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  1. I think in fact You need Fightertown 48046 - NOT Twobobs one... 😉 And You need markings for Superhornets or Legacy Hornets??
  2. Maybe I can help - if You need this decals just drop me PM - Bodo
  3. Hallo! I have this sheet - and You need all markings from this sheet??
  4. Title says all - I destroyed mine today using archair on wheets 😞 Anyone can help?? Thanks in advance - Bodo from Poland
  5. Hallo! I need one markings from Afterburner Decals AFD48042 F-18C Hornet VFA-86 Sidewinders 2004-2007 sheet - "camo" bird 415 - maybe someone build colorfull CAG-bird or low-vis a/c and has camouflaged option for sale/trade?? Just let me know what You need ( decals?? MASTER barrels/pitots?? funds?? ). Bodo from Poland
  6. Hallo! I have a half decal sheet in 1/48 scale - and on leftover You'll be have Mustang P-51D - Chuck Yeager Glamorous Glenn III ( I'll take the part with C.Anderson early P-51B OLD CROW in D-Day stripes ). What do You have for trade - WW2 fightes & F-14 Tomcats will be the best. Mail me direct if interested - ulabodo@poczta.onet.pl Best - Bodo
  7. I have 2 extra copies - so both are for sale. MUST HAVE for any Corsair fan - I think the best F4U book for modellers. 25 $ + 4$ for shipping. Best -Bodo
  8. More than 80 pictures on MASTER web site - see here :
  9. See this link Polish company MASTER made a little contest on his Facebook profile, guess which airplane is on the picture and you will win some of they're products. Hmmm...
  10. If You still need them - I have partial sheet from Aeromaster (SP48-14C) - 1 1/2 sheet in total - incl. markings for 2 Vikings and two Sea Kings IIRC. Just drop me PM-Bodo from Poland
  11. Hallo! If You are really desperate & overseas shipping costs ( approx. 5-6 $ for Global Priority Registered Mail )are OK for You - just drop me PM. I can help You with this sheet - it's still in my local hobby shop. Bodo from Poland
  12. Hallo every Phantom fans! Can anyone help with pics of some F-4 details - pitot tube for long- and short-nosed versions ( and recce versions as well )? I trying to find some reference for my friend's company - MASTER - and to inspire him to making some turned brass pitots and AoA probe ad well (maybe some other items too)in 48 scale ( for me!) and other scales. Any dimensions will great as well! Anyone can help?? Please mail me direct - ulabodo@poczta.onet.pl Best-Bodo
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