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  1. Hi ! Thanks for your kind comment. Well, would you believe that I forgot about this build till today ? IIRC the seat misses some paint and straps, and landing gear doors need to be cemented. Thanks for the reminder, should try to finish it soon now. Of course I have excuses, as in the meantime I got involved in some other conversion works Monogram-Koster Privateer Tamiya-AMT Skyraider AEW-1 While currently (read lazily) working on a Tamiya-Matchbox AD-5 Cheers !
  2. Hi all, time to call this done ! Figure is from Reedoak, painting is my fault. Cheers !
  3. Hi ! Wow, 10 months since the last update ! Ok, time to get back at work with antennas and guns. TBC with props and landing gear. Cheers !
  4. Great job Joel ! Will you really hide the engine under a cowling ?
  5. Hi Janne. This is looking really promising. What did you choose for the paintscheme ?
  6. Sorry, post-war Privateers had no nose-art (wich is a pity, IMHO).
  7. Hi ! from my limited experience with vac kits, they can be as easy (or as crappy) to build as injected kits depending on kit engineering. In 1/48, as was already said, Dynavector and Koster are good kits, as are Falcon, Aeroclub or Sierra Scale: parts are easy to cut without damage, fit is good, sheets are thick enough to allow cementing without too much reinforcement... What subject or timeframe are you looking for ?
  8. Hi again ! Some more work in the last few days: Some fuselage weathering with oils More decals, and off with the masks Now oil and decals are going to dry for some days before going on. Cheers !
  9. Thanks ! Darren, this kit is too nice to stay in a stash. I'd be happy to follow your build.
  10. It should be here when it's available: LSM Cobra kits The engines are resin Koster parts with some wiring added.
  11. Hi again ! Sernak, the Cobra kit should be available again thanks to Mike West at LSM. Just be patient... Joel, glad to see you back ! Thanks for the comments. Bill Koster is a master designer, and his kits go together fairly nicely. All vac kits do not fall in the same league however. Oh and when I was talking about a new year, it was a new academic year, starting September. Not that fast a build... Back to the Privateer. The cockpit was dressed up with parts from the Eduard B-24J set and scratch-built seats and overhead panels A
  12. Some more work : A Privateer taking shape Now I'm working on the canopy and turrets, the fuselage should be ready in the next few days. Cheers !
  13. Hi all, I know I should first finish my FJ-3, but with the new year I had to start something new : Overall, the fit is nice with some filler needed.
  14. Hi ! It seems you will have to build everything from scratch as the radar operator compartment is not provided in the kit. My link I have some projects involving blue Skyraiders, and judging from aftermarket decal availability it seems that AD never flew over Korea in any scale...
  15. No, it's a front/left view, maybe taken on the same day as your picture.
  16. You're welcome. Maybe give a try to the AF Legends book ? photo coverage is usually quite extensive (can't be sure however, I don't own it)
  17. Hi, just had a quick look into the book, I only could find 1 pic of a Vermont bird (F-94B 50-910 on page 11)
  18. Hi ! Thanks for your kind comments. In the meantime I started the GP FJ-4 and am quite surprised to discover the fit and ease of build to be better with this Fury/Fury kitbash than with the plain GP kit ! Ok now, on to the canopy. Kit canopy is wrong and sits too high. A comparison with the D&S drawings shows that the top curve is correct, so I decided to correct it. All black underlined plastic must go: Side by side before-and-after comparison: Of course I managed to break it on the very last cut. Plaster and hot clear styrene, what else ? Well, in the end it should look l
  19. Joel, great build and impressive paintwork ! Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:/>
  20. Hi ! Finally some gloss cote was applied yesterday evening, it seems that the end is near for this build.
  21. You're welcome. Great tip for the pink/yellow !
  22. Joel, you've done well with these decals. Maybe you can weather this rudder in a slightly different shade so that it looks like a replaced part ? (note: I don't know if this actually happened in real life)
  23. Thanks ! 50's era jets are really appealing, I wish we had more models from this timeframe. And I'd like someone to offer us proper AD-5 or JD-1 in 1/48. I used the Esci wing, just had to cut the slats and glue them in the drooped position.
  24. Joel, I use Mr Mark Setter from Gunze and it works great on most decals, including Hasegawa decals. I had some silvering under the right fuselage star,so I had to remove the carrier film (and part of the star, but it wasn't my intention !)
  25. Joel, your painting and weathering look fantastic. I'm sure you will win over the decals !
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