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  1. Not concerned, I have Furball Decals EA-18G Anthology sheet 😁
  2. Nice! That means my Hasegawa EA-18G definately will become an F/A-18F instead. Will be looking forward to this one - as if I needed any more model kits 😝
  3. Nice pic, I have that book by Airdoc. Note that the AGM-65 is an inert training round, hence used to simulate attack runs using the AGM-65.
  4. Jake Melampy's excellent "The early Viper Guide" only states that the extra chaff/flare buckets where introduced with FY87 Block 30's. The first USAF F-16C from this production run is 87-0217, which is a block 30F.
  5. Kinetic F-16A/B kits has what you're looking for.
  6. Captive AGM-65, likely dummy MK82's on TER
  7. Actually Block 30D; "Starting with mini-block D, twice as many chaff/flare dispensers could by carried." www.F-16.net Block 30 description
  8. Love your products Norbert! I have a hard time spotting the difference, would you mind explaining the difference?
  9. They should - her is more info incl. picture. As you will recognize, it is the shape of the MK20
  10. Looking into the history of the 81FS you also have to look at the history of the 510FS - found the following extract from Wiki from the 510FS; "In the middle of this last deployment, on 1 October 1992, the squadron was reassigned to the 52d Operations Group at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. In January 1993, it moved to Spangdahlem and joined its parent group.[2] During 1993 and 1994, the 510th flew more than 1,700 combat sorties from Aviano Air Base, Italy, in support of Operation Deny Flight.[1] The squadron continued its attack mission until inactivating in March 1994" From th
  11. Originally the A-10A had the grey/light grey scheme in the late 70's, which soon gave way to the EURO1 scheme which in turn was retained until early 90's. Bentwaters, with exception for a period in the late 70's, had EURO1 scheme.
  12. 77-0264 was originally assigned to the 81TFW, which consisted of 6 squadrons at the most (compared to 3 normally). Despite being a UK based wing, the 81TFW had detachments all over Germany. With this in mind, it is more than likely that the A-10A flew in prior to becoming a GA-10A (Ground instructional airframe) and later being put on a pedestal. Being an instructional airframe, essentially everything works including the possibility to taxy, however it may not have any remaining flight hours left on the airframe.
  13. 1) Depends on timeframe. Spang's F-4G would carry CBU-87 during dessert storm as an example. 2) MK 20 weights only ~222kg/490lbs, while the CBU-87 weitghts ~431kg/970lbs. Although the TER has a weight limit of ~3000lbs, the larger size of the CBU-87 will give limitations, not atleast wrt safe separation, hence only 2 carried. FYI - during Dessert Storm leaflet bombs had the old casings of the Mk 20 but different stripes around the bomb body. So as leaflet boms they were carried, but not as cluster bombs, atleast not by USAF. This also because the modern armoured cars and oth
  14. It is a manufacturing issue. It is likely cheaper to have a standard weapons sprue that you can reproduce for each applicable kit rather than several sprues with jet specific weapons. Cuts down on the cost of manufacturing several molds which is the cost driver. Just leave of what you don't want or need is the philosophy. If you compare to ie Meng, who has one sprue per weapon, you have a completely different weapons philosophy. Which is most cost efficient - can't say.
  15. Kozlok, The original question was if the marking schemes in the kit carried A2G, and the answer to that is still correctly no. Then there was a second question, although the same essentially; did the F-14A carry A2G in Grey/White color scheme - again the answer was and still is no. I never said the F-14A never carried A2G, my reply was directly to the question on the kit markings as described here. I did learn something new however wrt VF-84 in this thread through the pictures of the jets carrying dumb bombs, but coming back to the original questions this was at a diff
  16. Fair, as I said each their choice. Personally GWH is the kit for me wrt F-15's. 3 in the stash and another in transit 😎 For me, Hasegawa is a good second. The Tamiya kit is ages since I built last, but following close behind Hasegawa. I used to love the Academy, but one day realized the wrong shape of the windscreen. But good ordinance options in the Academy kit though!
  17. The GWH F-15B/D first release had issues, but subsequent ones have been fixed AeroScale :: Great Wall Hobby 1:48 F-15C MSIP II Review Regardless, each their own in terms of preference. Personally I hate resin cockpits and stay clear of those regardless 😉
  18. VF-84 never flew A2G, only A2A. VF-2 didn't fly A2G until aquiring the F-14D. So sorry, no - non of them did.
  19. Hi Marc Here is a link to various Tomcat decals in 1/48 scale, including Fightertown
  20. The grey over white was only flown during the 70's besides the already mentioned commemorative color schemes. And in the 70's the Tomcat didn't carry anything A2G operationally. There is plenty of schemes whereby you have a lot of color, yet on a gray basis. But if you want a grey/white Tomcat with A2G you'll have to go WIF, or one of the commemorative schemes.
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