

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    The USAF apparently have left the "one fighter for everything" thinking, that's why the F-15 is suddenly back on the table. Hence the policy is not to have as few types as possible.
  8. Niels

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    In one article about the new F-15X's it was mentioned that the USAF wanted 72 altogether, and further in the text it was implied that they would replace the current Eagles flying with the 18FW. From a business perspective, competition is what keeps pushing the price. If LM sees the USAF is serious about adding other fighters they will have a strong incentive to cut the price of the F-35 quicker than currently planned. But you have to show that you are serious, and hardly anything more serious than buying from the competitor 😏
  9. Niels

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    Although qualified comments from many places, the only evidence I don't see is the wreckage of the PAF F-16 supposedly shot down. Everyone has a mobile phone with camera these days, and one would assume that someone filmed or took photos of the wreckage regardless of where it went down. But nothing has come to light. From this, I personally doubt the F-16 shootdown.
  10. Sorry to hear about your helth, Eli - wishing you all the best and soonest possible recovery. Thanks for providing lovely decals over the years 🍻
  11. Anytime Eli🍻 BTW - any chance for some new decals in 1/48? Zotz have a lot of nice ones in 1/32 I would have liked to see in 1/48 πŸ˜‰
  12. If all other tries goes south, you should look for the Bicentennial boxing (09361) , according to this overview: https://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48d.htm as it has the non-slatted wings in the form of Sprue L instead of the normal sprue M Currently one available on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/F-4E-Phantom-II-Bicentenial-1976-1-48-Hasegawa/254141375002?hash=item3b2c01a21a:g:038AAOSwrGlb0olZ
  13. If you have lost yours, I have a short nozzle to spare I belive
  14. Check sprue "K", belive it's number 8 down in the corner: