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  1. To which they are assigned to CVW squadron HSC-6, HSC-8 and HSM-79?
  2. Which squadrons can go on F-35C?
  3. HSL-49 transitions to HSM-49.
  4. VFA-25 in CVW-7 VFA-86 in CVW-3
  5. Have there been changes in the HSC squadrons of CVW because I recently found a photo: HSC-14 labeled NG HSC-8 labeled NH, on the USS Nimitz USS Nimitz
  6. Do you know which squadron VAQ will go to CVW-8 after going to the EA-18G? According to Wikipedia it is to be VAQ-133 or VAQ-131.
  7. In this photo you can see the EA-18G number 562, which is marking squadron pilot helmet EA-18G. What is currently the squadron transferred to the EA-18G?
  8. HSC-14 MH-60S Chargers HSC-14 probably has now tailcode RH.
  9. HSL-42 transitions to HSM-72. HSM-72 is currently in CVW-7. AG-702 AG-700
  10. VFA-151 F/A-18E has already received, is assigned to CVW-9. NG-302 VFA-25 is assigned to CVW-2. VFA-94 is assigned to CVW-17. VAQ-136 is assigned to CVW-9. Composition CVW in the Pacific.
  11. Painting the F-16 is a failure, painting MIG-29 and SU-22 is another. MIG SU-22 TIGER
  12. Photos from Japan. NF-610 HSC-12 TA-51 HSM-51 TA-51 HSM-51
  13. Mig side numbers that were in Israel 105,114,115. Links to Polish website about the history of Mig-29 Polish Air Force. link 105 114 115 Link to Polish website on tests Mig-29 in Israel. The website is in Polish but there are pictures. link
  14. New squadron HSM-35 Magicians. LINK
  15. HSC-4 is currently in CVW-2.
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