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  1. Hi I'm looking for Sprue "O" from the Academy F-111C kit. This is the sprue containing the AN/AVQ-26 pod, GBU-28 and associated pylons/adaptors. Send me a PM if you have this and is willing to part with it 😊 Thank you
  2. Oooooooh, love those pics - specialy of the F-16D #678 - so delicate with the blue/black checkers 😎 Have had some really good times in Singapore in the past 😍
  3. Thanks Dutch - forgot about the F-111G. I think there might have been some D's in FS36118 too? Hmm, need to google that one.....
  4. I cast a vote for "DarkVark" late service F-111E/F's in FS36118 scheme.
  5. Nice! When is the estimated release date?
  6. The APG-83 SABR radar is only starting to be installed on USAF/ANG/AFRC Vipers, hence you are OK going with the old version.
  7. Externally they should be the same, possibly with some additional antennas etc. You'll have to check your references, but answer is yes.
  8. Nose issue of Kinetic affects all the early releases, including the F-16I The best SUFA is hands down the Hasegawa 1/48 F-16I, although it can well do with aftermarket cockpit details to make it a correct F-16I cockpit.
  9. OA-4M never made it to the boat from what I've read. The A-4M may have done CQ as indicated, but no units flew from any carriers as assignment.
  10. Not really, you can easily use the markings on SHG48-011 USAF F-4E Gunfighter Phantoms and transfer these to the F-4D as most are the sameπŸ˜‰
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