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  1. Provided it's all dark marknigs on the Have Glas subjects, you could call it "Double Dark Vipers" 😜
  2. Kursad, When you get around to the next Dark Vipers, you have to include this one please; 428378334_2404462996420840_1251733413653138384_n.jpg (2048Γ—1365) (fbcdn.net) My favourite unit, and the mix of Have Glass, blue tailband and black markings is just stunning! Thanks
  3. Thanks for helping to clarify @Dave Roof, appreciate your contribution on this topic. On a general note, and looking back and the USAF shootdowns during the Balkan conflicts in the 90's and the more recent shoot down by VFA-87 in 2017 I would suppose that anyone shooting down 7 drowns would be made into a celebrity fairly soon.
  4. Agree with @Dutch, very strange if the story isn't correct? Interesting though that no formal declaration of "Ace" has been made? I would assume that this is due to the USMC top management is looking into whether this should qualify for "ace" status? Time will tell...
  5. Dave doesn't spend much time on forums, hence likely better trying to contact him via his FB page. But be prewarned that he may not spend much time on administration duties compared to making new products.
  6. Have you considered that Daco/Astra, like many many aftermarket producers do this as a one-man show and on their spare time, holding a full dayjob on regular basis? If Danny who owns Daco is on business travel, he may not have access to the shop hence may not be able to reply one way or the other? I have ordered from Daco on several occations, and never had a problem. But you have to give some slack and allow them time to take care of things. 10 days is in the big picture not a lot to be honest, even if you experience this based on your opening post. For sake of clarity, I have n
  7. @serendip, This is the sprue you should look for, likely packed at the bottom of the box with the decals - mine where SAAB 37 Viggen Upgrade Set 1/48 | Special Hobby - best for modelers
  8. @ya-gabor Isn't the early ones from AFV any good since you're hoping for yet another series of early U-2's?
  9. @serendip Check which edition of the JA37 Viggen you bought? Early releases are in the "original" release, while later ones - numbered TA4803m contains sprue "M" which is then not required to buy separately. I ordered sprue "M" seperately then realized I had ordered TA4803m hence have a sprue "M" extra😜
  10. F/A-18E/F Super Hornet block III decals are sorely missing on the market.
  11. My pleasure. Best suggestion is to check out various online photo databases like airliners.net, jetphotos.com, airfighter.com, airhistory.com and others.
  12. No problem, just did the same excersice as I just ordered a JA37 Viggen myself. As for this link, these are weapons used on the ground-attack AJ-37. The JA37 was Air defence fighter.
  13. Hi This is the one you want to fix the canards - much cheaper too; SAAB 37 Viggen Upgrade Set 1/48 | Special Hobby - best for modelers Then you have the pilot from Pilot Replicas: 1/48 scale SAAB 37 Viggen pilot. Art # 48P011 – Pilot-Replicas For Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles; Maestro Models Aircraft detailing - MMMK4915 | Hannants I would skip most of the rest, as I too find the resin aftermarket overhyped in many cases. But each their own πŸ˜‰
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